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علم خلق ومسؤولية

7S Framework McKinsey إطار 7-اس لمكينسي

Ashridge Mission Model Campbell نموذج مهمة اشريدج لكمبل

Attribution Theory Heider نظرية النسيبة لهيدر

Bottom of the Pyramid Prahalad قاعدة الهرم لبرهلد

Change Behavior Ajzen سلوك التغير لأجزن

Changing Organization Cultures Trice Beyer تغيّر التنظيم الثقافية لتريس بيير

Charismatic Leadership Weber القيادة الالهامية لويبر

Clarkson Principles مبادئ كلركسن

Competing Values Framework Quinn هيكل القيم التنافسية لكوينّ

Core Group Theory Kleiner نظرية المجموعة الجوهرية لكلينر

Corporate Reputation Quotient Harris-Fombrun حصة تضامن السمعة هرّيس-فومبرون

Cultural Dimensions Hofstede الأبعاد الثقافيّة لهوفستد

Cultural Intelligence Early الذكاء الثقافيّ لايرلى

Culture Levels Schein مستويات الثقافة لتشين

Dialectical Inquiry التحقيق بالجدال

EFQM المؤسسة الاوروبية لادارة الجودة

لإضافة طريقة إدارة بنفسك

Emotional Intelligence Goleman الذكاء العاطفيّ لجولمان

ERG Theory Alderfer نظرية أرج ألدرفر

Five Disciplines Senge الفئات الخمسة لسنج

Five Disciplines Senge الفئات الخمسة لسنج

Framing Tversky التشكيل لتفرسكي

Groupthink Janis الفكر الجماعى جنيس

Growth Phases Greiner أطوار النموّ لغرينر

Hagberg Model of Personal Power نموذج هاجبرج لقوة الشخصيّة

Hierarchy of Needs Maslow تدرج الاحتياج لماسلوو

Instrumental Approach of Stakeholder Theory نظرية الية اصحاب المصالح

Intrinsic Stakeholder Commitment تعهد اصحاب المصالح

Kaizen philosophy فلسفة كيزن

Levers of Control Simons اذرع التحكم لسيمونس

Managing for Value McTaggart الادارة للقيمة لماكتاجارت

Moral Purpose Mourkogiannis الاغراض الأخلاقية لموركوجيانيس

Normative Approach of Stakeholder Theory نظرية النهج المعيارى لاصحاب المصالح

Organizational Configurations Mintzberg التشكيلات التنظيمية لمينتزبرغ

Performance Categories Baldrige أصناف الأداء لبلدريج

Performance Prism منشور الأداء

Portfolio Analysis تحليل المحفظة

Servant-Leadership Greenleaf القيادة-بالخدمة لجرينليف

Seven Signs Of Ethical Collapse Jennings الدلائل السبع فى الانهيار الاخلاقى لجينجس

