Charismatic Leadership versus Transformational Leadership

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Charismatic Leadership versus Transformational Leadership
Dawn C, Member
I understand charismatic leadership. However, when looking at transformational leadership, there is so much integration and similarity that I am struggling to define what seperates the two.

About Transformational Leadership
Funda Erdemir, Member
A TL has a much wider vision. He is the living symbol of transformation in the society, corporation... He is concerned with his personal and holistic growth as well as all the members in his team while they all walk together for the targeted goal. He is a professionally integrated personality... He manages to integrate his being with all his dimensions... Mind, emotion, soul and body... Freed from all his inner / emotional limitations... Freed from national, religious etc id's... He does not belong any ''izm''... He is a complete personality...

Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
Dr Vasundhara Padmanabhan, Member
May be in the beginning, charismatic leadership may motivate the followers to emulate, but transformational leadership is the factor which sustains motivation to achieve...

Charismatic versus Transformational Leadership
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Member
In my opinion, charismatic leadership is a trait possessed and radiated by a leader, while transformational leadership is how this leader uses this in converting / changing followers to desired values.

Transition to Transformative Leader
nura mohamed, Member
Having read the limitations of charismatic leadership style, if practiced in the public service, this charismatic leadership style would create crisis and confusion, as people move from commitment drive to compliance (sycophancy).
In the public service we need a leader(s) who develop authentic, repeatable message points that engage the hearts, not just the mind of citizens.
We want a leader who is clear about his own values, priorities and preferences and not let someone else, or society define them for him/her. If charismatic leadership cannot offer this, we need then to transit to transformative leadership.

Charismatic versus Transformational Leader
Dr Vasundhara Padmanabhan, Member
A charismatic leader may influence people by his/her charisma and motivate people to emulate him/her.
Also, a charismatic leader may temporarily inspire the followers to buy his vision and work towards it, but his / her absence will reduce the motivational level of the followers.
A transformational leader, as I understand, is that leader who nurtures and strategically develops leadership qualities in his followers and empowers them to be the leaders with a drive to transform the situation so as to move towards his vision.
Transformational leadership will enable the followers to share the leader's vision, internalize it and work towards realizing it..
Today's world needs both - charismatic leaders to inspire people with new ideas and transformational leaders to sustain the motivation and see that the vision is achieved even in his/her absence.

Charismatic Leadership or Transformational Leadership? What do You Need?
Jose Luis Roces, Premium Member
CL leads to temporarily inspiration; TL to permanent aspiration. So what do you need! Quick results or lasting performance?
Also: how do you see your people? As followers or partners?

Charisma is Only a Tool in Regards to Transformational Leadership Theory
Belgharri, Member
Charisma is only a communication tool in the TL theory. There is a difference between having a powerful will to transform and conveying charisma.
To my mind, Charismatic Leadership (CL) has a lot to do with a physical (hormonal) presence, as well as a form of unconscious dominion from the followers, while TL aims at eliciting fresh and new ideas or processes. This means one can be very charismatic and at the same time have no new point of view to defend. TL on the other hand is more about innovation. In a way, CL is more tactical oriented than TL which is more strategic and long-term.


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