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Ways we learn and communicate
SImple understanding can lead to great relaitonships.

Teaching Servant Leadership to Pastors and Churches
Teaching the leadership methodology of Jesus to pastors and churches

Focus on what you can control in Family Business Transition
Don't waste time worrying about things you can't change – Direct your focus to things you can control: Consider your options to transition well out of your business. In this recession Baby-Boomer business owners still face the clock. If you don't think ahead: you will be in the herd! 9 out of 10 owners who don't get anywhere close to what they expected or want for their business, delay in making a decision and for mature businesses.

Trouble with managing by result
Leading people to participate in managing processes.

Improving creative ability of employees
Give your employees responsibility that would stretch them


Three Important Leadership Styles
Leadership Style Driven by Vision, Empathy, and Listening

Sence, Analyse, Relate, Plan and Act

Management looks within to identify problems
Sometimes top management spends a hefty sum engaging consultants to know about the company's problems when the information is available within the organisation

Share your Knowledge
It is good for every individual leaving in this era to struggle in increasing his/her knowledge

Everyone can learn to move forward
Each person has his or her own manner of going about change and learning skills

how we can make customers???
there are many strategies to convince the customers but few are very useful...

Process Improvement
Standard recording Form

Motivation a key to meeting the organisation's bottom line.

Education for Life in Kenya
Get educated to educate Kenya.

Being a Good Leader
How to be a good leader


Bossy Superiors
Superiors don't have to be bossy

A Leader / Manager should Accept Faults
Awareness is the key to good management.

5 Clues Your Staff are Working with You
Straightforward advice about management excellence and staff engagement from a manager-leader's perspective

Want to Know How Innovation Can Change your Life?
Find your own style. People will appreciate your innovation more because it is uniquely yours and that no one else would have thought of.

Reducing Design complexity
Airbus Design Complexity Reduction

Listen to all
Sometimes your staff will know better than you!

give an example
being a leader is a possible thing to everyone who is committed and dedicated

Gifted employees: how to recognize and keep them in your organization
Recognize your gifted employees, give them work that suits them, autonomy and trust and talk about their needs and motivation.

Great ideas can be changed!
Great ideas can be changed to fit the current business model.

Personalities & Compartmentalisation in the Client-Financial Advisor Relationship
Possibilities of bias is actually common to both the client and advisor, but the advisor needs to be cognisant of biases with self and manage its presence in clients..

Necessity for a Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between the Advisor and Client
As the client-advisor relationship deepens, the advisor might ultimately be in position to render advice on issues of both a personal and financial nature as the client proceeds through lifetime events..

The 12 Imperatives for Organizational Survival
12 rules to guide your organization survival.

Thoughts on Leadership
from micro to macro management

Lean Training
In beginning to practice Lean Six Sigma techniques, it is imperative to understand Lean is not simply a set of tools, but rather about management, workers and the trust that binds the two.

The Micro and Small Enterprise, Small Business
Definitions of Micro and Small Enterprises, Small Businesses.

The Last victory
Living on the cutting edge of strategic execution is the aggregate of experience and leadership.

Advisors to Resolve or Avoid Issues
Should you choose an advisor who is good at resolving issues or one good at avoiding issues.

Challenges for Becoming Self-Employed
Challenges for self-employers...

Parasuraman , Zeithaml & Berry (1988), “SERVQUAL: A multiple-item scale for
It is the best document that I have find in internet

Decisive Factors Required to Grow your Business
Discussing the decisive factors required to grow a long term healty business.

Know your Enemy Within - it Pays
This is a booklet to expose management students and to be managers on impediments of own creation such as our mindsets, preconceived notions, our beliefs, apprehensions, lack of self confidence and self esteem to goal achievement. These are largely from theory, own experience and interaction with variety of relevant stakeholders.

4 Steps in Writing an Article
How to write an article.

Innovations, change management and problem solving
Management and marketing consultancy

Strategic Innovation in Practice for ANY Organization
Innovative effort is a permanent strategic responsibility for ANY Organization, small or big, profit. Oriented or not. HIT or High Innovation Teams are recommended.

Stakeholders, 'Leagues of an Octopus,' Called Strategy
The topic is the importance of stakeholders identification as measurable metrics in the process of forming strategy. In the absence of this 'often neglected effort, some of the key and crucial 'inputs' value enablers are missed, and this gap follows all the way to its outcome in many forms, E. G, disasters, crisis, and poor organizational perfomance.

Ethics & Honor
Those with ethics have honors.

Business Comes in Totality
Manager Needs to Understand the Business and not just the domain.

Corporate Culture
Shared values between employees and employers can optimise productivity.

Staying CLEAN in 2013
DECISIONS path ways to success or failure and to be successful, you have get knowledge since persons act only upon what they KNOW.

Democratizing Communication in Organizations
Organizations Need Top-down and down-top communication in which the issue and not the Boss determines the information flow.

be the change
When you begin to see change in you it is time for others to follow

Reuse of Knowledge
Reuse of knowledge and its components are most desired in a fast developing environment. Reuse not only saves the time and efforts while it also increases the quality of knowldge. Repeation of knowledge certainly increases our awareness and avoids the mistakes conducted earlier. Software reuse is an more interesting example where the knowledge of software or knowledge related to software may be reused to increase the quality of softwar and to avoid the mistakes.

Leading With Soul
Once the sweat, control, tricks, and gimmicks fail to work in one’s leadership style where do you turn? Eventually, leadership if it is to continue in its maturity must look internally.

Communication at Many Levels
How and when to change your communication style based on who your audience is.

Every one needs a manifesto

Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey L Placidway
PlacidWay is taking a lead in helping consumer search for best global health care centers.

Best Plastic Surgery in Lebanon
Dr. Ziad D. El Asmar who operates in BMC Hospital- Beirut, Lebanon is an expert in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeery. .

What is PMP?
Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an industry recognized credential for project managers. PMP demonstrates the experience, education, skill and competency required to lead and direct projects. PMP is the most sought after certification administered by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

Technology and Marketing
Intersted very much in all about retail: Technology and Marketing.

Fostering Market Orientation and Service Orientation Culture in Banking Industry
Market Orientation, Service Orientation, Banking Industry.

The Importance of Common Sense in Management
Whichever strategy you apply, never forget COMMON SENSE.

This is Mmy First Text on This Site
This is mmy first text on this site.

Some personal business views
Never cared for what they say, never cared for games they play, never cared for what they do, never cared for what they know...

Doing right by people
A good name is worth more than silver and gold.

Marketing & Sales planning and strategy
Marketing and Sales

Good and Bad (Conflict)
Life is boring if every thing is all smooth (no conflict,)

mistakes are not poison
life is full of everyday learning

I am MBA student and needs help on following questions

Self recognition
do everything which u thing U r best in

Let's Stop Behaving Like Ostriches
Most funds controllers for projects in developing countries refuse to accept projections for final cost by making estimates for price fluctuations. The result is that projects with durations of about a year or more end up mostly over budget

Conflict in the workplace. A guide to leading team unity and effectiveness.
A how-to guide for employees to manage workplace conflict.

Managing Complexity
€Our management structure and style gets in the way when dealing with complex and changing business environments.”.

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