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Diverse Team Building
DIVERSE (cross-functional, multidisciplinary, multicultural) TEAMS can be very creative and perform extraordinary well. At the same time, achieving a fit or “interpersonal congruence” among team members of diverse teams requires unconventional team building activities. Interpersonal congruence is the degree to which members’ appraisals of one another are similar to their self-assessments on dimensions relevant to team functioning. Sharing honest 360-degree feedback can be useful to correct inaccurate perceptions and adjust behavior and self-assessments (source: Jeffrey T. Polzer in HBR Jul/Aug 2008).

about stage of team development
linearity of Tuckman's model is not realistic.Managing project is too complicated than giving describing stages far from conflict relations between individuals and the job environment. Adjourning stage is negative stage because it doesn't capitalise the experience as a knowledege management for the organisation.

Workgroups versus Teams
B Abdul Al Barten
The Formation process of a team generates a culture which is different from that of the host organisation. Therefore a Program will find itself sub-optimised by cultural conflict between one project and another. A Workgroup approach led by a Facilitator would not develop this cultural split and so not suffer this problem and could be just as efficient.

Team Members Involvement
Mohammed S.AL-Ghamdi-(Sabic)
The main thing is to build a real team where all will be invloved and actively participate into the task.The of doing may differ based on the case but it is essential to kkep the same node where all are invloved .

Team development
Clive W
This concept can be seen to work in a stable work environment, or for short term projects. When the labour market / economy is in a state of flux or disarray, staff turnover would continuously disrupt the team's progress? as far as "diverse team building" is concerned : South Africa has 11 official languages with even more cultures and sub-cultures. Providing the team members are tolerant of these ethnic differences a measure of success will be achieved but what of those who are not willing to see past such differences? First world concepts are not easily applied or adapted to third world scenarios. Any comments ?

Diverse Team Building
l disagree with Mr Clive. In India, we have over 700+ languages and a variety of social back grounds. But you will find that teams with members from different language and backgrounds always do well as compared to the teams which have members of the same feather.
Uniformity leads to higher levels of 'satisfaction' and the desire to do something different is frowned upon. A level of entropy brings out the creativity readily and in that, members from diverse backgrounds adds spice and quality to the results.

Human Resources
Mamta Wasan
This model is just a guide. Human beings and social interactions can be a lot more complicated. This merely helps in getting a better understanding of what is likely to happen when new teams gets formed or even one team member leaves or joins. With this understanding we are better able to allow time and space for teams dynamics to play out and then have expectations of performance in a more realistic manner. Roles may or may not be assigned.

Tuckmans model
its a continous process of evolution of a team and not discrete events . Well one shoudnt be taking it literally but I have experienced that the model is valid in reasl life situations and the case of adjourning "quoted by one of us as a negtive event" is a necessity. When the Project life cycles have shortened and there is constant pressures of building and rebuilding teams this stage becomes necessary. It helps one shed the perspective of the role played int he earlier project and assume the new one

Diverse Team Building
Suresh Rigia
A team with diverse backgrounds (cultures, langauages, races, countries, religions..) can work effectively if they are motivated by common goal(s) & their commitment to success of that goal(s). Also unsefishness of individual team memeber will create a team which will have an energy to solve difficult problems.

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Stages of Team Development
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Stages of Team Development
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