의사결정과 가치평가

연구 의사결정과 가치평가 방법, 모형 및 이론 (A-Z)

의사결정 와 평가

14 Principles of Management [관리의 14원칙] Fayol

Absorption Costing [전부원가계산]

Activity Based Costing [활동기준원가] ABC ABM

Action Learning [실천학습] Revans

Analogical Strategic Reasoning [유추적 전략추론] Gavetti Rivkin

Attribution Theory[속성 이론] Heider

BSC[일목균형요약표] Kaplan Norton

Bases of Social Power [사회적 권력의 기초] French Raven

Bass Diffusion Model [Bass확산모델] Bass

Benchmarking 벤치마킹


Brand Asset Valuator [브랜드자산 평가지표]

Brand Identity Prism 브랜드아이덴터티 프리즘 Kapferer

Brand Personality[브랜드 개성] Aaker

Break-even Point [BEP, 손익 분기점]

Business Intelligence [BI, 비즈니스 인텔리전스]

Capital Asset Pricing Model [CAPM, 자본자산 가격결정모델] Sharpe

Cash Flow Return on Investment[CFROI, 현금흐름 투자수익률]

Cash Value Added [현금부가가치] CVA Anelda

특성요인도 [Cause and Effect Diagram] Ishikawa

CFROI [현금흐름 투자수익률]

Chaos Theory[혼돈 이론] Lorenz

Contingency Theory[상황적응이론] Vroom

Cost-benefits analysis [비용편익 분석]

자본 비용


Crisis Management [위기 관리]

Critical Chain 크리티컬체인 Goldratt

CSFs [주요성공요인] Rockart

Cultural Intelligence [문화 지능] Early

Delphi Method[델파이 방법] Helmer


Direct Costing [직접원가계산]

Discounted Cash Flow[현금흐름할인법] DCF

DuPont 모델

EBIT [영업이익]


Economic Margin [경제적 이익률] EM

Economic Value Added [경제적부가가치] EVA[경제적 부가가치]

Excess Return [초과수익률] ER

Fair Value [공정가치] accounting

Free Cash Flow [가용현금흐름]

5 Forces Porter

Force Field Analysis[역장 분석] Lewin

Full Costing [Absorption Costing, 전부원가계산]

게임 이론 Nash

Gestalt [게슈탈트 지각이론] 이론

Groupthink [집단 사고] Janis

Hierarchy of Needs [욕구계층이론] Maslow

Impact/Value framework [영향/평가모델] Hammer

Industry Life Cycle [산업수명주기]

Intangible Assets Monitor [무형자산모니터] Sveiby

Intellectual Capital Rating [지적자산평가]

Internal Rate of Return [내부수익률]

Kepner-Tregoe 매트릭스

KPI Rockart

Leadership Continuum [리더십 차원] Tannenbaum

Liquidation Value [청산 가치]

Management by Objectives [MBO, 목표에 의한 관리] Drucker

Managerial Grid [관리망] Blake Mouton

Managing for Value [가치지향 경영] McTaggart

Market Value Added [시장부가가치] MVA

Marginal Costing [한계비용]

Metaplan[참여식 교수방식] Schnelle

Mind Mapping[마인드 매핑]

Modeling 모델링 business processes

Net Present Value [순현재가치] NPV

Operations Research [OR, 오퍼레이션 리서치]

방법 / 모델 추가


P/E ratio [주가수익비율]

Payback Period [투자회수기간]

PEG Ratio [PEG비율, 주가수익성장성비율]

Performance Management [성과 관리]

Plausibility Theory

Portfolio Analysis [포트폴리오 분석]

PLC(제품 수명주기) Levitt

이윤풀 [Profit Pools] Gadiesh, Gilbert

PRVit [성과 리스크 가치평가 투자기법]


RAROC [위험조정자본수익률] Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital

Real Options [리얼옵션이론] Luehrman

Relative Value of Growth [성장의 상대적가치] Mass

Return on Investment [투자수익률] ROI

Risk Management [위험관리]

Root Cause Analysis [근원분석]

Scenario Planning [시나리오 플래닝]

Shareholder Value Perspective [주주가치 관점]

Simulation [시뮬레이션] 모델링

Six Thinking Hats [6색깔 모자 기법] de Bono

Skandia Navigator [스칸디아 네비게이터 모델] Leif Edvinsson

똑똑한 Drucker

Social Intelligence [사회적 지능]

Spiral Dynamics [나선형 역동성이론] Graves

Spiral of Silence [침묵의 나선형 이론] Noelle-Neumann

스테이지 게이트모델 [Stage-gate] Cooper

Stakeholder Analysis [이해관계자 분석]

내깃돈 보관자 지도로 나타내기

Stakeholder Value Perspective [이해관계자 가치관점]

