Communicatie en Vaardigheden

Communicatie en Vaardigheden bestuderen en leren. Methodes, modellen en theorieën (A-Z)

Communicatie en Vaardigheden

12 Principes van de Netwerkeconomie Kelly

14 Managementprincipes Fayol

4 Dimensies van Relationeel Werk Butler

5 Disciplines Senge

6 Denkhoeden de Bono

7 Eigenschappen Covey

Actieleren (Actie-Leren) Revans

Analoog Strategisch Redeneren Gavetti Rivkin

Analyse van de Onderliggende Oorzaak

Ashridge Missiemodel Campbell

Attributen van Excellente Managers Peters

Attributietheorie Heider

Balanced Scorecard-methode Kaplan Norton

Bases van Sociale Macht French Raven

Behoeftentheorie (Theory of Needs) McClelland

Belbin Teamrollen


Charismatisch Leiderschap Weber


Concurrerende Waardenraamwerk Quinn


Contingentietheorie Vroom

Controlehefbomen Simons

Corporate Reputatiemanagement Harris-Fornbrun


Culturele Dimensies Hofstede

Culturele Intelligentie Early

Cultuurtypes Deal Kennedy

Delphimethode Helmer

Dialectisch Onderzoek

DICE-Raamwerk BCG

Dimensies van Verandering Pettigrew Whipp


Emotionele Intelligentie Goleman

ERG Theorie Alderfer

Faciliteringstijlen Heron

Framen (Inkaderen) Tversky

Gedrag bij Verandering Ajzen

Gepland Gedragtheorie Ajzen


Groeifasen Greiner

Groepsdenken Janis

Hagberg Model van Persoonlijke Macht

IJsberg van Verander­management

Johari Venster Luft Ingham

Kaizen Filosofie

Katalytische Mechanismen Collins

Kennismanagement Collison Parcell

Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

Kerngroeptheorie Kleiner

Klantrelatiemanagement (CRM)

Krachtenveldanalyse Lewin

Leiderschapcontinuum Tannenbaum

Leiderschapspijplijn Drotter

Leiderschapsstijlen Goleman

Leiderschapsstijlen House

Level (Niveau) 5 Leiderschap Collins

Management by Objectives Drucker

Managementraster Blake Mouton

Marketingmix-methode 4P's 5P's McCarthy


Metaplan Schnelle


Moreel Doel Mourkogiannis


Voeg een methode / model toe

Ondernemingsarchitectuur Zachman

OODA Cirkel Boyd

Oorzaak- en Gevolgdiagram Ishikawa

Operationele CRM

Organisatorische Configuraties Mintzberg




Positioneren Trout


Positieve Deviatie Pascale Sternin

Pyramideprincipe Minto

Pyramide van Maslow Maslow


Resultaatgericht Management

Resultaten Gebaseerd Leiderschap, Op Ulrich


Situationeel Leiderschap Hersey Blanchard

Sociale Intelligentie

Soft Systems Methodologie Checkland

Spiraal van Stilte Noelle-Neumann

Spiral Dynamics Graves


Stakeholderperspectief (Stakeholder­waarde­perspectief)

Stakeholders in Kaart Brengen (Stakeholder Mapping)

Stijlen van Moedermaatschappijen Goold Campbell

Strategiekaart (Strategy Map) Kaplan Norton

Strategie-Office Kaplan Norton

Strategische Intentie Hamel Prahalad

Teammanagementprofiel Margerison McCann

Theorie X Theorie Y McGregor

Theorie van Beredeneerde Actie Ajzen Fishbein

Theorie Z Ouchi

ValueReporting-Raamwerk PWC

Veranderen van Organisatieculturen Trice Beyer

Vijf Disciplines Senge

Voordelen van een Moedermaatschappij Goold Campbell

Waarde in Kaart Brengen (Value Mapping) Jack

Waardestromen in Kaart Brengen (Value Stream Mapping)

Whole Brain-model Herrmann

Zes Denkhoeden de Bono

Zeven Eigenschappen Covey

Zeven Verrassingen voor CEOs Porter



Community of Interest

Communicatie en Vaardigheden Community of Interest.

