Etik och Ansvar

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Etik och ansvar

7-S Ramverket, 7S McKinsey McKinsey

Aktieägares Perspektiv på Värde

Ashridge Missionsmodell Campbell

Attributionsteori Heider

Baldrige Prestationskriterier, Baldrige Belöning

Behovshierarki av Maslow

Betjänanande Ledarskap Greenleaf

Botten på Pyramiden Prahalad

Clarksons Grundläggande Principer

Dialektisk Undersökning, Dialektik


Emotionell Intelligens Goleman

ERG Teori Alderfer

Lägga till en metod / modell

Femte Disciplinen, Fem Discipliner Senge

Företagets Anseendekvot Harris-Fornbrun

Förändring av Organisationskulturer Trice och Beyer

Grupptänkande Janis

Hagbergs Modell om Personlig Makt

Hela Hjärnmodellen från Herrmann

Hävstängerna för Kontroll Simons

Inramning, Framing Tversky


Intressentkartläggning, Intressentmappning

Kaizen Filosofin

Karismatiskt Ledarskap Weber

Konkurrerande Värden Ramverk Quinn

Kraftfältsanalys Lewin

Kulturdimensioner Hofstede

Kulturell Intelligens Early

Kulturnivåer Schein

Kärngruppsteorin Kleiner

Moraliskt Syfte Mourkogiannis

Normativa Angreppssättet

Nyckelpersoners Värdeperspektiv

Organisatoriska Konfigurationer Mintzberg


Resultat Prisma (Performance Prism)