Strategic Risk Management [전략적 위기 관리] Slywotzky

Strategic Thrusts [전략적 침투] Wiseman

전략의 역동성 Warren

Strategy Map [전략 체계도] Kaplan Norton

STRATPORT 모델 Larreche


Systems Thinking / Dynamics [시스템사고/다이내믹스] Forrester

TDC 매트릭스 인터넷

Ten Schools of Thought [10대 전략경영사상] Mintzberg

Theory of Constraint[제약이론] Goldratt

Time-Based Activity Based Costing [시간기준 활동기준원가]' Kaplan

Total Business Return [총사업수익률] TBR BCG

Total Cost of Ownership [총소유비용]

Twelve Principles of the Network Economy [네트워크 경제의 12원칙] Kelly

Value Based Management [가치기반 경영]

Value Creation Index [가치창출지수]

Value Disciplines [가치영역] Treacy Wiersema

Value Engineering [가치공학] 마일

Value Mapping [밸류 매핑] Jack

Variable Costing [변동원가기준]

WACC[가중평균 자본비용]

Whole Brain Model [전뇌모형] Herrmann



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The Role of Optimism in Decision-Making
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Therefore a wise leader should consider others' opinion, especially the v...
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Conscious and Unconscious Decision-making
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Individual versus Organizational Decision-making
We should distinguish between two basic levels (or types) of decision-making when studying the above methods and theories:
1. Individual decision-making - Historically viewed as a relative simple...
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Decision-making Reviews?
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The Role of Opinions in Decision-making
Opinions play a major role in decision making in the absence of sufficient management information and lack of analytic skills.
Although modern management tools emphasize that management informat...
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Good Judgment in Decision Making
We are often in a situation where there are no right or wrong answers when we must make a decision. In such situations we need "good judgment". Good judgment is the ability to combine personal qualiti...
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Making no Decision at All
Should the Indian way of decision making - "no decision at all" be construed as a decision?...
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What Makes a Manager Into a Good Decision-maker? 10 Traits for Decision Making
Decision making is vital in our life, be it workplace or home. My long experience in industry and thirty years of marriage say decision making needs the following traits in a 'manager':
1. Knowl...
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Avoid Hasty Decision-making
Life itself is the ultimate school for making decisions. We make them constantly when faced with any situation.
However, we need not be hasty about making them (although some are required on the ...
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The Role of Religion in Decision Making
Do Religion, Yoga, Meditation play any role in correct decision making?
Our religions preach many virtues which are age old and long lasting. They are playing a vital role in many people's lives....
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Silence Following a Decision is Sometimes Seen as Agreement
Some individuals/organizations/cultures will perceive/treat silence following a decision as agreement.
The other party should be aware of that....
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What is Institutional Theory?
Has anyone got any information or pointers to this theory? Thanks......
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Reasoning in Decision Making
In a business decision making process, an aspect of 'Reasoning' is involved. Reasoning is the process of using existing knowledge to draw conclusions, make predictions, or construct explanations. Ther...
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Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Decision-making
Do you think Artificial Intelligence (big data, self-learning software, digital networks, algorithms) represents an entirely new way of strategic decision-making?
Or is it just a very powerful op...
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Apps for Decision-making
Are there any systems or intelligent apps to help make the most appropriate decision among a set of alternatives by choosing the best solution alternatives to a problem based on some analysis?...
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Rational Decision-making
I don't believe in any rational decision-making methods for managers. The complexity of most management decisions is big, and the circumstances change quickly.
As a result, many executives prefer...
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Decision-making According to Peter Drucker
Definition of a Decision
A decision is a choice whereby a person performs a conclusion about a situation. This represents a course of behavior about what must or what must not be done. It is th...
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5 Steps to Learn from your Mistakes
We all know that making mistakes is needed to learn from them, in order to do things better in the future. Indeed, people are often told to learn from mistakes, to maximize return on failure. But how ...
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15 Obstacles to Making Decisions
What kinds of obstacles do you know to making (correct) decisions?
Here is my collection of common reasons which may or will lead to bad decisions. I am looking forward to hearing your further ob...
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Improving the Decision-making by Managers: Choice Architecture
A different approach towards improving decision making is 'Choice Architecture'.
In every organization, employees tend to make decisions that will neither benefit their employer nor themselves. A...
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How to Choose the Appropriate Decision-making Method
Most decision makers in organizations rely on conventional decision-making tools - even in situations of high complexity and uncertainty. However, these basic tools are based upon the assumption that ...
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6 Ways of Dealing with Uncertainty at Work
Have you ever wondered if and how you should start a new job at a new organization? Are you considering the option of a transfer to a new team or department? Do you have jitters about the new project ...
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