Hiring for Potential Easier Said then Done

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Hiring for Potential Easier Said then Done
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
A term recently getting more attention is 'Hiring for Potential' (HFP).
You can understand HFP as the talent management and recruiting philosophy in which it's not enough for applicants, key employees, managers and leaders to have the right knowledge, experience and skills needed at this moment and in the current settings, but in which also their potential is assessed to learn new things as and when they will become necessary.
In other words, it's a form of hiring not only or primarily based on what an applicant has done, or his/her mastery of certain skills or bodies of knowledge, but rather on the individual’s raw talents and abilities.

In current VUCA environments (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous circumstances) this way of talent spotting and selection is obviously getting renewed and more intense attention.... Register

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David Vroon, Member
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Briolett, Member
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Dr. Alan Williams, Member
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Tran le Phuong, Member
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