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SWOT Analysis or SWOCC Analysis?
Dil Prasad Shrestha, PhD, Management Consultant, Nepal, Member
I think SWOT Analysis does not always help analyze the organization. For example, the letter 'T" which stands for 'Threat' is not applicable to social/service organizations. Because social organizations do not necessarily deal with threats, rather they face several 'challenges' and 'constraints'.
So, we can see many professionals use SWOCC Analysis, which stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Constraints and/or Challenges instead of SWOT Analysis.

Vincent Miholic, Manager, United States, Member
Yes! Also, within institutions where compliance to policies and procedures is legally intractable, culturally embedded, or that are systematically resistant to change (ex. unions, governmental entities), I agree, "Constraints" is a much more useful tact.
The word "Threats" almost always tends toward submission, or insurmountable and artificial responses, and processes improvement falls under "Challenges".
In all sectors, too, the word "Weaknesses," tends toward revealing truths told in safe alcoves, where management isn't listening (the irony is SWOTS, etc., wouldn't be needed if staff thought management actually did listen or input was frequently sought and valued).
So additionally, if "Weaknesses" were changed to "Talk," we have a better acronym, "STOCC," i.e., taking stock.

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