Shareholder Value Perspective منظور قيمة المساهم

Six Thinking Hats de Bono قبعات التفكير الستة لدى بونو

Social Intelligence الذكاء الاجتماعيّ

Spiral Dynamics Graves الديناميكية اللولبية لجريفس

Stakeholder Analysis اصحاب المصالح

Stakeholder Mapping مخطط اصحاب المصالح

Stakeholder Value Perspective منظور قيمة اصحاب المصالح

Strategic Intent Hamel Prahalad الهدف الاستراتيجي لهامل بريهالد

Strategic Stakeholder Management إدارة اصحاب المصالح الاستراتيجيّة

Strategic Thrusts Wiseman الدفعات الاستراتيجيّة لويسمن

SWOT Analysis تحليل س و و ت

Systems Thinking / Dynamics فكر و ديناميكية النظم

Theory of Planned Behavior Ajzen نظرية السلوك المخطّط لأجزن

Theory of Reasoned Action Ajzen Fishbein نظرية الفاعل المسبب لأجزن فيشبين

Value Based Management القيمة المستندة على الإدارة

Value Mapping Jack مخطّط القيمة لجاك

Whole Brain Model Herrmann النموذج الكامل للعقل هرّمنّ



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المسؤولية المجتمعية للمؤسسات
في هذه الايام كثر الحديث عن اخلاقيات المؤسسات واصبح هناك مفهوم ال (...)
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اخلاقيات العمل في التنظيم
لا ترتبط الاخلاق في المجتمع التنظيمي بالهياكل التنظيمية والادوار (...)
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🔥 جديد المسئولية الاخلاقية
المسئولية الأخلاقية أساس لكل الاعمال والنشاطات , على الفرد ان يلت (...)
Ethics and the Ego-ridden Individual
In today's fast paced corporate life, the ego-ridden individual (irrespective of gender) seeks freedom from his nerve-ra (...)
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What are Accountancy Ethics?
Ethics or moral is used to determine what is right or good.
Ethics include the study of what people ought to pursue (...)
Good Business Ethics Not Easy to be Noticed
Due to the dynamic and changing socio-economic and globalising world, good business ethics is not that much easy to be n (...)
Ethical Business Has a Long Time Horizon
The universe is constructed in such a way that long-term success is based on treating others as we (when in our right mi (...)
When are Misdeed Committers Accepted as Advisors?
People that made a severe mistake in the past sometimes feel the need to help others to avoid making these same mistakes (...)
1 تعليقات
Good Example of Succeeding in CSR
Hello, I need to do an essay about a successful CSR in a company and how CSR gives value to the operations in such compa (...)
Success Requires Responsibility
Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility. In the final analysis, the one quality that all succe (...)
2 تعليقات
Integrity in Business: Definition and Issues
The concepts of integrity, morality and ethics might seem similar, but not they're not the same. Jensen (...)
Organizational Justice
Organizational justice refers to the perceived fairness of an organization and is usually based on the subjective judgme (...)
6 تعليقات
Consequentialist Theories in Business Ethics
Most theories pertaining to Business Ethics, Corporate Governance or Corporate Responsibility are either Consequentialis (...)
Planned Obsolescence: Ethical or Not?
Have you ever wondered why you need to change your cell phone every 2 to 4 years? Smartphones need replacing every coupl (...)
3 تعليقات
Ethics in Public Administration
Could someone discuss the importance of ethics in public administration? Many thanks. (...)
4 تعليقات
Ethical Issues in Using Social Media Conversation Data for Business
Has somebody considered what kind of ethical issues need to be considered when using the social media conversation data (...)
Personal Ethics and Responsibility Must Come First
There is a lot of information on ethics on the 12manage website.
Remember that ethics and responsibility should be (...)
2 تعليقات
Ethics, Culture and Values
Ethics, culture and values compliment each other and are the unwritten rules that govern the behaviour of management and (...)
About 'De' (德), an Ancient Chinese Moral and Ethical Virtue
The Chinese term "De" from the Shang dynasty in the twelfth century was a personal power in an individual directed to an (...)
Ethical Issues in Human Resources Management
Following a recent discussion with the Head of HR in my organisation, I was rather shocked to see that ethics did not pl (...)
Leadership and Integrity Does your Management Have Integrity?
I believe one of the most important principles of leadership and one of the top attributes of a great leader is integrit (...)
Ethics & Poor Environment
Ethics has always been a very controversial issue in the third world, although it is seen as a vital part of human digni (...)
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Confidentiality - Importance and Ethics
= Confidentiality Case =
John had just completed 30 years service in the Army and, on retirement aged 49, moved int (...)
14 تعليقات
Framework for Codes of Ethics for Accounting Professionals
Doing and running a business involves the interest of many parties such as shareholders, suppliers, customers, society, (...)
Loyalty and Ethics in Business
Stories in the media about corporate scandals, political scandals or gang-related violen (...)
Shan Zhai and the Trickster
Chinese Shan Zhai (mountain fort, bandit) thrives today in copycat cell phones and the like.companies like BYD are bring (...)
1 تعليقات
Ethics in Dealing with Employees in Family Businesses
Why in family businesses are employees not considered at all and their value to the organization is neglected.. is that (...)
2 تعليقات
Ethics Change According to Time, Place, Situation
Ethics change according to time, place, situation. It is basically universal selfishness. It decides what is right, what (...)
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To study the user's Ethics in using service through the Online Social Network Sites
We have to build up the measurments of ethics' state toward the users' ethics in using the service through the Online So (...)
Why People / Organizations Act Ethically?
There are two main perspectives on why people (or businesses) act ethically:
1. The first one is on deontologic pri (...)
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Professional Management Code: The MBA Oath
Doctors and lawyers have been taking a professional oath for many years. A similar initiative (on a voluntary basis) is (...)
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Female managers more ethical
I think female managers generally behave more ethical then their male counterparts. On average, they are less egoistic a (...)
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Emerging of Ethics After a Chaotic State
Present day society and it's values have reached a rock bottom state leading to chaotic behavior everywhere. This cannot (...)
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Ethics Oath for Public Servants?
Any views on public servants taking this oath? Is there any country in the world where this is done? My view is that p (...)
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Doughnut Economics: 21st Century Economics
Kate Raworths book "Doughnut Economics" is a wake-up call to transform our capitalist worldview obsessed with growth in (...)
9 تعليقات

The Difference between Ethics and Values
Values are what we believe in; Ethics are how we behave! (...)
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Ethics & Organisational Culture
Can someone outline the principles of ethics and show how they impact on organisational culture ? (...)
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Why are Business People / Managers not Ethical?
I do not know why people are losing their ethical behaviour when given a managerial position?
Don't you think good (...)
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Superiors have Different Ethics
Hi everyone, managing ethics in business has become a must nowadays... But sometimes whatever is ethical for me might no (...)
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Buying a Problematic Business
Hello, I am about ready to buy a business. The seller is of very low morality and in debt. I have made an offer to purc (...)
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Economics with Spiritualism and Ethical Businesses are Needed
Many economists have forwarded different solutions to overcome the human sufferings and lead them to happiness, such as: (...)
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Is the term 'Third World' Ethical?
Why people are saying: "third world"? Do you think it is correct ethical behaviour? (...)
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Ethics is Universal, Flavor is Regional
I've worked in Africa, Europe, the middle east and yes, America. Ethics is a plumb line for moral character, ultimately (...)
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The Need for a Global Business Ethics and a Global Police
Ethics are what is determined by the society to be right and wrong. This means that ethics can differ from one region to (...)
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