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연구 프로그램과 프로젝트 관리. 방법, 모형 및 이론 (A-Z)

프로그램과 프로젝트 관리

Appreciative Inquiry [감상적 조사법] Cooperrider

Belbin 팀 역할

Catastrophe Theory [파국이론] Thom

6 Change Approaches [6가지 변화접근모델] Kotter

Change Behavior [변화 행동] Ajzen

Change Dimensions [전략적 변화의 영역] Pettigrew Whipp

Change Equation [변화 방정식] Beckhard

Change Dimensions [Change Dimensions, 전략적 변화의 영역] Pettigrew Whipp

변화관리 빙산모델(Change Management Iceberg)

Change Phases [변화 단계] Kotter

Changing Organization Cultures [조직문화의 변화] Trice Beyer

Cost-benefits analysis [비용편익 분석]

Cultural Dimensions [문화차원 모델] Hofstede

Deming Cycle [데밍 사이클] PDSA


Dimensions of Change [전략적 변화의 영역] Pettigrew Whipp

Dimensions of Relational Work [업무유형] Butler

Earned Value Management [획득가치 관리] EVM

Force Field Analysis[역장 분석] Lewin

Forget Borrow Learn 모형 Govindarajan Trimble

Gantt Chart [갠트 챠트]

Implementation Management [Change Management, 변화관리] Krüger

IPMA 프로젝트관리능력기준 (ICB)

Kaizen[카이젠, 개선기법] 철학

리더십 형태 Goleman

Management by Objectives [MBO, 목표에 의한 관리] Drucker

Mergers and Acquisitions [M&A, 기업인수합병]는 접근한다

방법 / 모델 추가

Mind Mapping[마인드 매핑]

MSP 프로그램 선정기법 OGC

Modeling 모델링 business processes

Office of Strategy Management [OSM 전략경영오피스] Kaplan Norton

프로젝트관리 성숙모델[OPM3] PMI

Organizational Configurations [조직의 유형] Mintzberg

Outsourcing [외주]

PDSA Deming Cycle [데밍 사이클]


PMMM 프로젝트관리 성숙모델 Reiss

Portfolio Analysis [포트폴리오 분석]

Positive Deviance [긍정적 일탈] Pascale Sternin

PRINCE2 프로젝트관리방법론 CCTA


똑똑한 Drucker

Stages of Team Development [팀개발 단계] Tuckman

Stakeholder Analysis [이해관계자 분석]

내깃돈 보관자 지도로 나타내기

Stakeholder Value Perspective [이해관계자 가치관점]