Community of Interest (2033 leden)


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Understanding Perceptions of Other People and Yourself
I am looking for models or frameworks to help me understand and manage the perceptions other people and myself have but I am unable to find any?...
62 reacties
Communicating Effectively
How to communicate in an effective way? 1. Remember the definition of communication i.e. what the communication means 2. What's the purpose of your communication 3. Bring the process (elements) of ...
46 reacties
How to Give a Powerful 5-Minute Presentation
Short and more focused speeches can be more effective than lengthy ones that introduce too much information and delve into unhelpful detail. A five-minute presentation can be more captivating than a t...
16 reacties
8 Resolutions for Difficult Interpersonal Conversations
Sometimes a conversation (at work) can be awkward, difficult or not effective, despite of good intentions. Monique Valcour describes 8 practical techniques you can apply to get a difficult interper...
15 reacties
Types of Communication
What are the types of communication? A. Interpersonal Communication (between two people/small group, feedback is instant, audience is homogeneous and known to the source) B. Intrapersonal Communicat...
5 reacties
The Impact of Culture on Communication
Communication styles can mean different things to different people particularly when the cultural impact comes into play. This is important for expatriate roles where some period of adjustment is nece...
3 reacties
Tips for Questioning: Asking Questions and Responding to Them
Questioning is an underrated tool of communication, and people usually don't ask enough questions in conversations. Among various reasons behind the resistance of enquiring, Wood Brooks and John (2018...
8 reacties
Communication in Management
This entire area of communication is very important and much is written on the subject. I believe that in the context of manager - subordinate, knowing enough about your employee to allow you to commu...
9 reacties
Problems with Communication in Other Language
Hi there, I'm in a team of 4 with one manager. 3 out of the 4 members plus the manager are French speaking guys. I am the only one non-French speaking, so I use only English. My team members always ta...
15 reacties
Not Invited... Should you Attend a Meeting?
Imagine yourself being part of a cross-functional team, working on a major project (e.g., a revamp of your company's website). The work is happening smoothly, but one day you find out that you have no...
9 reacties
Role of Communication in New Companies
Evaluating the role of communication in a turbulent business environment, what are the key elements to consider for boosting the performance of the performance of new companies?...
3 reacties
How to Organize a Meeting? Best Practices
Many people are considering meetings a waste of time. Sometimes we might even have thought ourselves that the last meeting we attended was unproductive. However meetings are not a waste of time, but p...
2 reacties
How to Manage (Insidious) Insubordination?
Insubordination is the act or behavior of refusing to obey orders from a person in a position of authority (power). Insidious insubordination is the malignant, malicious, vicious, malign, nasty, evil ...
4 reacties
Morgan's 4 Underlying Intents (Aims) to Become an Authentic Speaker
The ability of communicating authentically (and being perceived as authentic person) is a very important leadership skill. When they possess it, leaders can relatively easily move others to a position...
5 reacties
Managing a Personal Dispute at Work
It's happened to all of us - a business argument that got personal, or a fierce personal disagreement in your team, or anywhere in the work environment There are many causes, but the end result is ...
2 reacties
ABC of Good Communication
- Be yourself - Remove communication noises and biases - Create a communicative environment - Learn to listen (and ask questions) - Don't be single minded (no prejudices) - Take risk (it makes th...
12 reacties
The Impact of Gender on Communication Styles
Research shows that communication styles are relatively different for men and women. This is because using language is a learned social behaviour: How we talk and listen are influenced by our experien...
1 reacties
Interaction versus Communication
What is the difference between communication and interaction? Often people use it together but if one defines each of the terms, in what situation are they most suitable to be used? Thank you....
3 reacties
Morals and Communication
Communication can be a great tool if used with good morals. Excluding the details, we all have learned pretty much the same ideology of good morals. We are supposed to work together and build each ot...
4 reacties
Textbook on Manageral Communication
Can anyone recommend a very good book on managerial communication? Please give name of the book, author and the year of publication. Thanks....
2 reacties
Communication Apprehension, Fear of Presenting, Presentation Anxiety
Presentations are important in business. They can be a true differentiator between success and failure of a business pitch, online webinar, investor confidence attraction, sales closure, etc. The suc...

Best Practices

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🥇 25 Common Presentation Mistakes and Tips
Some people have a natural talent for public speaking. But of course, those without such innate abilities can improve their presentation skills as well. Here's a list of frequently made presentation ...
20 reacties

🥈 How to Disagree with a Superior: Recommendations
Disagreeing with someone who is more powerful than you (e.g., your manager) can put you in a difficult situation. You have to carefully think about WHAT to say and more importantly the WAY you expres...
46 reacties

🥉 Communication Channels: What is Grapevine Communication? Definition and Importance
There are various channels of communication. Describe the importance of grapevine communication (Ed: ~informal, non-official, rumours). Please illustrate with an example. Thank you....
8 reacties

10 Tips and Ethics for Attending Business Meetings
No matter how mind-numbing things get, don't be lulled into thinking that meetings aren't important. The fact is, they can make - or break - your career. Here are 10 things you should NEVER do in a me...
6 reacties

What are the Skills a Management Consultant Should Have?
Hi everyone! I'm a student and I would like to become a management consultant in the future. What are the hard and the soft skills you think a management consultant must have? Why? Thanks!...
11 reacties

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