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Organization Cultures Have to Change
ernest agbenohevi, Consultant, Ghana, Member
Changing organizational cultures is indeed hard but there is no other way out as organizations exist to serve the interest of the society besides the mission of the respective organization.
Technological innovations are very important in getting things done efficiently and in a cost effective manner, but societal values and beliefs are also critical.
With knowledge increasing on a daily basis, people's lifestyles and values are changing and organizations will have to take that into consideration if they can survive in the environment within which they are located. Thus, organizational values cannot be divulged from societal values if such organizations can survive in their environments....Sign up

Organization Cultures Change with Environment
amani gera, Accountant, Egypt, Member
I think organization is part of the environment. If the environment changes, the organization culture will change too. The interaction with the...Sign up

Organization Cultures Change with Strategy
Azhar Kazmi, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
The linkage between strategy and culture is quite well established. So with a strategy, cultures need to change. Otherwise there is a possibili...Sign up

Organization Cultures Change with Technology
Ravi Dua, Business Consultant, India, Member
Organizations are people specific and technological advances are to support the structure. What is being happening lately is technology started to ...Sign up

Ensure Stability of Organizational Culture
Arunas Beksta, management consultant and trainer, Lithuania, Member
Hi, I would like to propose to think different. The major change in organizational culture which could provide your organisation the competitive ad...Sign up

Organization Cultures Have to Change
Azhar Kazmi, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
@Ravi Dua: I think of technology differently, technology shouldn't be interfering with the organization structure. Rather it should be one of t...Sign up

Why Organizational Culture May Never Change in Specific Non-profit Organization
Wanjiru Gichuhi, Kenya, Member
Experience has shown me that organizational culture can change successfully in organizations where the goals are output-oriented. The outputs a...Sign up

Changing Culture is Now Easier
Benbouazza, Morocco, Member
I think that nowadays the problem of changing organizational culture is not as fearful as it was during the decades. The whole world is changing in fr...Sign up

Organization Culture Should Change Only if Strategic
TAH A. James, Teacher, South Africa, Member
To continue to maintain and sustain their existence in a dynamic world/environment, organisational culture must change accordingly. Otherwise it can l...Sign up

Change Organization Culture with Broader Aim
Nishantha Dantanarayana, CEO, Sri Lanka, Member
In the past organization cultures were nurtured and developed with the sole aim of maximizing profits to the organization. If we are thinking of chang...Sign up

Organizational Culture
sherif ezzat, Manager, Saudi Arabia, Member
Culture is very powerful. One example is the culture change effort at British Airways, which transformed an unprofitable airline with a poor reputatio...Sign up

Culture Change is Needed
Rmadan Ben Essa, United Kingdom, Member
Culture of organisation have to change, because the world changes too, and the organisation is part of the world environment,...Sign up

First Convince the Managers
Monther, HR Consultant, Qatar, Member
We have to first convience the managers to change the culture to be complying with the external culture of the company....Sign up

Why Change the Culture
Hazel Tiffany
Very few organisations wake up one day and realise that they need to change their culture. What I think is happening in business and the public sector...Sign up

Improve Relationships
Claudio Reyes Villarroel, Student (University), Chile, Member
Something that is hardly ever discussed is that each branch or sector of any company is a team that must act with great synergy. This situation...Sign up

Getting to Change Highway
Fentress Truxon, Management Consultant, United States, Member
I read something a while back that struck a change note in my thinking as a diversity foot soldier and proven workplace diversity champion.
A ...Sign up

Everyone Can & Must Participate in the Change
David Miller, United States, Member
Companies need organization and processes to embrace every employee at every level.
First define "vision," where you want to go. Next is "...Sign up

Change is Inevitable
Rajesh Sharma, Professor, Nepal, Member
Change is certain like death. Therefore in order to survive organization culture should change, otherwise it will create red tapism....Sign up

Be Proactive, not reactive
B. Sulman, Manager, Netherlands, Member
It's advisable to be proactive in the changes of your company and not reactive......Sign up

Psychoanalytical Tool for the Enterprise
Guillermo Linares, Consultant, Mexico, Member
The perception of the situation is everything, if you can handle the way in wich they sense the situation, and put it in a comprehensive way, t...Sign up

Global Culture
Carlos Jimenez, Manager, Mexico, Member
Change is positive, change without action does not make sense. Mindset-action is a key for global culture....Sign up

Organisational Culture Need to Change
Rudolph L. Boy
Companies of today face tough times to capture markets for their products because of cultural change deficiency. Consumers are fast changing their con...Sign up

The Reality of Organizational Culture Change
Asrat Dereb, Teacher, Ethiopia, Member
Is it really possible to change organizational culture within a short period of time? If yes please tell me some of the mechanisms which will be impor...Sign up

Quick Culture Change is Possible
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
Yes, cultural change can occur in a relatively short period of time, if it is reinforced and maintained. You need a clear vision, guiding coalition, g...Sign up

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