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Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands
🔥NEW Finding a purpose in your job is important for millennials and in fact for everybody. Nevertheless, many people have a job that they don't regard as meaningful. Therefore, they are not completely satisfied. This is not really surprising, especially when realizing that many common occupations are not immediately associated with ‘meaning’. Think about jobs like: cashier, sales representative, administrative employee, factory worker. But, doesn't it just depend on the way people define the word ‘meaningful’ when it comes to having a job? The former mentioned occupations, in the end, also help others within society. When ‘meaningful’ is associated with ‘giving’ and ‘helping others’, it means that nearly any role in any company can be seen as meaningful; each employee contributes to society In his/her own way. Finding meaning in your job requires the work you perform as a chance to help others, and being conscious about the ways in which your job ‘gives’ to society and/or how it su (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  srinivas, Lecturer, India

Kitten and Cat Perspective of Meaning

A cat will shift its kitten by holding it with its (...)

  Josephat Olwal Ngesah, Kenya

Is your Job Meaningful?

This is an interesting topic and question.I would (...)

  Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico

A Way to Reframe a Job from Makings Products to Building a New Country

When I was Managing Director of a bearings manufac (...)

  Henegar, Director

Asking yourself "Is my Job Meaningful"?

It is good to see a young person at the dawn of he (...)

  Doaa Saayed, Professor, Lebanon

Choose a Study and Job you Like

In my opinion, choosing a job you like will lead y (...)

  C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia

Every Job Has Significance and Meaning Attached!

We may tend to think, that some jobs have no meani (...)

  joseph lemarleni, Manager, Kenya

Asking Yourself: Is My Job Meaningful?

It is much okay to say a job is meaningful because (...)

  Sridhar Gopal, Management Consultant, India

It's All About Alignment!

To me as a business consultant and career mentor, (...)

  Engel, Project Manager, Germany

Is your Job Meaningful

Good question - and good quote by Steve Jobs. Rea (...)

  Jose Luis Figueroa, Management Consultant, Mexico

3 Factors for a Meaningful Job

A meaningful job is the one that is in line with y (...)

  fred siyoi, Manager, Kenya

A Meaningful Job Must Balance Needs

In my frame, a meaningful job should satisfy the b (...)

  anwer abdalla mohammed abubakr, Lecturer, Saudi Arabia

Is your Job Meaningful?

Regardless of the job satisfaction, I think it's m (...)

  Oula denis Ignatius, Accountant, Uganda

Meaningful for Whom?

Meaningfulness of a job may be looked at from diff (...)

  Josephat Olwal Ngesah, Kenya

What Motivates YOU in a Job may not Necessarily be what Motivates ME.

@, you will be surprised what "motivation" means t (...)

  S. Lago, Business Consultant, Canada

What is Enough?

Job satisfaction is tied to life satisfaction and (...)

  Theophilus Mothusi, HR Consultant, Botswana

Self Management is Key for Making your Job Meaningful to You

Is your job meaningful? MEANINGFUL, without search (...)

  Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom

Examples of Reframing Meaningful Work

Anneke I like the image of ‘reframing’ roles to sh (...)

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