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Roger A Revell
Consultant, United States

Remote/Hybrid Work and Team Development

How do you believe remote/hybrid work has changed or will change our understanding of team development (i.e., Tuckman)? 22-7-2022

  Richard Neilson
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Hybrid Teams Getting Stuck at the Forming and Storming Stages

I am seeing teams that are now mostly transitioning to hybrid working or, at least some variant on this model. They are struggling to become Real Teams again, and certainly are not high performing in this pandemic world. Those subtle interpersonal behaviours and signals that happen when face to face are very difficult to experience and interpret at the best of times, and certainly so, when communicating via Zoom or Teams.
Some people can be either unskilled, guarded, or even unwilling to reveal true feelings, using verbal language only, and the limited facial signals that we give out can be easily missed or misinterpreted. In the absence of other ways to signal our thoughts and feelings non verbally the current situation 'ties our hands' and hinders the communication that is so necessary to develop true team effectiveness.
Unless teams can learn ways to 'Storm' constructively in this remote or hybrid world, without damaging relationships, then they will be handicapped and limited. I don't have any any answers yet but I do think we need to acknowledge this is new territory, and I suggest that some form of 'team working reset' is necessary. I am finding even team roles and expectations need to be restated and agreed again, even within established teams.
I am currently encouraging one team to use the RACI tool to encourage discussion about who does what, and why and to what standards. Also I suggest they revisit 'team charters' and the company values and behaviours again, just to focus minds and to encourage involvement in these fundamental conversations that were so much easier to have in the old days.
What I am also seeing are people in previously effective teams jumping up the Ladders of Inference, leading to mistrust, disappointment and disillusionment. We need to rediscover or find new tools to enable effective team building and team development.
Any other thoughts out there? 23-7-2022

  Michelle Cockburn
Manager, United Kingdom

True Hybrid Team Forming is Hard to Achieve

@Richard Neilson: I agree with your summary of problems with hybrid teams at the Forming and Storming Stages and think t... 24-7-2022

  Nicola Rovetta
CxO / Board, Italy

Individual Commitment Matters More in Hybrid Teams

I believe that remote teams will have to rely more heavily than in the past on individual attitude and commitment. With... 24-7-2022

  Roger A Revell
Consultant, United States

Hybrid Forming and Storming of Teams

@Richard Neilson: You've targeted the stages that I believe will be most difficult in the remote/hybrid environment. I f... 24-7-2022

  Eddie Amanam
Consultant, Nigeria

Remote/Hybrid Team Development is the New Normal

In our times, everything we knew previously is changing or being modified. HRM over the years have seen dramatic changes... 24-7-2022

  Benedict Chukwurah
Manager, Nigeria

Remote/Hybrid Team Development

Remote/hybrid working is likely to take a great toll on team development in the future. It might find a fertile soil to ... 25-7-2022


New Teams versus Existing Teams

For new teams team development became harder, but for old teams it is an opportunity to know your team mate's personal l... 25-7-2022

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Formation of a New Remote Team

My experience is that forming (and managing) a motivated and successful team from scratch without any personal physical ... 25-7-2022

  Roger A Revell
Consultant, United States

Face to Face at Least Once

@Jaap de Jonge: I agree. Over almost 50 years of helping teams, I believe things are learned/observed in a face-to-face ... 25-7-2022

  Daniel Jennah
Director, Reunion

Remote/Hybrid Team: A Relational Challenge

@Richard Neilson: I do not have any counter thoughts to what you say. You're right to say that it is not easy to deal wi... 27-7-2022

  John Henry
Project Manager, United States

Same Rules for Virtual Teams and Face to Face Teams

Having worked on virtual teams for nearly 10 years now, I think the rules are not significantly different with virtual t... 3-8-2022

  Roger A Revell
Consultant, United States

Embrace the Change

@John Henry: I like your approach, John. The outcome (in person compared to hybrid/remote) is the same; the processes ma... 3-8-2022


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