Leadership Continuum or Management Continuum?

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Leadership Continuum or Management Continuum?
Gary D Messner, Member
The Leadership Continuum Model shows management styles from "autocratic" to "full control". Most managers do not make good leaders and vise versa. A leader is a visionary, one who can motivate employees to work toward the common goal. A leader sets the tone for vision and mission statements, earns respect from subordinates, great speaking skills.
Managers are focused of departmental functions entailing procedures, processes, and highly detail-oriented aspects of daily function.

Managers or Leaders?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
Thanks Gary. Note that the world 'leader' can have different meanings for different people in different cultures in different times in different circumstances.
Tannebaum and Schmidt clearly used it as approximate synonym for 'manager', not in a visionary-high level way.

Leadership or Management
Greg Johnson, Member
I agree with Gary 100%. I am currently writing an ebook on executive leadership that fully supports the notion that authentic leadership is both very different from management and must have the skill of "vision".
People portending to be a leader by following someone else that they are impressed with are no more than followers. A person without vision is without a destination and all roads will get him there.
The world needs visionary leaders and there are no varying definitions here. Authentic leaders live through vision and are able to create presence of their vision, not necessarily limited to their physical presence.

Charismatic Leadership
Michael Ogunfowora, Member
@Greg Johnson: a leader should be charismatic having great IQ (intelligent quotient), CQ (change quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and SQ (social quotient). Charismatic leadership is about developing an aura of charisma by maintaining an optimistic view; using passion as a catalyst for generating enthusiasm and communicating with the whole body not just with words.
A leader draws others in by creating a bond that aspires others to follow, he taps into their emotions to bring out the potential in their followers.

Charismatic Leadership
Greg Johnson, Member
Charisma does not make one a leader. We have a plethora of people in leadership positions today due to their cute charisma but couldn't spell "Leadership" if you handed it to them on a piece of paper. Leadership is NOT about looks or appearance. Substance, intelligence, human appreciation and much more exceed the charisma side of the coin.
So, please devalue the need for "Charisma" based on the journey of "Q's" (IQ, CQ, EQ & SQ. One of the challenges we face today and into the future is the new leaderships reliance on the learned leadership information that is available to all of us. While it's great to know how to research and reference all of the research in the world but if one does not know how to think and make the myriad of information work to obtain results and to have the impact that one seeks, what's the point. What is the point if one can not apply their learning. This is my fear for our future - few original thinkers. Only looking good as important or even a priority.


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