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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Countering a Busyness Culture

Busy, busy, busy… Professor Waytz of Kellogg School of Management rightly argues that in the current business world almost everyone feels busy and busyness has become a status symbol. He says a culture of busyness exists, in which we consider hard-working people to be "morally admirable" (regardless of their meaningful output). The effects are well known and disastrous - both for employees and for the productivity of the organization.

Most interestingly, in HBR Mar-Apr 2023, Waytz recommends 5 approaches as "antidotes" for companies who want to do something about it, we might call it "organizational time management":
1. Reward output, not just activity.
2. Assess whether your organization is generating deep work and eliminating low-value work.
3. Force people off the clock.
4. Model the right behavior.
5. Build slack into the system (avoid overly strict constraints on time, resources, budget).
⇨I am looking forward to your thoughts and experiences. Please focus in this thread on the organizational, culture level, not what individuals can do themselves.


Judith Santizo
Consultant, Guatemala

Busy Conjuncture

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Norman Dragt

There is More to Busyness Culture

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Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Be Systematic in Beating Busyness

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Ebrahim Vahedi
Director, Iran

Change Busy, Busy, Busy Culture

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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Work-Life and Time Management Workshops

Thanks for your interesting responses so far. Indeed, doing nothing against such culture of busyness... Sign up

Oyewole Ola
Coach, Nigeria

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Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

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Judith Santizo
Consultant, Guatemala

Time Management Workshops (Jaap de Jonge)

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