How Can we MEASURE Mindset Change?

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How Can we MEASURE Mindset Change?
Miranda, Consultant, Netherlands

To successfully change an organisation, one major step is often to change the mindset of the people. I am curious to your insights / knowledge:
1. How can we measure the improvements made on changing the mindset? (interviewing, observing, testing..?)
2. What exactly are we measuring? (stages, capabilities, reactions...?)
3. Did someone develop a tool such as an Excel sheet allowing us to keep track of the changes in mindset during a change process?... Register

Organization Culture NOT Easily Measured or Managed
Jacob Andrews, Manager, United Arab Emirates
The organization culture is constituted of beli...

How Can we Measure Mindset Change
Tim Boone, Management Consultant, United States
Miranda, step 1 is to define mindset. What exactly...

Changing Mindset and Values
E Gordon Whyte, Professor, United States
The culture of an organization is influenced more ...

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Scott Coplan, Project Manager, United States
My co-author Dr. David Masuda and I just wrote a b...

How Can we Measure Mindset Change?
John Muka, Consultant, Australia
How you measure the mindset change should be part ...

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Richard Davis, Management Consultant, United States
As the earlier posts state, measuring mindset depe...

How we Can Measure Mindset Change? Answer
KHARAZMI, Professor, Iran
To measure attitudes there are many standard qu...

Feel Good Factor
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India
Mindset change is more or less subjective, but per...

Measurement of Changing Mindset in a Company
JJ Barnard, CEO, South Africa
Climate surveys used as a baseline and then...

Mindset Change
Saint-Macary, Consultant, France
Change in a company means improvement of the capac...

Employee Engagement Surveys
joseph noone, Manager, France
You can measure mindset change by measuring emp...

Measuring Mindset Changes
Ivan Kohlinsky, Management Consultant, United Kingdom
I used to work for a well known American managemen...

Mindset Change / Measurement
Richard de Laat, Change and integration Manager, Switzerland
We have developed a readiness survey that i...

How Can we Measure Mindset Changes
Steve Neighbors, Strategy Consultant, United States
By measuring the difference in the fruit of those ...

Measuring Values
Leona Meditz, Director, United States
Is there a tool that you find easy to use to measu...

Measuring Culture Change: Before, During and After
David Wilson, Manager, Canada
Many of the comments identify how to reactively me...

Culture Change, Mindset and Its Measurement
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India
Culture is primarily constituted of 'beliefs, valu...

Measuring Mindset Changes by Attrition
Alexei Ilmetov, Manager, Russian Federation
A relative index of such changes is the percent...

Measuring Mindset Changes Deeply
Smitha, Student (MBA), India
Measuring mindset changes deeply means:
- Stu...

Outcomes Framework
Firstep Eapl Astimen, Manager, Indonesia
Culture change management is one of outcomes orien...

Establish Baseline First
rgbwrgb, Business Consultant, China
Remember that if we don't have a baseline, ...

Measuring Mindset Changes by Informal Chat
meena, Manager, India
It is the same way how you read people. Have an...

Measuring Mindset Change
Michael de Groot, United Kingdom
What a great question indeed. Have you come across...

The Focus of the Mindset Change
Keith Henderson, Other, UK
The point of changing an organisation's mindset is...

Organizational Culture and Stakeholder Mindset in Projects is Measurable
Huub Haverhals, Consultant, Netherlands
Many projects fail due to relational problems

Changing Organization Culture
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan
I'd go by Gordon's views; it's fundamentally a ...

Measuring Mindset Change
Steve Brand, Other, UK
There are only two human behaviours that can be me...

Measuring Mindset Change via Indicators
Lorna Calumpang, Consultant, Philippines
Perhaps, this can be measured by coming up with

Measuring Culture Change
Lynda Stack, Other, United States
The easiest method I can think of is to measure...

Measuring Mindset Change
Steve Brand, Other, UK
I'm following this debate with some interest... An...

Measuring Mindset Change
aderoju, Consultant, Nigeria
Quite an interesting subject. All individuals h...

Measuring Mindset Changes with CPR
Jaime Miret, Director, Spain
One of the most important tools that I've already ...

Measuring Variance in Mindset Change with DMAIC
Patrick Cochran, Director, United States
Measuring any change process implies that a potent...

Measuring Mindset Change with DMAIC
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India
I agree with the idea of Patrick Cochran to try th...

Use Observed Behavior as an Indicator of Mindset Change
Patrick Cochran, Director, United States
Mindset change implies a change in behavior. Human...

What Behaviors Demonstrate Mindset Change?
Steve Brand, Other, UK
Patrick, you're on the right lines. Observed behav...

What Behaviors Demonstrate Mindset Change
Patrick Cochran, Director, United States
It seems that one must first establish an "objecti...

How Can we Measure Mindset Change?
joseph noone, Manager, France
In the most recent issue of Strategy + Business, t...

Measuring Mindset Change
Richard de Laat, Change and integration Manager, Switzerland
Great conversation, very rich. Makes me think of t...

How Big is the Question?
rgbwrgb, Business Consultant, China
The only thing we can see is behavior. Unde...

Mindset Change - what Can we Change?
Richard de Laat, Change and integration Manager, Switzerland
As to values - look at
Summarized Approach to Measure Change of Mindset
Miranda Kok, Accountant, Netherlands
Based on above comments, I have summarized the fol...

Summarized Approach Measuring Change
Richard de Laat, Change and integration Manager, Switzerland
Hi Miranda, I like the summary. What would make it...

The Causal System in Discussion
rgbwrgb, Business Consultant, China
Consider the following causal system for change...

Adding Weight Factors to Parameters
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India
Miranda has done a really good job of summarizing ...

Weighing Parameters
Miranda, Consultant, Netherlands
Please explain the added value within the 'meas...

Measuring Change in Mindset: the Change Mirror
M.A. Kieft, Manager, Netherlands
The Research Centre facilitating change & organiza...

Measuring Change in Mindset: the Change Mirror
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India
Hi Mr. Kieft: it seems amazing. Can you please sha...

Ways to Add Weighing Factors
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India
Real life situations are never black and white. We...

The Balance for Mindset Change
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan
‘When the rate of change outside,’ as held by Jack...

How to Measure or Track Mindset Change?
lemos, Consultant, United States
Organizational culture assessment is based on the ...

Measuring Mindset Changes with Attitude Surveys
Ivan Kohlinsky, Management Consultant, United Kingdom
One way we used to measure it when I worked for a ...

Mindset Change and Organizational Culture
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India
The culture of an organisation has two components,...

Mindset and Culture Can Be Measured!
Huub Haverhals, Consultant, Netherlands
Based on over 20 years of experience in measuring ...

Measuring Mindset Change: The SCARF Model
Sylvia Grant, Consultant, Australia
Miranda, that is a really excellent question.

Measuring Mindset Change
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines
Mindset is internal to the individual owner. The i...

Measuring Mindset Change by Leading Indicators
Lafayette Howell, Management Consultant, United States
I have found success by identifying "leading indic...


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