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Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Organizational Culture and Intellectual Capital System

According to Stewart (1997), intellectual capital (IC) consists of information, intellectual property, intellectual material, knowledge and experience that can be utilized to create wealth.
Schein (1984) defined organizational culture as a pattern of basic assumptions. These assumptions may facilitate or hinder information flow between organizational stakeholders both inside and outside organization.

Organizations nowadays put strong emphasis on the successful knowledge management of intellectual capital in order to improve their organization performance through knowledge sharing activities by transferring individual IC to organizational IC.

Should organizations develop a knowledge management system that fits with their organizational culture, rather than trying to change their cultures to fit their knowledge management objectives?


Vernon Jacobs
Director, United States

Start by Defining the Desired Organization Culture

Interesting question. It is my belief that organizations should define and communicate the desired b... Sign up

Tito Estrada
Professor, Honduras

Organizational Culture is Dynamic

Organizational culture is a set of values, knowledge, procedures, strategies, actions, PEOPLE (cultu... Sign up

Nick Rainsford
United Kingdom

Organisational Culture MUST Support Intellectual Capital System

To answer the question, knowledge management is so important that if the organisational culture does... Sign up

Coach, Madagascar

Knowledge versus Culture

We canít dissociate culture and knowledge. So for me, the question is not strategic but operational.... Sign up

Olivier Riviere
Management Consultant, France

How to Change Knowledge Management & Culture

A very common mistake with KM (or CRM) projects is to build the system first - especially in its IT ... Sign up

vincenzo de vera
Manager, Italy

IC and Organizational Culture

Let us not forget the existing Corporate "VISION" (and Mission) which include also elements of knowl... Sign up

Daniel THunt
United States

IC and Culture / The 2 Become 1

The IC is the Culture. Take away the Culture and you have zero IC. The two are intertwined. In fac... Sign up

George Lobb, Canada

Knowledge Management and Culture

With a few notable exceptions, most organizations were preexistent when the concepts of knowledge ma... Sign up

Zainab Atta
Accountant, Switzerland

Organization Culture, Knowledge Management and Leadership

An organizational culture must be flexible and adaptable to organization goals and knowledge managem... Sign up

Andyson Mupeta
Manager, Zambia

Identify the Culture Aspects that would Drive your Desired KM

OC is embedded in a lot of organizational aspects and impacts knowledge management and other strateg... Sign up

Yussuff celinah
Management Consultant, Nigeria

Knowledge Management System versus Culture

For any system implementation, to be successful, the organizational culture must be considered. As a... Sign up

Jan Voute, Netherlands

Culture and KM Development are Dynamic and they Interact

The question suggests separation of two actions, the development of culture and of KM systems, while... Sign up

Hor Kam Peng
Business Consultant, Malaysia

Knowledge Management and Culture Differ per Industry

Tend to agree with @Olivier Riviere. In some industries such as banking, every banking function or l... Sign up

Dr. Vishal Dilip Chavan
Professor, India

IC and Cultural Differences

It's like three people from different countries lost in the jungle and then managing, doing, perform... Sign up

Olivier Riviere
Management Consultant, France

Corporate Culture and KM

@Jan Voute: Very well put Jan! Does culture supports (or hinders) the development of KM or the other... Sign up

Tayo Aduloju
CEO, Nigeria

KM-Corporate Culture Relationship is Cyclic

From my experience in supporting organisations to create a high performance culture in Africa, I dis... Sign up

Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Organizational Culture and Intellectual Captal System

Thanks for all your comments. As described, developing IC will be correlated with OC closely. I conc... Sign up

Business School Marketer

Organizational Culture and Knowledge Management

OC for most organization is best obtained through training (acquisition of knowledge) and it is expe... Sign up

CxO / Board, Iran

Organization <> Culture Interaction

I believe organization culture could facilitate or hinder the information flow that is necessary to ... Sign up

juwele sibanda
Accountant, Zimbabwe

Organisational Culture or Knowledge Management.. Which Comes First?

I believe this depends on type of organization and the objectives they're pursuing e.g. service, man... Sign up


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