Framing in Social Media

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Framing in Social Media
Helen Strong, Member
This technique must be a winner when using social media.
In short, the creative marketer can carry his / her message into the hearts of people who want to live fast and informed...

Please Expand your Topic a Bit
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@Strong, could you please elaborate a bit on what you're putting forward?
If I am not mistaken you mean to say that Framing is a very powerful communication method, especially when used via social media.

An Issue with Framing in Social Media
robert trowhill, Member
According to the explanation of Framing as attributed to Tversky et al;
'Frames are abstract notions that serve to organize or structure social meanings.'
'Framing is a quality of communication that leads others to accept one meaning over another.'
In this context Strong's assertion "that this technique must be a winner when using social media. In short, the creative marketer can carry his / her message into the hearts of people who want to live fast and informed..."
It seems to me that the issue that contributor Strong does not address is that the creator of the message must be seen as 'informed and credible' by his / her audience for the communication to be able to influence the acceptance of one message over another.

Message versus Messenger in Framing
Tom Wilson, Member
@Robert: I don't think that Strong's meaning references the credibility of the creator at all, nor does Tversky.
In fact I think
- the meaning is more dependent upon the media than upon the author, and
- the framing provides the meaning in and of itself.
But I still would like for her to expand her thinking.

Credibility of the Source in Framing
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@Robert and @Tom Wilson: Interesting point. I am unsure if and to to what extent in Framing the credibility of the source matters or not.
My intuition says it doesn't matter a lot, because as Tom says the framing statement provides the meaning in and of itself.
On the other hand, if the statement is from a trusted or reliable source, or if is repeated many times by many people in many media (see Validity Effect), that would probably further strengthen its convincing power. Perhaps someone did research on this question and can enlighten us?
As far as the credibility of SOCIAL media is concerned, the idea is that because of the personal touch of it, you are going to trust messages in social media more than traditional advertising messages in traditional media. But if the whole marketing world jumps on this idea, which they are no doubt doing, I predict this effect will be over soon.

Gestalt Theory and Validity Effect as Sources of Credibility
Tom Wilson, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): While the Validity Effect cannot be denied in marketing, that is, repetition has significance province in establishing credibility, I infer from Strong's cryptic proposition that an axiom of Gestalt Theory is likewise in play, to wit: Connections among psychological contents are more readily and more permanently created on the basis of substantive and concrete relationships than by sheer repetition and reinforcement (e.g. "sell the steak and not the sizzle").

Framing and Social Media
Helen Strong, Member
Expansion as requested: Research has shown increasing use of SM to engage and involve customers in the product or brand.
SM provides a mechanism to profile who your customers are, and how they feel about your product, and the role your product is playing in their lives.
Definitely social media only works if the consumer has committed to it, but once they engage it is the company's responsibility to provide meaningful feedback and opportunities for interaction.
Research also shows the most likely info to go viral is that which the viewer likes, feels is interesting and meaningful TO THEM and their (3000?) closest friends.
Marketers need the ability to "frame" messages through slogans or summarising it in a memorable or clever way (BY THE CUSTOMER'S STANDARDS).
It is then that the positioning and underlying values of the brand are assimilated by the market and shared with their extended network: your stories / myths / legends become focal point of their hours of fun with friends.
What better way to stimulate positive debate about your products?

By the Customer's Standards
Tom Wilson, Member
@Strong: As Frank Luntz observes, the meaning of your communication is the response you get.
OK, given this reality, can we try to further describe framing as a practical methodology for SM. Does SEO play a role in this process? Do you have a case we can consider?

Framing and Social Media
Helen Strong, Member
I don't have personal knowledge of a case... But see the New York Library Case History on the Marketing Sherpa site. I discovered it today while trawling.


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