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Reposition or Relaunch?
Manoj Sahay
I would like to know if repositioning is a good strategy or should we change the brand and re-launch the product? As Al Ries and Jack Trout have mentioned the most wasteful expense that a company could do is to try to change the mind of the prospect; it is almost impossible to ctrl alt del any information from a human mind.

Reasons for Relaunch and Repositioning?
Dear Manoj, I believe changing the brand or a re-lauch could be a type of a re-positioning strategy. Based on your comments I can't determine the real problem you're facing with your product or service towards your customers. Therefore it is difficult to judge whether re-positioning would be necessary and if so, how this should be executed. For instance, if there is a demand problem within the category it is not enough to change the brand. Have you done research to the exact reasons why people don't buy (enough)?

Reposition old brand or launch a new one?
S K Bal Palekar
This question is similar to an old house - whether to repair it or demolish and construct a new one?
In my view, the answer depends on following circumstances:
1. if top of mind awareness is high, and
2. if the character of the image is strong
then I would try and reposition the old brand.
The above provided:
A. the problem is only on a few attributes, and
B. these attributes can be corrected.
But if these conditions do not exist, I would go for a new brand. Hope this helps!

Brand Repositioning
Jeroen Snijders
To help determine your choice, have a look at: Successful Brand Repositioning, Aspirational vs. Achievable Strategies, McKinsey Marketing Solutions. Good luck.

Relaunch - Reposition
Relaunching should mean reintroducing products to the market, making customer aware of the product that is available. Redo again.
Repositioning should mean to find the strenght of product and re-differentiate the product in comparison to the competition in the market. Where is the best suit to the product in comparison to competitors and customers aspect.

Evaluate the Expected Returns of Repositioning and Relaunching
Homer Alcon
An evaluation of returns from the investments of both alternatives would be recommendable. Returns would be long and short term.

Factors to Decide for Repositioning or Relaunching
These factors have to be considered to decide upon the repositioning or relaunching strategy:
- How has the product/service positioned itself in the current market?
- What are the target customers or market segment to which the product is designed for?
- What are reasons for considering a repositoning strategy?
- Is there a differential strategy or cost leadership strategy?
- Is the product losing its market share?

Re-positioning vs. Re-launch: 4 Combinations!
Dr. Uditha Liyanage
There are four possible combinations. You can both re-position and re-launch or do one and not the other, or not do both.
Re-positioning entails a change of the mental category or the frame of reference in which the brand is located in the consumer's mind.
A re-launch entails a change of the marketing-mix employed for the brand.

Repositioning and Relaunch
K. Gopalakrishnan
Indeed, relaunch can include repositioning. Relaunch is much more than repositioning. Relaunch of a product can be even rebranding.

Re-position or Re-launch
Prabhakar Bethi, Manager, India, Member
First of all you have to conduct a a small market research project: is the issue the positioning of the brand or is it something else?
If positioning is the issue, then only it is worth to consider re-positioning.

Depend on Situation... to Preposition or Re-launch
Le My, Student (University), Viet Nam, Member
In my opinion, re-position means you still keep the existing brand name but you re-locate the product in customer's mind... For example: your product is already premium for upper-class... But the product fails to satisfy the target customer because of its lower quality, leading to low sales for a long time... But your brand name is famous and many people know it already... Therefore, you should repositioning in this case... You redo message or slogan for middle-class, you do advertising for middle-class and some strategies suit middle-class, but keep the brand name... It is repositioning
If you want to launch a new product and the product is different from the typical brand name, for instance, Lexus is separated from the brand name Toyota, to locate in premium position... In the case, you should launch the product with the new brand name, and separate it from the existing brand name... To avoid affect existing customers.

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