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Ndawula Primah
Student (MBA), Uganda

Misunderstandings About Motivation

Motivating employees is found to be hard by many people. The reason for that could well be that motivation is misunderstood. So I would like to put across and discuss all misconceptions around motivation:
  1. People are primarily motivated financially. Motivation can be done even without financial benefits. Take an example of a thank you from your boss, a pat on the back, a recognition letter, a hand shake, and many more. All these things don't require a penny to be spent.
  2. Motivation is a thing for managers. Motivation should not necessarily come from the boss only. I would like to point out that motivation can also come from peers among each other and even from subordinates to their bosses.
  3. Motivation is a private thing. Motivation is also a way to influence your colleagues to work happy in a happy environment. That only "thing" that keeps them smiling everyday at work.
Any other misconceptions around motivations? Please add them!


Candy Geiger
United States

Misunderstandings on Motivation

Another misunderstanding is that IV. Motivation is a pushing mechanism. Let's not forget that motiv... Sign up

Leigh Cowan
CEO, Australia

Firm Foundations for Employee Motivation

Of course, the "buzz", somewhat stimulated by Gallup, is V. The premise that the key lies in employ... Sign up

Teacher, Kenya

There is More than One MEVPIV

I think lasting motivation comes through the alignment of the MEVPIV of the organization with the ME... Sign up


Assess Employee's Needs Before Motivating

Another misconception about motivating people is: VI. The belief that generic things like pressure,... Sign up

Prasad Chundi
Consultant, India

Broader View of Motivation

I agree with misconception #1 (People are primarily motivated financially). Motivating is the actio... Sign up


Money Remains Important in Motivation

In misperception #I. People are primarily motivated financially, "motivation can be done even withou... Sign up

Terry W Flanary
Manager, United States

Motivation Factors Differ per Individual

I agree with @vincent. My experience says motivation factors differ per individual. I've seen the ex... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

The 7th Misconception About Motivation

@sunil: Surely there are situations in which money and salary ARE important for motivating. Thanks f... Sign up

Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

#8. Motivation Follows Only from Positive Incentives

The above discussion has not covered the impact of 'negative motivation' on employee behaviour. But ... Sign up

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Confusing Motivation with Motivating

Motivation is 100% internal. Everyone is permanently 100% motivated. "motiv(e)" = "reason", "ation"... Sign up

Sashi Rao
Management Consultant, India

Motivation - Tangible and Intangible Benefits

"Motivation" and "being motivated" could be seen from the perspectives of tangible and intangible be... Sign up

Bill Hassey
Professor, United States

Motivation is from Within

I fully agree with those who have said that motivation is internal. In my experience, motivation is ... Sign up 10-3-2023

Norman Dragt

Is Motivation Misunderstood or Complex to Implement?

I would not immediatly say that motivation is misunderstood. More it is rather complex. That's why i... Sign up 10-3-2023

Leigh Cowan
CEO, Australia

Motivating Workers Means Harmony of Beliefs, and Thoughts Throughout the Organisations - Ensuring Teamwork and Selfless Collaboration!

@Gera: I disagree, Gera. A genuine, valid, MEVPIV, must be "crafted" in response and with the partic... Sign up 11-3-2023

Frederic A Parker
Consultant, United States

Motivation is an Inside Job

@Candy Geiger: Excellent comment - motivation is an inside job. You can't motivate anyone, other tha... Sign up 13-3-2023


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