Sex Tänkhattar de Bono

Sju Tecken på Etisk Kollaps Jennings

Social Intelligens

Spiral Dynamics Modell Graves

Strategiska Drivkrafter Wiseman

Strategisk Hantering av Nyckelpersoner

Strategisk Intention, Strategisk Avsikt Hamel och Prahalad

Strategisk Nyckelpersonshantering


Systemdynamik, Systemtänkande Forrester

Teori om Planerat Beteende Ajzen

Teori om Redogörat Aktion Ajzen

Tillväxtfasermodell Greiner

Verkligt Nyckelpersonsengagemang

Värdebaserad Styrning

Värdemappning Jack

Värdestyrning McTaggart




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ämne Professional Management Code: The MBA Oath
Doctors and lawyers have been taking a professional oath for many years. A similar initiative (on a voluntary basis) is recently started for MBA graduates, by a group of Harvard Business School Studen...
Kommentarer32 kommentarer
ämne Female Managers are More Ethical
I think female managers generally behave more ethical then their male counterparts. On average, they are less egoistic and less power-oriented, which is causing lots of problems for men....
Kommentarer9 kommentarer
ämne Consequentialist Theories in Business Ethics
Most theories pertaining to Business Ethics, Corporate Governance or Corporate Responsibility are either Consequentialist or Non-consequentialist by nature. According to this branch of corporate gove...
ämne Emerging of Ethics After a Chaotic State
Present day society and it's values have reached a rock bottom state leading to chaotic behavior everywhere. This cannot continue for long as the law of nature of dynamical systems indicate that order...
Kommentarer3 kommentarer
ämne Ethics Oath for Public Servants?
Any views on public servants taking this oath? Is there any country in the world where this is done? My view is that public servants command the most power because of their control over resources....
Kommentarer2 kommentarer
ämne The Difference between Ethics and Values
Values are what we believe in; Ethics are how we behave!...
Kommentarer2 kommentarer
ämne Ethics and the Ego-ridden Individual
In today's fast paced corporate life, the ego-ridden individual (irrespective of gender) seeks freedom from his nerve-racking run after worldly objects in the external world which leads to a life of b...
Kommentarer2 kommentarer
ämne Why are Business People / Managers not Ethical?
I do not know why people are losing their ethical behaviour when given a managerial position? Don't you think good values and ethics are inborn character, but are influenced by the environment? Pleas...
Kommentarer6 kommentarer
ämne Economics with Spiritualism and Ethical Businesses are Needed
Many economists have forwarded different solutions to overcome the human sufferings and lead them to happiness, such as: - Capitalism - Socialism - Communism - Mixed economy - Keynesian just to ...
Kommentarer8 kommentarer
ämne Accountancy Ethics
What are Accountancy Ethics? Ethics or moral is used to determine what is right or good. Ethics include the study of what people ought to pursue, that what is good for people, or alternatively, the ...
Kommentarer2 kommentarer
ämne Integrity in Business: Definition and Issues
3 CONCEPTS The concepts of integrity, morality and ethics might seem similar, but not they're not the same. Jensen (2009) explains the 3 concepts as follows: INTEGRITY: A state or condition of be...
Kommentarer2 kommentarer
ämne Buying a Problematic Business
Hello, I am about ready to buy a business. The seller is of very low morality and in debt. I have made an offer to purchase. I then find out he will be forced out of the store in two weeks. I have wi...
Kommentarer3 kommentarer
ämne Organizational Justice
Organizational justice refers to the perceived fairness of an organization and is usually based on the subjective judgments of its employees. There are three components of Organizational Justice (OJ)....
Kommentarer6 kommentarer
ämne Ethics is Universal, Flavor is Regional
I've worked in Africa, Europe, the middle east and yes, America. Ethics is a plumb line for moral character, ultimately individual in execution. While one may work for an organization that holds a st...
Kommentarer3 kommentarer
ämne Ethical Business Requires a Long Time Horizon
The universe is constructed in such a way that long-term success is based on treating others as we (when in our right minds) want to be treated. Short term success can be had by non-ethical treatment...
ämne Planned Obsolescence: Ethical or Not?
Have you ever wondered why you need to change your cell phone every 2 to 4 years? Smartphones need replacing every couple of years, as battery life fades and software updates are no longer available....
Kommentarer4 kommentarer
ämne When are Misdeed Committers Accepted as Advisors?
People that made a severe mistake in the past sometimes feel the need to help others to avoid making these same mistakes. And indeed, one could say that people that have experienced the making of such...
Kommentarer1 kommentarer
ämne Ethical Issues in Using Social Media Conversation Data for Business
Has somebody considered what kind of ethical issues need to be considered when using the social media conversation data in business and for business development? For example, what ethical guidelines ...
ämne Success Requires Responsibility
Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility…. In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have…is the ability to take on responsibility....
Kommentarer2 kommentarer
ämne Ethical Issues in Human Resources Management
Following a recent discussion with the Head of HR in my organisation, I was rather shocked to see that ethics did not play too much of a role. HR management plays a key role as the “keeper” and “voice...
ämne Loyalty in Business and Ethics
PROBLEMS CAUSED BY LOYALTY Stories in the media about corporate scandals, political scandals or gang-related violence often cite loyalty as one of the most important drivers of corruption. There are ...
ämne About 'De' (德), an Ancient Chinese Moral and Ethical Virtue
The Chinese term "De" from the Shang dynasty in the twelfth century was a personal power in an individual directed to another person. According to Wikipedia, De (/de/; Chinese: 德), also writte...
ämne Is the term 'Third World' Ethical?
Why people are saying: "third world"? Do you think it is correct ethical behaviour?...
Kommentarer4 kommentarer
ämne The Need for a Global Business Ethics
Ethics are what is determined by the society to be right and wrong. This means that ethics can differ from one region to another. But I still believe we must have global ethics or code of ethics / co...
Kommentarer4 kommentarer
ämne Personal Ethics and Responsibility Must Come First
There is a lot of information on ethics on the 12manage website. Remember that ethics and responsibility should be personal first. Unless you have personal values and ethics they cannot be reflected ...
Kommentarer2 kommentarer
ämne Ethics in Public Administration
Could someone discuss the importance of ethics in public administration? Many thanks....
Kommentarer4 kommentarer
ämne Shan Zhai and the Trickster
Chinese Shan Zhai (mountain fort, bandit) thrives today in copycat cell phones and the like.companies like BYD are bringing Chinese cars to the USA. The copycat lack of intellectual property regard ca...
Kommentarer1 kommentarer

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🥇 Why do People / Organizations Act Ethically? Reasons
There are two main perspectives on why people (or businesses) act ethically: 1. The first one is on deontologic principle: one has to do what is right because that's good in it self. 2. The second r...
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🥈 What if Superiors Have Different Ethics...
Hi everyone, managing ethics in business has become a must nowadays... But sometimes whatever is ethical for me might not be ethical for someone else... What do we do if we come across such a situati...
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🥉 Doughnut Economics: 21st Century Economics
Kate Raworth’s book...
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ämne Confidentiality - Importance and Ethics
= Confidentiality Case = John had just completed 30 years service in the Army and, on retirement aged 49, moved into the Defense Contractor Industry as a consultant. His last posting, prior to retir...
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