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Relevance of Taylor's Scientific Management Today?
How relevant are Taylorism and the scientific management approach in today's business world?

Relevance for Today
iryna pahur, Manager, Denmark, Member
Look for McDonalds and Siemens, advertizing companies.

Learning by Doing
keesin, Professor, Thailand, Member
Taylorism still works for the SME's in their developing stage. Scientific management for poor and new born organizations.

Scientific Management Contribution and Limitations
Amankwa Prince, Student (University), Ghana, Member
+ Contribution to efficient production methods,
+ Leading to a major global increase of standard of living.
Limitations are:
- Taylorism can easily be abused to exploit human beings.
- Conflicts with labour unions
- Mechanistic. Treating people as machines.

light, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
I believe the answer is in Fayol's Four Steps (see in the summary)... At least that what I got from my own research...

Measurement is Essential for Control
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Taylor was a very practical person. His emphasis on measurement rather than just experience is still valid and applicable in all fields.
There can be no control without measurement. The way to control is where it got misused but control per se is not a bad word.

Time Studies in Scientific Management
Kwok, Student (Other), Hong Kong, Member
I recall that Taylor used time studies for the first time (a time study is an intense and continuous observation of a task, using a timekeeping device to record the time taken to accomplish a task. Taylor used time studies to break down each job into component parts, timing each part and rearranging the parts into the most efficient method of working).
In today's business, managers still try to limit the time and record the details when performing a task or process in order to increase productivity.
Also, one of the principles is to develop an incentive system to workers who perform above the acceptable level. For example bonus systems for insurance agents and property agents are based on this principle.

Relevance of Scientific Management Today
Jonathan Dodoo, Student (Other), Member
Taylor view is still relevant in the 21st century where and when people occupy a position just by the qualification rather than their output for the organization.
It reminds of the importance of true measurement of the performance of each employee.

Taylorism in a Automated World
blake, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
Taylorism might not have much use in a flat management highly educated workplace, but in a automated future perhaps it does? Where does this leave the union? - UP the Robots perhaps will be a new calling for the left?

Taylorism in Today’s Business World
MUGURA WELLINGTON, Accountant, Zimbabwe, Member
I think Taylorism is limited in its application in today’s business world to manufacturing industries; you will find less applications in the service industry. However the work study and the incentive principles are still applicable in today's business world.

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