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Help on using the forums of 12manage.

Demonstration Video

Here you can watch an Introduction to the 12manage forums.

How Do I add a comment or a Reaction?

  1. Register a Membership
  2. Login
  3. Find a subject page you'd like to comment on (Use Search or Dictionary)

  4. Go down the page until you see ... FORUM.
    • At the bottom you'll find the [ Add a Comment ]-box
    • Would you like to add a reaction to a comment? > First click on the Title of the topic or onReactions / React  ). This should  open a new page (tab) with the [ Add a Reaction ]-box.
  5. Enter your idea, tip, anecdote, experience, question, reaction, etc
    • Please avoid meaningless comments ("Very good", "I agree", "Thanks 12manage").
    • Explain WHY you believe something (give arguments).
    • Use a meaningful title (so not just 'Balanced Scorecard', but 'Balanced Scorecard Best Practices' or 'Advantages of Balanced Scorecard'.
    • It's OK to disagree, but always respect other people's opinion.
  6. Click [ Add ] or [ Add Reaction ]. Done!

I Can't find a particular reaction...

Someone probably did enter a reaction to your topic. However, 12manage forums are moderated.

This means, we check new entries for a number of things, including:

  • Quality (are reasons/arguments provided?)
  • Relevance (not being off topic or merely repeating)
  • Good taste (not being offensive or disrespectful)
  • Free from spam (overly commercial or merely linking)

Probably this particular reaction did not match our criteria and was removed...

Still have a question?

Please send an email to and explain your situation.

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