What Motivates Employees? The Answer Depends (Partly) on their Generation

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What Motivates Employees? The Answer Depends (Partly) on their Generation
Dalahn Colley , Entrepreneur, United States

The age of retirement has been moved to 60, 65, 70 years and beyond. Where each generation used to pass the baton; there is no baton being passed anymore.
We can now find multiple generations (up to 4!) working in the workplace together. There are many intergenerational differences, including work motivation. While every person is different, it is proven that generational similarities such as priorities, motivators, reward preferences etc. do exist.
What motivates employee generations...An organization has to address that when creating a motivational plan. There are currently four generations in the workforce / rat race :-). Generational trends and motivators have been researched and identified by experts. To address the employees as a group an effective leader will understand and convey the messages proven to motivate each generation:
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gonzalez, Management Consultant, France

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Dr Gary Jones, Business Consultant, Australia



Motivation Based on Generations Alone is Suicidal
Hemant Desai, Management Consultant, India

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de vries, Consultant, Netherlands


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AKOM JOSHUA, Project Manager, Ghana

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DOUGLAS AIDOO, Student (Other), Ghana


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KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States

Media Motivate the New Generation?
hernando bernal, Professor, Colombia



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