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IS THE LACK OF START UP CAPITAL A MAJOR BARRIER TO AFRICAN ENTERPRENEURS? - Basically, africans lack initiative, consistency and persistence.
Manager-Leader Strategic Thinking - Seven Fundamentals of Manager-Leader Strategic Thinking
Leading Is In Serving! - Best Leadership Is Good Service- Driven in LOVE.
Livenovation, the Latin-American Challenge - Livenovation is a neoligism, is a individual lifestyle, changing is the essence of Livenovation, is to live innovating; it is the opposite of surviving.
Mediation Construction Dispute - The spectrum of dispute resolution technique
Eradication and Blockage of Poverty - Poverty, A Good Friend To Africa?
People are like guitar strings - Leaders take time learn how to work with people
managers vs leaders - views on a hot debatable topic
Alternative Views of Strategy - Alternative Views of Strategy&Reconnecting with Strategy
Quality of Life Model - Abstract: The Quality of Life index is a well known measurement schedule to compare the citizen’s life facilities across countries of the world. But, even if it is an international indicator admitted by most of the governments, and based on rational and factual parameters such as Gross National Product and gender equity, we can deplore the lack of psychological aspect in that kind of measure.
CHANGE FORCE BRAND. ZMIANA SIŁY MARKI - Brand is a performance measure and the basis for incentive compensation that drives behavior, making management actions and shareholder needs compatible. It forces managers to act like owners by holding monies at risk that are lost to them if improvements in performance are not sustained. At the crossroads of corporate strategy and finance lies valuation.
Governance Triangle goes into Government - David Cameron's Big Society policies bring into public policy an idea that has circulated in business and corporate governance for sometime now - thus besting Barack Obama to recast the debate between Big Government and Big Business and legitimating the roles of the civil society and citizen initiatives in policy formulation and implementation.
Islamic Banking and Finance - Islamic banking should be encouraged as an alternative banking approach in developing economy
Millionaire and a car Driver - Becoming a millionaire is it different than learning how to drive a car
build a bear online store - Prostores websites
greatest failures ande disasters are seldom the caused by factors much beyond the control of ordinary people. - Greatest disasters and failures are never attributable to root causes beyond the control or limits of ordinary people.
Complex Planning in Construction and Design Projects Through Collaborative Conversations - Developed to improve planning of increasingly complex and uncertain projects, The Last Planner® System (LPS) manages the relationships, conversations and commitments that together enable program & production planning decisions to be made collaboratively at the lowest possible level in a range of one-off production settings — software development, ship building, yacht fit-out, engineered-to-order manufacture and construction.
Building Value, or how to keep your job in tough times - Building Value, or how to keep your job in tough times
Predictable Leadership2 - Predictability as the Basis for the creation of a Community of Leaders.
Practices That Will Surely Improve Employee Retention in Your Office - Employee retention is an issue with majority of the organizations - leaving only the ones which are either out of this world or the rare ones which have understood and put into practice the secrets of the trade! All those secrets are revealed in this article…
Remember you are a class not an object - When the concepts of object oriented programming are applied to life in general we see some interesting outcomes
THE ROOT OF POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IN RWANDA - Competition is regarded to be the best strategy for tackling poor customer service in Rwanda
New Decade of Marketing - The changing trends in marketing and the market place
Human Will - The Management of Human Will
Integrity, like charity, begins at home - INTEGRITY, LIKE CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME
BUSINESS NETWORK TRANSFORMATION - Through Business Network Transformation, companies can achieve profitable growth and a new source of competitive advantage on the global stage
quility costs - There is possibility to consider optimization of quality cost as a distributive problem of optimum enterprise costs planning
No we without WHY? - The foundation of virtually every organisation begins with a clear understanding of its purpose or intention.
Employee Satisfaction & Customer Satisfaction - Is there any model describing relationship between ESI and CSI specially in after-sales?
Organizations Can Effectively LEARN Continuous Improvement - Continuous improvement maintains, when processes fail to add value, the root cause must be immediately identified and corrected. In order for organizations to LEARN the concept of continuous improvement, leadership, education, awareness, readiness, and new initiatives are necessary.
Failure of Democracy in Africa - Democracy is a good system of governance only in providing freedoms, rights and involving citizens in a decision-making process. However it felt short to secure harms, humiliation, insecurity corruption and poverty.
Friedman's Untouchables - The competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging market countries are leveling
Data Capture - To Key or not to Key - Data Capture - Alternatives to keyboard entry (Slow and inaccurate)
Current employment scenario of Saudi Arabia. - Current employment scenario of Saudi Arabia.
Networks: evolution or necessary revolution? - The model of Dr. Clare W. Graves offers insight in types of networks and their relationship to certain types of surroundings.
FROM PYRAMIDS TO MAPS - Pyramidal and departmental structures are less efficient than interlinked processes mapping. Nevertheless, pyramidal and departmental stills as more used way to characterize organizations. Here is an approach which introduce a new livinghood model based on interdependency rather than subordination. Beside this the approach also brought a talent management proposal based on leadership development rather than technical skills.
