Human Motivation Lies Within

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Human Motivation Lies Within
A human can never be motivated. You can just push a bit and show a way. A person always needs to be self-motivated to perform best and be successful.

We as a company in HR spend a lot of effort on motivation programs and trainings. We call in some speakers and expect them to motivate our colleagues or workers.
But a very simple question is CAN SOMEBODY MOTIVATE ANOTHER PERSON? The answer to this is NO! Trainers and consultants in this field fool people all around. To be frank what we CAN do is show people the way of being positive, or rather I should say optimistic. We in training give a push and explain motivation.
So a person or a human can never be motivated, but he needs to be self motivated. Let me explain this a bit further. After a training we typically find a certain number of the participants start performing better, while the others remain the same.
Why did this happen since all people attended the same session? The answer is simple: the person who was self motivated picked up the path we showed in the training. He accepted and practised the tricks we taught. And such a person will always contribute to an organisation in a positive manner thus uplifting his career in the right way.

Motivation lies within, you just need a push and some guidance. It's like eaglets (Editor: young eagles) who inborn know how to fly, but are scared and need a push.
Similarly the ability to be a motivated person lies in everybody, you just need to trust yourself and let it come out.
So yes, management needs to invite speakers who say that they can guide and show the right way to be motivated, but not the people who promise to motivate people. Such people are just talking fake and making their business.

Expectancy Theory
Rebecca Roe, Member
Effective managers/leaders are not required to motivate per sé, but ARE expected to create a climate that would motivate an employee, peer or team member.
Each individual indeed has his/her own intrinsic motivator, but managers can focus on the external conditions first, then work with the employee to find the locus of internal motivation.

How to Create an Appropriate Atmosphere
@Rebecca Roe: Indeed a manager does not have to keep on pushing people. But creating an atmosphere ideal for work is a management responsibility.
This could be supported using the 360 feedback method or just by asking for the views of collegues...
This will help considerably to motivate all involved.

The Unseen Force in man to do Something Outside
Gofrey Simwogerere Anderson, Member
I agree motivation is an unseen force within man that no one can create. But you can help someone to respond to that force within. A good environment is one of the external factors which can trigger that inner force within.

External Factors Triggering Motivation
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@Gofrey Simwogerere Anderson: Thanks for your reaction... I wonder what other external factors do you see (beyond the atmosphere/environment) that can trigger the motivational force within a person?


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