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Cultivating Transformational Leaders
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
We are constantly talking about the need for leaders as well as for "Leadership" responsibility for influencing a positive change process through out our various organizations, institutions, and society a a whole.
Many articles were written that say "If ever there was time where leaders are needed, not in just a few places, but all over and through our floundering eroding dysfunctional society a whole, that time is now".

The point that I want to make here is that we have them; they exist at all levels of our business world, our academia communities, and our societies a a whole. They are called: "Followers."
Leaders in reality are followers, and followers in reality lead, and both of these groups do it through their ability to influence, to persuade, to respect differences and see the value of diversity.

The problem we have is, how does that old saying go, "we can't see the forest for the trees."
The few real leaders we do have, were also followers and still follow to some degree as we speak, it's called the "Ability to Listen".
If we are able to accept this above premise of "Leadership/Followership" then there needs to be a way where we can cultivate this resource that is all around us, that we mingle and associate with every day, we just don't know who they are, and where they live, but trust me they are there.

Followers do step up from time to time, that's where we got what we got, (smile) but unfortunately not all of them got the message that they are supposed to be "Responsible Leaders". That they are supposed to bring us together toward a "Vision," a vision of a society that aligns itself around personal character and integrity, where "NO" anything we can get away with, is NOT acceptable, because we are responsible for our actions and their effects on others.
Well the obvious question now is, OK, can we agree on the above premise, and if so what do we do about it and where do we go from here?
To make a very long story short, I am suggesting that we put a "Story" together on this whole subject, idea, whatever want to call it, and take it out on a "Show & Tell" format, and see how much interest we could conjure up, so we can see where we might go from there.
Hey, any thoughts and idea's as to the validity for what is stated as well as proposed, is very easy let us know.
Sure does make for perfect challenge doesn't it?

Onaje Muid, Director, United States, Member
This conversation in taking place in a system of rewards that top dog gets top dollar. The incentive for contribution from so called followers is limited because they want one thing, your job. Until we create another system of compensation we will never truly reach the goal that this conversation is proposing. It must start with a realignment of values, organizational culture and compensation.

The Key is in the WHY one Leads
Yomi Odukoya, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
The key to cultivating transformational leaders is this. Over and above WHAT leaders and followers do, or HOW they do what they do, is: WHY they do it. Why do leaders lead? Why do followers follow?
As long as there are reasons or driving forces aimed at personal gratification or promotion, there will be little transformation of note.
There is a selflessness required in the transformational leader that is not the greatest attribute of many "leaders" today...

Transformational Leadership and Following -- WHY?
Pia Ault, Business Consultant, United Arab Emirates, Member
Today's leaders could learn from herds of horses. A horse or a herd, only follow their leader (stallion) if it makes sense; if he provides what they need: safety, security, food, social interaction etc. As @Yomi Odukoya mentioned above, without gratification or a purpose, why follow? Without a purpose - or a vision, why lead?
To have the privilege to be chosen as a leader, one must first exhibit qualities that make it desirable for the followers to follow - confidence, consistency, dependability, leading by example...
And as Bill stated, the ability to listen. I challenge everyone to study herd behavior - we can learn a tremendous amount of our true self that can be translated into human action.

Inspiration and Transformational Leadership in Business and Family
Salvador Vazquez Amaya, Management Consultant, Mexico, Member
Much has been written about leadership in companies but it is not enough to visualize the scope that the inspiration of both the leader and the followers can have for the transformation that one can achieve in the company and in the family, as a complement to the model of Transformational leadership mentioned by Bass and Avolio. The leader should inspire his followers and they in turn should be inspired.
Original in Spanish: La Inspiración y el Liderazgo Transformacional en la Empresa y en la Familia
Mucho se ha escrito sobre liderazgo en las empresas pero no se alcanza a visualizar sobre los alcances que puede tener la inspiración tanto del lider como de los seguidores para la transformación que uno puede lograr en la empresa y en la familia, como complemento al modelo del liderazgo transfomacional mencionado por Bass y Avolio. Es decir el lider debe inspirar a sus seguidores y este a su vez debe estar inspirado.

Cultivating Transformational Leaders
Brian Nehe, Director, United States, SIG Leader
We can all probably agree that leadership is not a title.
Leadership, stated simply, is the act of influencing others. Informal and emerging leaders can be quite influential.
Formal leaders should cultivate informal and emerging leaders to tap into their power of influence and transformation of the team.
True leaders create leaders, not followers.

Special Interest Group Leader
Brian Nehe

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