The Standard SERVQUAL Questionaire

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Asghar Sarrafizadeh
Professor, Iran

The Standard SERVQUAL Questionaire

Is there a standard questionnaire for SERVQUAL?


Eudora Hagan
Teacher, Ghana

Standard SERVQUAL Questionnaire

In my opinion, you can adopt the standard questionnaire and modify it to suit the area of investigation.

Bogale Ditebo
Student (University), Botswana

Standard SERVQUAL Questionnaire

You can adopt the standard format and customize it to suit your environment. That's the good thing about the instrument - flexibility.

Wilma Batista Souza Cruz
Student (University), Brazil

Standard SERVQUAL Questionnaire

I don't know if this message helps anyway, but you need to validate a modified questionnaire based on the standard one before applying it in some research project.

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

The Original 22 SERVQUAL Questions

The initial questionnaire as described in the paper: "SERVQUAL: A Multiple-Item Scale for Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality" by A. Parasuraman, Valarie A. Zeithaml and Leonard L. Berry (Journal of Retailing, Volume 64, Number 1, Spring 1988) mentions 22 questions 'for assessing customer perceptions of service quality in service and retailing organizations', which are to be rated using a Likert scale (a seven-point scale ranging from "Strongly Agree" (7) to "Strongly Disagree" (1) with no verbal labels for the intermediate scale points.

The standard 22 questions (which are to be presented in random order in the questionnaire!) are:
Q1. ABC has up-to-date equipment.
Q2. ABC's physical facilities are visually appealing.
Q3. ABC's employees are well dressed and appear neat.
Q4. The appearance of the physical facilities of ABC is in keeping with the type of services provided.
Q5. When ABC promises to do something by a certain time, it does so.
Q6. When you have problems, ABC is sympathetic and reassuring.
Q7. ABC is dependable.
Q8. ABC provides its services at the time it promises to do so.
Q9. ABC keeps its records accurately.
Q10. ABC does not tell customers exactly when services will be performed. ( - )
Q11. You do not receive prompt service from ABC's employees. ( - )
Q12. Employees of ABC are not always willing to help customers. ( - )
Q13. Employees of ABC are too busy to respond to customer requests promptly. ( - )
Q14. You can trust employees of ABC.
Q15. You feel safe in your transactions with ABC's employees.
Q16. Employees of ABC are polite.
Q17. Employees get adequate support from ABC to do their jobs well.
Q18. ABC does not give you personal attention. ( - )
Q19. Employees of ABC do not give you personal attention. ( - )
Q20. Employees of ABC do not know what your needs are. ( - )
Q21. ABC does not have your best interest at heart. ( - )
Q22. ABC does not have operating hours convenient to all customers. ( - ).

Business Consultant, India

The Standard SERVQUAL Questions

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