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Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

I Prefer Work Management: Managing to Work in the Available Time

I would suggest that there is no such thing as "Time Management".
What there is, is the managing of the work to be done in the time available, i.e., "Work Management".
So it is not so much that a person has time management traits as work management traits.
For example, procrastination may have an effect on time utilisation, but it has a work-orientated cause. Weaknesses in planning and organising work from the workload are causes of the 'not enough time' effect.

Time is there, invariable; what is variable is how we work in relation to it. To do this requires:
  • Confirm the time available (out of the 365 days per year remove the weekends, statutory and personal holidays, known events for home and leisure activities, training time). What remains is work time. Divide this up into working periods per day.
  • Establish precisely, measurably and realistically what has to be achieved in your role.
  • Separate this up into tasks and activities and schedule them into your work-day periods against known deadlines (there is a wide variety of techniques and tools to assist this). Set this on the basis of other work place requirements and in so far as is possible, your biorhythm pattern.
  • Enhance your personal working effectiveness by improving your managerial (self-working) skills through the use of effective reading, writing, planning and organising, problem solving and decision-making with related analytical and creative thinking etc. The use of such tools and processes can improve peoples' learning and working skills; in some cases to 40%, 90% and over 100%. Combining these skills with diaries and planners time scheduling can make major increases in working smarter and more effectively. This is particularly true when the approach is applied on a team rather than an individual basis.


Consultant, India

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Georges Van Cauwenbergh
Business Consultant, Ireland

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Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

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Georges Van Cauwenbergh
Business Consultant, Ireland

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Muhammad Moeen
HR Consultant, Pakistan

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Dargo D
Strategy Consultant, United States

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Eric Kazembe
Entrepreneur, Malawi

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Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

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Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

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Time Management
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