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Turnaround Management is like Surgery
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
If an organisation is viewed as a person and its health is taken as its condition then management is the sum of its good practices to keep it healthy, and a turnaround is the treatment when it has fallen sick.
Managers are like doctors who treat organisations and turnaround managers are like surgeons who have to intervene and do major operations.
The solution will depend on problems afflicting organisation but in essence it is treatment for ailments....Sign up

Is Downfall Due to Internal or External Factors?
Agni Chatterjee, Student (MBA), India, Member
When we talk about turnaround management, we basically talk about building strategies to rebuild or renew an organisation. Sign up

Turnaround Like Surgery
Frederick Price, Philippines, Member
I do not at all agree with you. A surgery is a predetermined, preplanned approach to solving a medical problem. A turnaround manager must undertake se...Sign up

Corporate Doctors
Azhar Kazmi, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
That's why turnaround specialists are called 'corporate doctors' who help organisations regain their health. But just like in medical fraternity th...Sign up

Turnaround Management (TM)
Jeswan SinghPS, Engineer, Malaysia, Member
TM encompasses a fundamental review of an organisation's strategic direction and often happens when the business is under major threat. TM often entai...Sign up

A Difference from Surgery
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Based on comments of Dr. Price, I correct myself. In surgery one often does not try untested methods because life of patient is at stake. However in T...Sign up

Surgery, Hammer or U-Turn
Mary R Brooks
One of my business interests was in trouble last year and despite all the turnaround techniques that can be used and employed, sometimes it takes tran...Sign up

No Holds Barred Action
Jeswan SinghPS, Engineer, Malaysia, Member
Congratulations Mary Brooks on your single minded focus to doing things differently. I am convinced that when things come to a head then it's got to b...Sign up

Mary R Brooks
Thanks Jeswan! Sometimes the single minded focus of a leader is seen as bullying, particularly in the UK. We are more and more over careful, trying no...Sign up

Emergency Surgery
James Mchugh, United Kingdom, Member
In routine planned surgery - such as Hernia repair - the key to success lies in selecting the safest approach and being as thorough as possible...Sign up

Turnaround Management and Taking the Bulls by the Horn
Jeswan SinghPS, Engineer, Malaysia, Member
Mary Brooks - taking drastic action in certain work environments can be challenging and often disturbing as it may be viewed as contrary to local work...Sign up

Surgery or Peeking Out of the Box?
Michael Cardy, Strategy Consultant, United States, Member
Surgery implies the problem is within the organization, a specific area. While this often is the case, sometimes a better understanding of the issue a...Sign up

Amputation is Last Resort
James McHugh, United Kingdom, Member
Michael: amputation is always the last resort - and never used unless there is a cancer, or a limb which is irreparable and toxic and its retention wo...Sign up

Dilemma in Turnarounds
Azhar Kazmi, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
I feel that the basic dilemma in turnarounds must be the difficult choice between implementing a surgical or a humane turnaround. Both have plu...Sign up

TM-insider or Outsider as the Surgeon?
Sulleiman Adediran, Educational & Management Consultant, Nigeria, Member
We need the inside knowledge (organizational culture) for the outsider surgeon to succeed. Otherwise, some of the "whys?" may be difficult for the out...Sign up

Speed and Grit are of Essence
R.S. MATHUR, Teacher, India, Member
Executing turnarounds cannot be without its share of pain, whatever may be the extent or depth of 'surgery' (as some of us might prefer to call...Sign up

To Do or not to Do
Azhar Kazmi, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
Well said, James McHugh: "a good surgeon knows not just how to operate, but also when not to operate". That statement captures the essence of the dile...Sign up

Communication and Mobilizing Pride
PRASAD SN, Professor, India, Member
I fully agree with the usage of words like 'surgical operation', 'hammering' etc. In addition, the actions have to be bold, audacious, sometimes unco...Sign up

Reach a Stage of Bleeding
Tshinyiwaho Phidane, Management Consultant, South Africa, Member
Turnaround Management is one of the most important interventions for organisations. The biggest challenge of this is the transfer of skills to interna...Sign up

Study and Diagnose First
PROFESSOR JASWANT C GANDHI, Professor, India, Member
Let me share my experience as a consultant. Turning around business is like treating an organisation-person. Before we jump to surgery (to use metapho...Sign up

Putting Both in and Outside Sources Together
Brunks Warwick. DBA, Strategy Consultant, Ireland, Member
With the evidence at hand, both surgeon and the patient need to agree for the treament to be successful, so, both in and outside source should be put ...Sign up

Various Roles in Turnaround
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
With so many contributions I am looking at analogies of roles people play in a turnaround:
1. The patient - company that is in need of imp...Sign up

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