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Team Management Problem: BOOT Model
Ashutosh Trivedi, Project Manager, India, Member
I face a very unique problem in my problem related to team management. It is like this: I am project manager of an e-governance project and working at site location. My present team of only developers is around 18 and most of them have been told that after 3-4 months they will be sent back to our Head Office i.e. Delhi, but the project is a BOOT model which will run for 10 years. Now all them are asking me to take action and I cannot do it till the implementation is over. Suggest. It is a common thinking that company is not treating them well? What should I do?

Team Management Problem
Gerhard Krude, CEO, Germany, Member
Well, I'm leading teams now for something like 15 years - very international and very interesting ones to say the least... The only way to stay credible in front of your guys and your management is that you find your own position in this 'dilemma'. I could tell you what I think about your 'problem' but it wouldn't help - cause I'm not you! And whatever it is you have to say, it should be something from you - or at least something you can sell as it would be you. Having an altitude and go for it this is what leadership is all about. All the best, Gerhard.

Team Management Problem
Tuiasosopo Saufaiga Cecilia, Manager, American Samoa, Member
I am not quite sure what a boot model is exactly but the comment is strictly towards the request from the developers... I strongly agree with Gerhard Krude. You need to take a stand and say what you believe in your heart. You were picked to lead for a reason and I believe it is in your heart what you need to do, it is there - you just need to listen. If it were me, I would have gathered my team, recognise their concern, suggest what can be done from your stand point, then pursue your actions. Find out who you know will listen to your concerns and issues and at the same time provide backup information on the performance level of your team.
I went through a similar situation, but only with four team members and at the time we were slowly gaining the numbers that will and can be used in our data report. The more accomplishments, the more the team work is recognized, and the more recognition, the better the turnouts can become.
Take care and good luck.

Suggestion to Problem
Prabhavathi A, Coach, India, Member
The team pretty well might know that the project is in booting process and needs their cooperation and time. One suggestion is to make them aware in a positive way. The second thing would be make the place interesting to stay. They want to go back as they miss the city life and family. This need to be compensated with parties [ weekend of course] or in-office challenges or something like that. After all it is not work always.

Have Different Specialized Teams in Stages of BOOT Model
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
BOOT has four distinct phases: Build - Own - Operate - Transfer.
It is during the Build phase that you need develpers who work on requirements and develop a system which optimally takes all inputs and gives a robust system.
During the Own phase and Operate phase you need to have local teams which have interest in keeping the project successful and beneficial to local population. They will be motivated persons and would not be interested in going back.
In the Transfer phase it is essential to have a local team which has long term interest in succes of the project.
If as per your estimation the build phase requires longer, please share the same with team and motivate them to do so with dedication.

Process or People Dependent BOOT Process?
Krishna, Director, India, Member
It would be interesting to know if the project setup has been done on people basis or process basis. I would take this as process basis, which leaves less dependency on an individual.
This is where I would connect Mr. Jagdish's definition - in the build phase you would need the current set of developers - and move on to having local ones as project moves from one phase to the next.
But this can succeed only in cases where entire project is run on defined process (like in CMMI) and well documented so that your person specific dependency is minimized.
Other supporting activities could include HR team building activities, get togethers, motivational game playing and the like. But the one that I have seen makes the maximum impact is to engage them in a part time personal value enhancement program. When a person sees a WIIFME (What's In It For ME), (s)he tends to give enhanced productivity. All the best.

WIIFME (What's In It For ME)
Tina, HR Consultant, United States, Member
I agree with Mr. Gopal. WIIFME is a valuable tool applicable to various situations. Once one understands how their contribution provides a return or benefit to them individually, as well as to the team, he/she is more apt to engage. Sometimes we have to walk others through that thought process of identifying WIIFME. Its your responsibility as a leader and once your team does engage celebrating smaller successes and having fun are critical to ongoing success.
Editor: also consider Expectancy Theory as a more in-depth, scientific method to backup WIIFME.

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