Is Mass Marketing Dead?

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Is Mass Marketing Dead?
JN Storm, Member
Some claim that mass marketing is becoming less significant; others claim that it is not and that there will always be room for large brands that employ marketing programs that target the mass market.
So what do you think: is mass marketing (MM) dead or alive?

Mass Marketing Still Alive in FMCG
Uditha Liyanage, Member
Low involvement FMCG will continue to engage MM, although their marcom will be more focused on small groups and individual consumers.
Other product and service categories will increasingly see the growth of personal and direct marketing rather than MM.

Mass Marketing is Alive on TV
Pedro Danilo Diaz Tueme, Member
As long as TV exists as the main massive communication media, MM will be the most relevant marketing way to keep working on, if you want to stay in the game.
It might not be the same situation in the future, in say 10, or 15 years from now, but right now MM is still all around.
This does not mean that you have to leave other market channels unattended, which allow you to do a better job focusing on your main target groups.

Mass Marketing Will Never Go for FMCG
Dr. Suman Kumar Dawn, Member
@Uditha Liyanage: I agree that we are thinking a lot about customised marketing but even so MM is not dead, such as for products like Coca-Cola, Colgate, Nestle etc.
In fact, customised marketing is applicable only when the product is high priced and customers can afford it. In the low price product category MM is still alive.

Future of Mass Marketing
If MM dies then it will signal the death knell for MM products goods and services. It will signal the birth and expansion of customized products and services and their marketing. By this process both China AND the US businesses will collapse and possibly die. Since such a death will be fought by US economy more than what China may do strange innovations will appear which will keep MM alive.

Mass Marketing not the Best But the Cheapest
Phil Artman, Member
As long as they send you a pizza brochure with no name on it - show you ads on TV during NFL games and you have to listen to their radio ads on your way to and from work it is alive and well.

Mass Marketing the Existence of Multinationals
Nauman Saif, Member
MM is alive, indeed getting better because Nestle PepsiCo and a lot more companies’ exist because of it.
Maybe the ways in which it is done will be technologically more advanced or modified but it will always be there.

Mass Marketing is Still Alive in Airlines
Jehan Zeb, Member
MM is still alive with regards to air transportation. Ethnic groups still prefer airlines of their origin to travel with, despite of other avaliable options. These groups take collective decisions, with no change of their choice. Thus the most vulnerable and sensitive airlines of the third world countries are solely dependent on the ethnicity groups and other customers are rarely attracted to such airlines.

Is Mass Marketing Dead?
Nako Stefanov, Member
No, MM is not dead. There is a room for MM in many areas. Really the Transnational Corporations (TNCs), the Multinational Corporations (MNCs), the Global Corporations etc. are all just executing MM in most of the cases.
So it is too early to say that MM is dead.

MM Tweaked by Niche
Tom Wilson, Member
@Nauman Saif probably has the best sense of the direction of MM. Watching the US presidential campaign in Ohio, with all the attention paid to the micro marketing (down to individual voters) but within the larger context of the campaign message, which is a MM product, is already happening in commercial advertising. So much data is gathered on the internet, combined with ZIP codes that even national direct mail campaigns can be rolled out with local promotional materials (such as pizza door hangers) to echo the grand medial message while exploiting local trends more or less seamlessly. Internet dynamics reflect this capacity in ways I can only see out of the corner of my eye.

Does Mass Marketing Still Exists?
vincenzo de vera, Member
It surely still exists, but not so big as it used to be. Marketing is always more selective to always more precise targets, sometimes near to one to one products and communication. Tailor-made offers are more and more frequent, sometimes together with exclusiveness.

Is Mass Marketing Dead?
Nikandish, Member
Mass marketing is changed to Mass Customized Marketing and consists broadly of Mass Production + Customer Satisfaction.
In fact ordering systems and the establishment of websites helped producers/distributors/others to keep mass marketing as a viable option.

The Need for Mass Marketing
At any point in time all products do not fit into one category. Everything follows a cycle.
Until a particular moment, grain and pulses (Editor: ~vegetables, legumes) were mass marketed without any brand. Then the brands came. Ultimately, after the whole of this market has been branded, then it in itself becomes a matter of MM.
There will always be a group of customers who for several reasons would like to have goods cheaper. In such a case these goods will have to be mass marketed to reap the profits.
For example consider the goods from China: they make them cheap, so to reap reasonable profits they must necessarily be mass marketed.

Mass Marketing = Brain Washing to Believe
De Monte, Member
As long as there are empty brains to fill with dreams of something needed / wanted / desired, there will always be room to promise, manipulate and deceive to please the people some of the time but not necessarily all of the time.
There are no absolutes, just waves of change, from one extreme to the other, and everything in-between by TV, radio, internet, newspapers and flyers.
This is how we trade in today's world. Buyer beware (caveat emptor) and seller beware (caveat venditor).

Mass Marketing will Continue to Vibrate at a High Frequency
I believe MM as a phenonon will continue to grow stronger. Why? Because generic ads from a producer and marketer perspective are cheap and easy to organize for the customer to see, feel and believe before they venture into buying and making use of such goods or product.
It also helps to ascertain the durability of any good or product.

Mass Marketing is to Have Space in the Evoked Set of Alternatives
Nauman Saif, Member
Pepsico is operating in 200 countries, Nokia is operating in 120 and Nestle in 83 and a lot more. What exactly are they up to if they are not putting into practice MM?

Mass Marketing is Still Alive
zuhaib, Member
I believe that mass marketing is still alive. The way TV ads come up for the same products with different messages ensures that mass marketing is still alive. It's less risky.

Mass Marketing is Still Alive
Mohd Norfaizin Bin Hj. Md Salleh AFA (UK), Member
Not only is it still alive, it is the "air" that sales marketing breathe!
This is especially true in the case of goods and services which target the masses. MM is cheap and makes more sense because after all, marketing is a number game.


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