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Elizabeth Korasare
CEO, Ghana

Time Management Styles

Time management styles abound. Many people have a mixture of them depending on their situation, their background and their personalities. In some cases, one particular style is dominant. Adopting one style can cause difficulties when taken to extremes. It is important to be flexible in the usage of our time management styles.
Below I present to you 4 styles. Read and admit which style you are more inclined to… Again: there could be more than one. Your awareness of the style you are inclined to is an excellent first step to improve yourself!
  1. The OPPORTUNIST - The opportunist is one who loves to be flexible when it comes to time. The opportunist loves being creative and inventive, hates paperwork and routines. The opportunist has a butterfly mind. He is unsystematic, often disorganized and loathes constraints, rules and regulations.<
  2. The PLANNER - The planner spends a lot of time organizing, planning for the future, considering every detail and contingency. Always well prepared for every activity, more inclined to perfection, rarely does anything unpremeditated. The planner loves details and accuracies and therefore spends time setting out a good plan for great outcomes.
  3. The FIREFIGHTER - The fire-fighter as the name implies, is always ready to take action without a thought. He hates planning and cannot wait to get 'hands-on'. He is very decisive, and takes pride in swift reaction to change situations. The firefighter is always on the go and will not pause to ask questions. Intuitive rather than deductive.
  4. The ADMINISTRATOR - The administrator adores systems of all sorts and tries to get everything to conform to one. The administrator is very orthodox, enjoys system overhaul and replace them with new and more efficient ones. He dislikes surprises and normally not deviates from the norm nor conducts experiments.


Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands


There are still more styles. One important and recommended time management style for managers is no ... Sign up

td babu
Lecturer, India

Management Styles

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John Henry
Project Manager, United States

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Matthias Bittrich
Business Consultant, Germany

Time Management Should be Called Self-management

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Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Style Strengths versus Weaknesses

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Mrs. Sayran Ghafuri
Coach, Iraq

Reply to 'Time Management Should be Called Self-management' (Matthias Bittrich)

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Dave Davis

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