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Changing Organization Cultures: What is the Critical Element to Start?
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
When you study the political culture of a country for instance, USSR from Tsarist Russia it took a revolution to change a culture. The only thing that revolutionaries forget is the innate culture of people. It never goes away completely.
Same with corporate culture. If the change causes overall improvement for the majority, then the culture change will become the more permanent culture. If over time the changed culture becomes just as bad as the previous, then a new revolution will come and make another adjustment.
Some political idealogs will use subtle changes in making the culture change more tolerable to the masses. That takes lots of time and patience, and most don't want to take the time....Sign up

The Practical Side of Organization Culture
Kuiper, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
On the practical side, I find it useful to have an explicit list of behavioural values, communicate and discuss these with employees and amend ...Sign up

Shared Vision
Nokuthula Khumalo, Manager, South Africa, Member
A shared vision is what makes changing organizational culture easy. If people within an organisation are operating on different wavelengths, it...Sign up

Critical Element to Start
Wiegmans, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Any culture change program starts with creating, or already heaving, an outside 'enemy'. No organism, no man, no group, no organisation will fi...Sign up

What is the Critical Element to Start?
Nokuthula Khumalo, Manager, South Africa, Member
@Wiegmans : People make or brake organisations as much as the companies' customer base is constituted by peop...Sign up

Psychological Conditioning
Wiegmans, Business Consultant, Netherlands, Member
An organization culture exist of shared beliefs, shared heroes, shared values. When you first start in a new organisation, you are subject to p...Sign up

Critical Element to Start Organizational Change
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
Yes it's challenging and may be hard, but if you truly believe in the worth of the change and you know how to show your workers the benefit to ...Sign up

Allemeersch Johan
I consider language or wording as important as all remarks above.
I mean we need to communicate the existing situation, the vision, mission an...Sign up

The Right Words on the Right Medium
Nokuthula Khumalo, Manager, South Africa, Member
This is a very important factor in communicating with the employees and all other stakeholders and putting the right words on the right medium goes a ...Sign up

Wording and Word of Mouth
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
Exactly--the person experiences the benefit, the next person says " this change is for xxtt" the first worker may say, " I did it and it really helped...Sign up

Changing Cultures of an Organization: Intent
Olga Aros, Consultant, United States, Member
Organizations change in order to continue to survive. Defining the intent so others understand the (reasons for the) change is critical to thos...Sign up

Analysis of Rituals, Myths and Routines
Horacio Cortese, Consultant, Argentina, Member
To change an individual mindset is already difficult, even more so is to change the collective mindset. Sometimes in our interventions we achieve good...Sign up

Starting Organizational Changes
Olga Aros, Consultant, United States, Member
Change is ever constant, but necessary if an organization is to grow. Defining why change is necessary and setting a new direction for all to follow i...Sign up

Changing Organizational Culture
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
@Horacio Cortese: I agree-knowing your employees, their established work routines and the flow of work, systems in ...Sign up

Four Dimensions of Culture
Jacqueline Gargiulo, United States, Member
My director and I have studied and are communicating to our organization about the four dimensions of organizational culture - all equally important, ...Sign up

Caution with Picking One Element
Itís true that you need to start somewhere if you are considering to change the culture of an organization. That's just a practical fact.
But wha...Sign up

Starting with Heart of Delivery Mechanism
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
If we consider the organizationís delivery system as a living entity, then it is best to start with the heart. The heart is comprising of the values a...Sign up

A MIssion Worth to Pursue to Create MotivAction
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
Start articulating, and then comunicating a MISSION WORTH TO PURSUE to create MotivAction (Yes Motive to Action). I.e., in a bearings manufacturing co...Sign up

Begin Culture Change with the Stakeholders
Pauline Oruya, Manager, Kenya, Member
I would first bring all the stakeholders around a table and conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization. I would expect clear comments on what we nee...Sign up

How to Get Ready for Culture Change. An Outline,
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Premium Member
People like change that is personally advantageous to them.
So think over how the current culture is disadvantageous? How should it be? What are/...Sign up

Start Culture Process with Mission Statement
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
George Marshall introduced a philosophy of cultural enrichment in the Army in 1942 that continues to this day. Cultural change is not a destination bu...Sign up

Values and Priority of Values
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
To me change at heart (values and spirit behind the values) level is most important.
However, with a changing context the priority of values also...Sign up

Start with Values, Then Change the Team
Alan Power, Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Based on my personal experience of setting up a new company: It seemed to me that, as general manager/leader, I need to do things my way. I'm not an a...Sign up

Reasons for Changing a Culture
Tim Dibble, Project Manager, United States, Member
Organizations change cultures for a variety of reasons:
- An EMERGENCY or major challenge to business will often engender a rapid change in respo...Sign up

Where to Begin when Changing an EXISTING Organization Culture
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Alan Power: You are right to say that the best thing you can do is - if you start and set up a new company - to Sign up

Changing Organizational Culture
Rajesh Sharma, Manager, India, Member
To ensure your decisions and actions are ethical you need to check their "rightness" before implementing them. And that goes for you, as well as your ...Sign up

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