Is Culture Change not Manipulating Employees?

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Karl, Germany

Is Culture Change not Manipulating Employees?

Is this way of planned dealing with (changing) organization cultures not in fact a way to manipulate the work, minds and values of employees?
If yes, is this manipulation allowed, as changing the culture of an organization can be such a challenging and crucial task for its survival?

  C P Singh, India

HR Communication

Yes, These manipulations are allowed and are of course a challenging and crucial task for its survival.
Changing organisation cultures brings in new values and creates better challenging opportunities and reduces the immunities and redundancies ingulping the productivity and efficience. This leads to cost optimisation and better results.

  Khumbo Shaba, United Kingdom

Flexibility of Employees

The influence of culture is crucial and must be understood well before making radical changes. Overall, it is necessary to lead by example starting from the top to the bottom of the organisation when it comes to changing certain aspects of culture. Well-documented and easy-to- read or understand standards of business principles or conduct must emphasise the need for cultural balance and flexibility in adapting to cultural change. The process is indeed a gradual one.

  Joe Lock, USA

Not Walk the Talk

Those are clever ways to manipulate employees. However, the employees figure it out and resent it. They see that most ...

  Kerry Oldfield, Australia

Opennes, Honesty

Good point Joe Lock. Surely if we want to empower people we have to deal with them openly. There will be some resistance...

  Philemon Maboe, South Africa

Organization Culture and Manipulation

Since we are from different backgrounds, top management need to manipulate all staff from lowest category to buy into th...

  Aden Ibrahim, Kenya

Convince Motives are Good

There are many reasons why people in organization always resist change. I feel it is up to the management to convince an...

  Ray Chatwin, UK

Need for Consultative Processes

I agree with Aden when he says that managers need to show that they have good motives. However, I think that people also...

  Everlyn Kemunto, Kenya

Middle Level Management

There can be resistance to change in several management levels. Often the middle level management resistance is overlook...

  Ibrahim Ado Saidu, Nigeria

Change Agents and Manipulation

I quite agree with your explanation on the subject. But, what attributes of the change agents must be applied to ensure ...

  Lt Col Prasad SN, India

Trust and Confidence in the Leader

Competence, innovativeness, strong personality, smartness and adaptability and all other leadership qualities will pale ...

  Nigel, UK

Manipulation = Change

ALL communication is manipulation. Yes I do mean ALL. Our only reason for communicating is CHANGE e.g. to change someone...

Business Consultant, Netherlands

Manipulating as Job

I want to be clear as possible about this: leadership is by definition a matter of manipulating others. An organization ...

  Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

Various Forms of Communication

@Nigel rightly points to role of manipulation in change management. The forms of communication which range from informat...

  Rebecca Roe
United States

Live or Die by the Change

@Jagdish - Arguing your point, debate and explanation are also forms of subtle manipulation in that you are trying to ge...

  Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

Manipulation Means Information Plus Force

Newton's first law states that an item will not change its state of motion unless force is applied. Similarly no change ...

  Fahrettin Otluoglu, CMC
Management Consultant, Turkey

Manipulation Means Information Plus Force

Manipulation for change is successful when it is for the good and welfare of the stakeholders of the organization, both ...


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