Can Scientific Management Be (Best) Practised in Developed Countries?

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Can Scientific Management Be (Best) Practised in Developed Countries?
Tonny Marley Francis, Member
Do you think the Scientific Management system can really be applied in a developing country like South Sudan?
If yes, how long will it take for people to get used to the system?

Scientific Management and Developing Nations
Joseph Mohammed, Member
It can work, but the minds / methodologies of management have to change to be geared with it. Working in the public sector in Trinidad and Tobago, I can say that most management is still in the times of "we are the boss" mode. I have heard managers utter rubbish like "if you don't like me, leave the job. There is always someone waiting to take your place."
This seems to be a morganist principle. For Taylorism to work that attitude has to change. This paradigm shift cannot happen overnight. It has to come from academia down. Sadly even academia have the same attitude. My MSc. is public sector management. I had a lecturer in policy who's attitude to notes and slides was I created it, I won't share it. You could watch it, but not copy it. This also illustrates the need to foster a culture of sharing and innovation in the public sector before scientific principles could be used. We all know of instances where persons do not share institutional knowledge, much less for tacit knowledge.

CaN one Apply Scientific Management in Developed Nations?
olivia fagan, Member
Can it be applied? Possibly.
However, managers may not have the resources to train and teach workers unless the firm is already successful, as this comes at a cost to firms. In developing countries the firms may not be making enough profit to allow this to happen.
Managers would also need to be sufficiently educated to successfully analyse the work processes and find ways to make them more efficient.
In South Sudan, the adult literacy rate stands at a mere 27 per cent, and 70 per cent of children aged 617 years have never set foot in a classroom, making it hard to imagine that innovative management will be in all firms across the country. Some also argue that Scientific Management stifles initiative which may be needed in developing countries to help firms expand and develop in order to catch up with more developed countries, making it not the best choice of system for developing countries.



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