Competence-based Management - The theory of competence-based strategic management is an integrative strategy theory that incorporates economic, organizational and behavioural concerns in a framework that is dynamic, systemic, cognitive and holistic (Sanchez and Heene, 2004). This theory defines competence as: the ability to sustain the coordinated deployment of resources in ways that helps an organization achieve its goals (creating and distributing value to customers and stakeholders).
Viral Change Management- learning change management from viruses - Organisations change because leaders change- a change leader needs to be enthusiastic about the change and infect the rest of the team with his enthusiasm- as a virus would infect its host.
Manage Your Career - 5 Simple Tips to Manage Your Career
Culture supports Employee Engagement and Performance - This article explains the importance of employee engagement to organizational performance. The validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument is discussed as a way to engage employees in change.
Team Conflict Resolution - Team Conflict Resolution Interventions. Standing at a Crossroads.
Job Stress in Organizations - Job Stress in the Organization
Point of View - You have no point of view if you cannot discuss your opinion.
Simplicity - one of the secrets to success - Taking the time to simplify and de clutter your life is time well invested, by eliminating the baggage and disorder in your life you will benefit from decreased stress and increased productivity and efficiency
Get Your Complex Team to Collaborate - Executing on major initiatives requires teams that are large, diverse, and virtual. Yet, as team size grows and the group disperses, team performance diminishes.
Caution for Leaders of Volunteers - Leaders of Volunteers can Achieve as much as Leaders of Paid Workers.
PROFESS the Ingredients for Effective Leadership - Effective leadership requires the combination of being professional, responsible, optimistic, flexible, ethical, strong-minded, and supportive. The recipe for success begins with the acronym PROFESS, which provides a leader with the necessary elements in discovering the concept of true leadership.
marketing buzz - marketing conceps, trends, entrants , innovativeness
Vietnam and the Defeat of the Harvard Business Model - A critique of the dominant business paradigm.
Differentiate Management and Leadership Competencies - companies should be clearer on the management and leadership expectations and their difference
Moving to a Healthy Workplace Environment - So, What’s your Hard Hat For?
Competency Requirements for Today’s HRM Professional - Competency Requirements for Today’s HRM Professional.
performance management in an african company. - performance measurement in an african company
Skills training is key to reduce fake goods and services on the market - Manufacturers of fake products and providers of fake services operate out of expediency with insufficient skills
Go Green with a Paperless Performance Management Process - Manage the performance appraisal process and eliminate lot of paper work that is resulting from employee information and performance management.
Market Efficiency - Explanation of the concept of market efficiency.
WHAT DO MANAGERS KNOW ANYWAY? - A lot less than you think and that's the good news!.
Let the Employees be like classmates , college mates and University Mates - Elimination of Fear and Anxiety is the first step for creating a Top Performing Organization.
Holistic Marketing - Holistic Marketing and Customer Loyalty - A Paradigm Shift.
Customization - Companies often dish out off the shelf solutions which does not suit the local context nor the the culture of an organisation
EIQ Predicts High Performance Leadership - Abundant evidence shows that what high performance leaders have that others don't is high EIQ, that can be measured and developed..
What is RECESSION and why its Happen - Executive Summary of RECESSION
Career - Not Just a Job, But the Future - For developing a career plan, you need to explore your best skills and talents.
Generation Next - What’s Next for Generation Next?
Carrot & Stick Approach is Obsolete! - Using Carrot & Stick Approach demotivates employees, killing their self pride, integrity and loyalty.
Human Resources Development - Impotantance of Human Resources Development because human resources act as a asset for the organization
ISO Certification and Customer Satisfaction - There is a craze for merit without sacrifice.
Students' Growth and Development - Students' educational growth effecting development in society.
Why do Projects Fail? - Solution of Project Failure.
Importance of Developing Leadership Skills - What makes a good leader? .
Guide to Developing your First Corporate Governance Policies - Corporate Governance Policies.
How to Earn Online? - Let’s join with SFI and change your life and get money online. Multiple income streams are great concept by the SFI. So become part of SFI and its internet marketing group and earn potential income with free training.
Choosing Strategies for Change by John P. Kotter and Leonard A. Schlesinger - Managers can alter the tempo of their change to the situation through strategically diagnosing each staff member’s resistance using Kotter’s and Schlesinger’s strategic continuum to analyze situational factors to decide how quickly or slowly their change should proceed.
Need For Change Management In Nigerian Universities: Exploring Best Practices For Quality Improvement - Change can be managed in Nigerian universities through the provision of transformational and informed leadership system in the universities, informed planning and management of resources.
SWOT analysis of the Indian organized Retail industry : - SWOT analysis of the Indian organized Retail industry:.
Management is a Game - The winner takes it all.
Teaching Without Teaching: Handling a Crowd - The art of crowd control lies in using a multi-facetted approach to training your crowd to follow your lead and do as you request.
7 Leadership Roles - He or she is a born leader.
What Can we do to Learn Better and Faster? - If you were susceptible to the philosophy of learning tricks, I can tell you and discuss with you 10 proven ways to learn faster. Do you want to know them? Without wasting our time, let's start to discuss them directly.
Management Through Setting Examples - Management by mentoring those who report to you.