Strategic Alignment [전략적 정렬] Venkatraman

Team Management Profile [팀관리 프로파일] Margerison McCann

Theory of Constraint[제약이론] Goldratt

Theory of Reasoned Action [합리적 행위이론] Ajzen Fishbein

가치공학 마일



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The Most Important Thing in Project Management: the Word MANAGEMENT
In my opinion the most important thing in project management that many people overlook is in the word MANAGEMENT. Of all the difficulties you face,
- Project methods and tools are useful in proje...
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The 4C's of an Ideal Project Manager
To be excellent, a project manager should be:
- Communicative - Communication is the artery of any project and information is the blood that should flow seamlessly. The PM has to be communicative...
57 개의 댓글
Project Management Basics
While I agree with most comments in this excellent forum on project management - I do feel that sometimes we tend to overstate the complexities in PM. Don't ignore the basics of project management!...
5 개의 댓글
Project Success Factors
Project succes factors:
1. Take proper time to make a proper feasibility study
2. Make clear, transparant business oriented project goals
3. Set up a project organisation based on stake...
10 개의 댓글
Criteria Program versus Project?
I am trying to develop general criteria for determining if a group of projects should stay projects or if there is enough interdependency to make them a program or one large project.
Anyone havi...
20 개의 댓글
Build Project Support First
An often overlooked fast path to failure of any major project is to not (properly) assess the support for the project beforehand (using Force Field Analysis or Stakeholder Analysis or similar), or to ...
3 개의 댓글
Creating Ownership in the Project Team
How can the project manager/director make every member of the project team feel responsible for his mission in the project and for the whole results of the project?...
10 개의 댓글
Effective Project Communication
To ensure team collaboration and tasks completion, effective communication must be implemented for projects.
Communication is the most important tool when handling large complex global projects:<...
7 개의 댓글
Agile Project Management Methods
We have to quit using traditional project management methodologies, especially in IT projects. The right way to go is flexibility. Being agile, thats the name of the game!...
9 개의 댓글
Project Manager versus Business Analyst
How is the role of a project manager different from business analyst? Is a project manager required to know the business process?...
10 개의 댓글
Objectives of Project Management?
I want to get some formulation of the objectives of project management... Thanks....
2 개의 댓글
Are Project Managers Born or Made?
It is worth considering whether project managers are born or made.
If they are born, there is an assumption that core elements of the desirable traits mentioned in the 4C's of an Ideal Project Ma...
13 개의 댓글
Project Manager Soft Skills
Why are good soft skills really important for a project manager?
In successful projects, project and line managers are likely to have shared authority. The project manager will negotiate the line...
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Project Hierarchy Structure
Hello, to close a long discussion between management and my PMO, could you please tell me if a document exists to demonstrate the hierarchy within a project? Between a project manager, a project coord...
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Why Project Management? Importance
I think every company needs to constantly change as is currently required to be competitive.
Project management is a critical part in this, as is deciding about the right projects, the project co...
5 개의 댓글
Cultural Factors in Project Management
While there are volumes of books available on project management, very few discuss how demography, ethnicity and socio-cultural factors influence on projects outcome.
An empirical study recently...
7 개의 댓글
Priority: Deliver the Project
Many PM's have become blinded by paperwork and process. Having witnessed time and again large failures in government and industry, the cause is often the same. The best processes in the world will NOT...
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Project Expectation Management
In managing a project, one of the critical factors that doesn't get enough attention is EXPECTATION management.
No matter what method or process you use to deliver, you must realize that your pro...
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Project Management Office
What do you consider to be the main changes or trends in PMO development for the next 10 years (strategy, organization, tools, HR, other)?...
4 개의 댓글
How to Prepare Project Reviews?
How you prepare your project review report once a projects gets completed? I work in a apparel industry in India and basically I take care of NSO (New store openings)....
3 개의 댓글
National Public Projects Implementation System (NPPIS)
I would like to know the key elements to be considered when designing a project to be implemented at that level. I accept any ideas.
According to Stanislaw Gasik in his book "National Public Proj...
2 개의 댓글
The Use of Mobile Devices in Project Management
Does anyone of you use a mobile device (like a tablet, smart phone) when managing projects?
If so, for what purpose/task do you use it (e.g. email on tablet for status updates, WhatsApp on smartp...
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Best Practice: Five Crucial Project Conversations
The success or failure of major projects can be predicted by examining the quality of 5 crucial conversations that must take place, yet which are often neglected:
1. Are we planning around facts?...
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How to Convert a Project into a Road Map for Product Development?
Please suggest me: we started a project and successfully implemented it for two different customers and at two different sites. The project is now implemented and we want this to be converted as a pro...
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Project Transition Into the Operational Activities
If you have achieved project support, and you had a good project leader who managed the project through to delivery that's great.
But often times the acceptance of the intended change is only ach...
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Leadership in Project Management
I think Rod Chambers is right, leading is the right way in managing a project. If there is a need to stay late, you have to be in the project, you have to set a good example of what a leader is:
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Project Downsizing Approaches
I have recently been tasked to come up with a proposal from the prime contractor (we are subs) that will significantly cut my team's hours.
What is the best way to comply with this request withou...
5 개의 댓글

Project Lessons Learned
One of the greatest contributions of a PM to an organization is the set of lessons learned.
After every project concludes, a formal meeting with all of the team members should be conducted and bo...
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Managing Delays of Projects Caused by Owner
Kindly I am doing a PhD on the impact of the management policies and procedures on the delay of projects (in the public sector in Libya).
In my opinion, the owner has a big part in the responsibi...
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