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Oscar, USA

Diverse Team Building

DIVERSE (cross-functional, multidisciplinary, multicultural) TEAMS can be very creative and perform extraordinary well. At the same time, achieving a fit or “interpersonal congruence” among team members of diverse teams requires unconventional team building activities. Interpersonal congruence is the degree to which members’ appraisals of one another are similar to their self-assessments on dimensions relevant to team functioning. Sharing honest 360-degree feedback can be useful to correct inaccurate perceptions and adjust behavior and self-assessments (source: Jeffrey T. Polzer in HBR Jul/Aug 2008).

  benbouazza, morocco

about stage of team development

linearity of Tuckman's model is not realistic.Managing project is too complicated than giving describing stages far from...

  B Abdul Al Barten, UK

Workgroups versus Teams

The Formation process of a team generates a culture which is different from that of the host organisation. Therefore a P...

  Mohammed S.AL-Ghamdi-(Sabic), Saudi

Team Members Involvement

The main thing is to build a real team where all will be invloved and actively participate into the task.The of doing m...

  Clive W, South Africa

Team development

This concept can be seen to work in a stable work environment, or for short term projects. When the labour market / econ...

  PRASAD SN, India

Diverse Team Building

l disagree with Mr Clive. In India, we have over 700+ languages and a variety of social back grounds. But you will fin...

  Mamta Wasan, India

Human Resources

This model is just a guide. Human beings and social interactions can be a lot more complicated. This merely helps in get...

  Dr JAY, India

Tuckmans model

its a continous process of evolution of a team and not discrete events . Well one shoudnt be taking it literally but I h...

  Suresh Rigia, USA

Diverse Team Building

A team with diverse backgrounds (cultures, langauages, races, countries, religions..) can work effectively if they are m...


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Stages of Team Development
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