How to Become More Charismatic?

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Wilma van Velde
Coach, Netherlands

How to Become More Charismatic?

A charismatic person is someone who attracts and inspires others by resonating an aura of charm and attractiveness. Charisma is a very beneficial personal characteristic to have, because it provides you with many opportunities and increases your influence upon others.
I am looking for (practical) ways and ideas to build and/or increase someone's charisma. Here are 4 key things I already know of:
  1. BE POSITIVE: It's important to be positive, confident and optimistic when around people and colleagues, because people are normally drawn to positivity.
  2. LISTEN: Make people feel special about themselves by really listening to what they have to say. This will give them the feeling you care for them.
  3. GIVE COMPLIMENTS: Offering other people genuine compliments will make them like you and be around you.
  4. BODY LANGUAGE: When you're meeting people, smile, stand up straight, and make eye contact to show that you're confident and engaged in the conversation.
Who can give some some further tips? Thank you.

  Norman Dragt

Be Specific About How to Implement these Things

The big problem with this kind of advise is often its complex implementation based on rather broad descriptions of behav...

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

How to Become More Charismatic?

I like Normanís cautionary words. As the proportion of live to virtual relating declines in workplaces, I can understand...

  Wilma van Velde
Coach, Netherlands

How to Become More Charismatic? Body Language

Thank you for your cautionary comments. I agree charisma can be used in a wrong (non-ethical) way by certain people. And...

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

How to Become More Charismatic?

Hi Wilma. I'm NOT saying that good body language, listening, being positive, giving a compliment are inherently undesira...

  Norman Dragt

Complimenting is the Result of Observation

As I pointed out, being charismatic is a result of acting charismatic over a longer period of time. As complimenting oth...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Tips to Become More Charismatic

Thanks for the list of 4 things one needs to put into practice in order to appear and become more charismatic. I think i...

  Norman Dragt

Ways of Becoming more Charismatic

@Jaap de Jonge: I totally agree with Jaap de Jonge. If you did not have the luck to practice being charismatic in the pe...

  Lawrence Gqesha
Analyst, South Africa

How to Become More Charistmatic

As human beings we believe that our theories are perfect and should be implemented as they are which is not the case. We...

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

How to Become More Charismatic?

A final thought from me. To have charisma is one thing. What you do with it is another. So Hitler, Zuma, ML King, Trump ...

  souleymane gaye
Director, Senegal

How to Become More Charismatic

A charismatic person is always someone having an effect on others with singularity in mobilizing attention and commitmen...

  Warren Miller, CPA, CFA
Strategy Consultant, United States

Why Would You Want to Become 'More Charismatic'?

In the late 1980s, the pre-eminent management scholar Peter Drucker said this: "Charismatic leadership is non-leadershi...

  Sridhar Gopal
Management Consultant, India

The Secret of Charisma is in your Intent and Objective

Dictionary for charisma said: a) Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. b) A divinely...

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

The Secret is in your Intent and Objective

Yes. It depends on the person. So both Warren and Sridhar may be right. Just as a drone can be used to disperse either b...

  James Antwi
HR Consultant, Ghana

Ability of Charismatic People to Connect with People

I think charisma is your ability to connect well with people. Many people see charismatic leaders as those they can easi...

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

The Magic Character

Charismatic - CHARacter-IS-MAgIC. Unfortunately there are many people who may be described as charismatic yet appear to...


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