How to Deal with a Team that is Stuck?

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Dan Corbett
Management Consultant, Canada

How to Deal with a Team that is Stuck?

I am interested in understanding how to move a team forward from what I call being "stuck" - not sure about the way forward to becoming "unstuck" - getting clarity on the way ahead. Any suggestions as to team activities or a process to break the inertia?


David B. Guerrero
Student (MBA), United States

Suggestions for a Team that's Stuck

When a project team becomes "stuck" or stagnant, somewhere along the way, the team lost their focus. To get them back on track:
- Re-introduce the original goal of the project. Have the team put the goal on a large piece of construction paper or poster board and hang it up in the room where the team routinely meets. This will serve as a constant reminder of their purpose. This would be a great time to discuss the team's progress and possible alter the original goal.
- Maybe the goal changed somehow through the groups previous work; check on that.
- Lastly, "have the team select a co-project leader". If you're the project manager of the team, you may be involved with more than one project. It may be a good idea to put someone in charge to keep the team focused in the event you are absent. This would be a great opportunity to mentor a top producing employee to an increasingly responsible position. Hope this helped. Good luck.

Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

Make Subgoals Which are Attainable in Short Run

Very general and desirable goals may not have measurable and attainable parts in them. With no progr... Sign up

Curtis Richardson
Business Consultant, United States

Getting Out of the Quicksand

1. Bring the sponsor in with the team and have the sponsor reiterate the objectives and importance o... Sign up

Management Consultant, Netherlands

Paradox as a Medicine for Teams that are Stuck

Don't underestimate the power of paradox. Having dealt with a number of stuck or dysfunctional team... Sign up

Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Try Association with the Sun to Let Go of Inertia

As you know humans are complex systems. If there is a feeling of being stuck in the team, associatio... Sign up

Norman Dragt

What Causes the Team to be Stuck?

The team is stuck, but what is/are the cause(s)? This is of course the first thing you need to find ... Sign up

Roger A Revell
Consultant, United States

Excellent Advice!

@Curtis Richardson: After years of developing and working with teams, I believe your advice is the b... Sign up

Nestor Jimenez
ICT Consultant, Colombia

Micromanage the Team That's Stuck

In the beginning, try micromanagement with small milestones; then gradually increase the size of the... Sign up

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

How to Find the Cause of the Team Being Stuck

I agree with @Norman Dragt that "Unsticking" will depend upon the team's nature as well as WHY & HOW... Sign up

Philippe Guenet
Coach, United Kingdom

How is the Team 'stuck'?

Indeed: What exactly is being "stuck"? Stuck on what? The nature of the way forward is very differen... Sign up


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