After College – What? - Its common to have a job as an MBA destination.How about including entrepreneurship as a career plan?
5 Red Flags that Indicate Business Failure - 5 red flags indicating business failure.
Leigh Car Finance - Leigh Car Finance best car financing company.
Cho Thue van Phong - Cho thue van phong.
Public Administration and Globalization - What is the new public administration about?
Intellectual Capital and Holism Philosophy - Knowing about research philosophy is crucial point to researchers in all concepts and objectives, thus it's a suggestion to IC researchers that better they try to understand about Holism as new concept or new philosophy of intellectual capital in knowledge-based economics.
The Role of Service Quality in Development of Tourism Industry - Service quality, tourism, service quality dimensions, tourists' revisit.
Why Projects Fail? - Reflecting on the use of Systems Thinking in Scenario & Project Planning Practice.
External Real Forces and Pseudo-Forces to Design a Strategic Plan Fuzzy logic Vs. Classic Logic - PEST, External Force, Fuzzy Logic Control.
Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Leadership - Moving Up Requires More Than Just Technical Capability.
Traffc, Sales and Sign Ups with Master Resell Rights + 9 FREE EBooks of Very High Quality - If you have dreams of building an Internet Marketing empire that generates enough cash for you to quit your job, requires only a few hours of work per day, and allows you to live your dream lifestyle, this letter could be the turning point in your business, your finances, and your life. .
Apparel Supply Chain - Apparel Supply Chain - Apparel Supply Chain's Variants.
Facilitating Students for Their Effective Learning at the College Level - This paper deals with facilitation of students in order to improve their learning at the college level.
Lean Six Sigma in the IT Sector - This article is being published with the intention of endorsing the various vistas of Lean Six Sigma implementation, particularly when it is implemented in the IT sector. We do believe that IT professionals of all ranks & files would acknowledge the great value Lean Six Sigma brings to their organisation, if it has been implemented with sincere undertaking. Thanks!
The Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Innovation - Nowadays, intellectual capital as intangible assets and innovation as intangible activities are vital to improve successfuly in knowledge -based economies.
Effective Management Through Leadership - Concepts of Effective Management through Leadership.
#1 International Masters in Management by Mintzberg - Intro to McGill and its unique International Masters Program.
Achieving Quick Change-Over: dream or reality? - A hilarious introduction to the Quick Change-Over discipline
Successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation: Five Fundamental Jigsaw Pieces - This article describes the five fundamental jigsaw pieces which Siemens Guadalajara puts together, to get the real power out of lean by changing existing management practices and incorporating the Siemens values Innovation, Excellence and Responsibility at the same time.
Empowering Managers to Lead: a Reflection - The complexity of the modern day organization compels the company to empower and transform its people at all levels to lead with the aim to compete advantageously..
Comfort Zone, Zone of Certainty © - The comfort zone is not limiting per se, in fact changes that lead to growth begin recognizing comfort zones.
Remember to Take People With You... - Persuasion Campaigns Using Multicast Web Streaming Technology.
Leadership of a Sustainable Enterprise - Achieving the common good through a systemic approach
Jimmy Carter on ZBB - A 'Lost' Article by Carter on Zero Base Budgeting
Top 10 Things Every Business Should Provide for Every Worker - Including the Boss! - Top 10 Things Every Business Should Provide for Every Worker - Including the Boss!
Brand Irritation - A new concept on the basis of recent trends in marketing specially in Indian service sector where unnecessarily aggressive sales push creating a negative impact on overall business of the company and negatively affect the whole umbrella of brands in long term.....
What If We All Owned the Podium - What if we all owned the podium in our organizations and we all shared a gold medal for our collective and collaborative contributions..
WHY YOU ARE NOT A LEADER! - Leadership and management.
The Three Rules - This I Believe - improve your game, do the right thing, enjoy the ride
The Epistemology of the Phenomenology of Spirit,... and the Spiritual MetaCognition - New Theory of Spiritual MetaCognition.
Supply Chain Stock Reduction using a Smart Product Architecture - Improve your business performance by reducing your stock with a smart product architecture. Join our Linkedin group 'Asintik Innovationstore' for more interesting articles about innovation.
Reflective Leadership - Leadership is about changing perspectives in logical progression towards changes in organisational surroundings.
Humanity - Africa Give the Gift - Where is the Leadership Legacy of Africa and what is the contribution that Africa can make to the world?
The philosophy of education - Have we engineered the language of the mind to explore mathematical infinities?
The Goal of A Central Bank in Relation to Deficit Financing - The Goal of A Central Bank in Relation to Deficit Financing.
articles on communication - different views on all aspects of communication
Black Box Model of the Human Mind - The black box model shows the interaction of stimuli, consumer characteristics, decision process and consumer responses
Need for Change Management in Higher Education: Exploring Best Practices for Institutional Change - Benchmarking, Re-engineerng Higher education, Technology Integration and Total Quality Management
TBEM (Tata Business Excellence Model) - TBEM is a customised to Tata adaption of the globally renowned Malcom Balbridge Model.TBEM is used by Tata companies to stay in step with the ever-changing business environment

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