Recent Microfinance Trends

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Recent Microfinance Trends
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
What are the most recent developments in the area of Microfinance?

Speak Their Own Language
Guillermo Linares, Consultant, Mexico, Member
In Mexico Zurich Investments recently made huge advances in the microfinance market, through associating with small firms. Marginalized people usually make their own subculture and they create a psychological barrier. In the case of Zurich, they crossed this barrier speaking their language. The associates develop the market, because in the mind of those people the microfinance concept didn't come to them in this way, giving those associates the control of the market and if Zurich did not develop strong bounds with the associates it would become a volatile markets in hands of the associates.

New Micro Forms
Joaquin Grande, Spain, Member
It's a very very good idea. I think it's time to enlarge the micro concept with other forms, like:
- micro-health insurances,
- microhomes (there are some kinds for 60€),
- microtaxis (with rejected ue-old cars),
- 100$ PCs
- 10$ mobile phones

Recent Microfinance Trend
Benedict Essien
It is a welcome development but should be established in rural areas where a large populations live to help solve poverty and give hope to hopeless.

Pusser, CEO, Russian Federation, Member
It is a great idea. In our country there a lot of creative people who suffer lack of capital to implement their projects.

Today's Microfinance
OLUWOLE SUNDAY, Business Consultant, Nigeria, Member
I am bought by this information as regard the origin of Microfinance. I'm sure many practitioners don't know that what is being done today is not what it supposed to be. The unfortunate aspect is that instead of enriching the less privileged ones, they are milking them. It's good we go back to the basis.

Adopton of Microfinance
v v madhu sagar, Student (MBA), India, Member
It is very good idea, thanks to dr. Mohammad Yunus. If this micro finance system is adopted by self help groups and village boards of rural India, then the results are amazing.

Microfinance Banking
JOSEPH SOLA ONIFADE, Manager, Nigeria, Member
I am very thrilled by the article. It is very instructive. I will make it available to my friend who are into microfinance banking for their information and usage in the operation of this type of loan scheme.

Microfinance is a Win-win Issue
Juan Schianmarella, Socio, Argentina, Member
I´ve been working for several years in this kind of projects. The idea is that the borrowers ears money while they help population growing. It´s business, it´s a win-win issue. Doing business with the "pyramid base" is the way for a better world. Unfortunately in some countries (like mine) the pyramid base represents over the 70% of the E.A.P. The idea is that when lending goods and/or services to them the risk ratio is less than lending to the top of the pyramid.

Micro Finance: Social Responsibility of the Government
Ashok A kella, Finance Manager, India, Member
It is so called social responsibility of the government, and therefore government should stand as a counter guarantee with primary responsibility on their group or organisation. Bangladesh is doing very beautifully with micro finance.

Other Microfinance Possibilities?
tahsin, Business Consultant, Bangladesh, Member
Microfinance may have made lives better for millions. But did anyone look into the administration cost of these institutions? They usually charge high interest rate for their administration cost. Can there be any parallel system where regular finances can be broken into microfinance terms and still have less risk or high recovery? Can it be used in developed economies? I believe that these could be done if large lending firms come up with door to door finance selling program. Also Islamic finance can be a part of it so that poor people who fail to payback, will have a second chance.

Micro Finance should be Value Oriented
Hemant kumar Pillai, Manager, India, Member
Microfinance is good for poor because they can afford money on reasonable interest rates and fulfill current obligations and liabilities but microfinance should be value oriented and principle of business for society should not be forgotten.

Trends in Microfinance Activities in the Environment of Financial Crises
ernest agbenohevi, Consultant, Ghana, Member
Microfinance activities have been confronted with a lot of challenges, particularly within developing environments. SMEs have impacts on industrial activities and it stands to reason that finances cannot be restricted to the sector as that will mean an expected decline in the larger industrial activity. Bail-out packages for instance are important policy initiatives by governments to rescue the declining trends in productivity in the general economy. Improved microfinance activities in developing countries presents an important tool for improved savings mobilization...

Trends In Microfinance
Juan Gilberto LJUNGBERG NIETO, Professor, Argentina, Member
@Juan Schianmarella: Namesake, in Argentina, the population at the base of the pyramid IS NOT 70%! It could rather be 30% … today. (Tocayo, en Argentina, la población en la base de la pirámide NO ES EL 70%! Puede ser el 30% hoy...

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