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Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
It is normally advisable to proceed slowly / gradually when attempting to change an existing organizational culture. Reasons for not changing organization cultures fast / abruptly are that the RESISTANCE TO SUCH CHANGE is likely to increase if: 1. The changes are more comprehensive or faster; 2. The changes intervene deeper in the private life of people; 3. The people involved are less aware of the reasons for the change; 4. The current culture is stronger. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Graham Williams, Management Consultant, South Africa

Why You Should Change an Organizational Culture Slowly

The larger the organization, the more likely will there be a variety of sub cultures - and changes need to occur (if not in tandem) then certainly congruently and in step.
When people in an organisation have embedded artifacts, processes, beliefs, ways of behaving - the shifts here may take time, people will experience loss in various forms; and there is sometimes merit, as the changes are shepherded through the organisation, in going at the speed of your slowest sheep to avoid negative disruption...

  srinivas, Lecturer, India

Stress Levels Will Be Under Control

A change at any part of organization will have con (...)

  Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom

Changing Culture Carefully

People accept change that is personally advantageo (...)

  Warren Miller, CPA, CFA, United States

Good Luck on Changing a Culture

I won't say it's impossible, but, most of the time (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Good Luck, Indeed: Cultural Transformation is crap.

@: Trotsky observed that trying to transform a cul (...)

  Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico

The SIZE Is More Relevant than the PACE of the Change

The pace of the change (fast or slow) is not a dec (...)

  Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States

Careful Dance of (Culture) Change...

It would seem that someone is always promoting CHA (...)

  Samuell Yew, Project Manager, Malaysia

Big Change / Small Changes Considerations

Culture is a delicate and sensitive thing. It’s no (...)

  Steven Keleman, Ed.D., Management Consultant, United States

Size and Complexity Affect the Pace of Culture Change

By its very nature, my experience is culture chang (...)

  Graham Williams, Management Consultant, South Africa

Why You Should Change an Organization Culture Slowly

Steven K makes good points eloquently. Depending o (...)

  Iraklis Goniadis, Business Consultant, Greece

The Personality Matters

The more an individual identifies himself through (...)

  Qazi Ata, Consultant, Pakistan

Sub-cultures in Different Departments

@: Very true, large organizations have sub-organiz (...)

  Abdourahmane DIOP, Management Consultant, Senegal

Culture (Change) Can't be Done Quickly

A culture change does not become a reality in a da (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Contingency Planning and Cultural Resilence

@: Well, in general, my purpose for enriching a cu (...)

  David Figuera, Consultant, Venezuela

What are we Trying to Change Anyway?

Inreed we must be aware that in general terms, cul (...)

  Mallika T R, Manager, India

Change is Constant - Whether Slow or Fast!

Change is necessary. Change w.r.t. culture is taki (...)

  Graham Williams, Management Consultant, South Africa

Changing Organization Cultures is Needed

Maybe I'm being simplistic, but:
  1. The w (...)

  Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands

Lessons Learned About the Need to Change an Organizational Culture Slowly

Thank you all who participated. I'd like to summa (...)

  Jose Luis Roces, Professor, Argentina

The Leadership Process is the Key

I agree with Jaap de Jonge’s opinion, after 25 yea (...)

  William E. Linzey, Business Consultant, United States

Speed - versus - Surviving

Changing an Organization's Culture is done for a r (...)

  Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada

Organization Culture Sometimes Changes very Quickly

The speed of oculture change can vary. One phenome (...)

  Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom

Cultural Evolution or Trauma

Culture is a consequence of: the Senior Managers’ (...)

  David Wilson, Manager, Canada

Is the Existing Culture Toxic, Poor, Bureaucratic or Flexible and Innovative?

In organizations with toxic cultures, change must (...)

  Mariano Talanchuk, HR Consultant, Argentina

Size, culture and complexity.

@: Size is important, but each specific culture h (...)

  William E. Linzey, Business Consultant, United States

Reply to David Wilson

@: Well said, David. The purpose of changing organ (...)

  Michael Norris, Director, United States

Culture is Deep-Rooted

@: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a fam (...)

  Molokanova, Professor, Ukraine

Change of Organizational Culture

I completely agree with the majority of the author (...)

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