Female Charismatic Leaders

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Female Charismatic Leaders
Desiree van Zyl, Member
Are there or have there been any female charismatic leaders in past or recent history, or is this mostly a male dominated type of leadership?

Charismatic Leadership - Female Leaders
Sahar Gul, Member
Historians did not keep record of women. When men were busy in wars, inventions, revelations, discoveries, nowhere it is written what women were doing that time?

Female Charismatic Leaders
Desiree van Zyl, Member
I find your response quite strange as there are and have been many women leaders especially from India?
What about Indira Gandhi - would she not be considered a charismatic leader? More recently there has been Benazir Bhutto - how would you categorise her?

Female Charismatic Leaders
Joseph I. B. Bakibinga, Member
Mother Theresa (Calcutta) comes to mind as well. Margaret Thatcher (UK), Joan of Arc (France).
I don't believe that this is a male dominated type of leadership. It is just that the women's story may not be well told.

Female Charismatic Leaders
MSc Alberto Carrizo Kacheff, Member
Suddenly I can remember Indira Ghandi, Florence Nightingale, Margaret Thatcher, Eva Perón, Gloria Steinen, Mother Theresa, although that's only part of my memory. Should I try harder, even surveying, I or anyone would find many other. Some countries are currently led by women, like Germany, Brazil and Argentina.

Historic Charismatic Women
Sahar Gul, Member
I acknowledge Bhutto, Thatcher & Indira, women leaders of 20th century & are extra ordinary examples of the women who really made a difference; my comment was about the ‘absence of record’ of women in the overall world history of sciences, philosophy & art; that when men were busy in fighting wars, producing inventions, discoveries and revelations, what were women doing at that time?
Were they looking after homes and running routine social life?
Absence of such records might also indicate a biased picture of the world in which only men are visible. If we dig into history, we can find few more women as well, but history books do not carry such examples. Say for example, when Socrates was philosophizing, what Xxantibi (his wife) was doing?
Or, Islamic history, does also not mention many examples of women, while being student of radical religious politics and advanced Arabic language I often take aback when read the heroic feats of muslim women in politics, wars and other disciplines 1400 years ago, which formal history doesn’t mention.

Charismatic Women: Thatcher
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Member
Why prime minister Margaret Thatcher?
She led her country to fame by her decisiveness in handling domestic and international matters even if it would mean great risk knowing that such a decision would be for maintaining peace and order in the region. She also nurtured leaders and I believe that her successor also handled government and international relations well.
One of her philosophies in life which is worth emulating is: "When a thing is worth doing, then it is worth doing it well".

Charismatic Women: Thatcher
MSc Alberto Carrizo Kacheff, Member
Well, you could perceive my impartiality, my being a native Argentinian, when suggesting Ms. Thatcher. Nevertheless, I will not discuss the sad Malvinas issue in 1982.
Anyhow, her philosophy, as you cited, pretty much resembles my father's (a late army colonel) which I tried to pursue (as a former army officer and executive, as well): "Things can and should be done in two ways, entirely and flawlessly.


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