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SWOT Analysis
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Uses of SWOT analysis
Debbie Rosaforte
A SWOT analysis is frequently used in an early stage of strategic or marketing planning for decision-making, problem solving, and as a tool to increase the awareness of certain people about the situation the firm is in. But you can also use SWOT as a personal career planning tool to assess and reflect upon your own personal Strenghts, Weakenesses, Opportunites and Threats. Likewise, within the personnel department we can use SWOT to assess candidates for a function. You can even perform a SWOT on your football or hockey team...

More SWOT applications
Joan Russ
Other SWOT application areas include assessing potential: - Product Development options, - R&D efforts, - Brand Management options, - Supplier Management options, Outsourcing options, - Acquisition options, - Partnership options.

SWOT analysis
Catherine Abou-Zaid
Thank you Debbie I was just sitting writing an appraisal and saw your comment very informative and I will do a swot analysis on this persons strengths and weaknesses. Thanks

Applying a SWOT for change
Nice applications of SWOT Debbie, Joan and Catherine. One key element of SWOT, touched on by Rodger, is it's subjectivity/time-sensitivity to the person COMPILING the diagram. Using it broadly in staff/management perception analysis(either collectively at workshops, or individually through self-completion or qualitative interviews), for perspectives around in the company. Then"Objectize"(my word) the final company SWOT to make overall analysis meaningful and accessible to all stakeholders. Do"hierarchy/strata/level", "Team" or even "Departmental" opinion, SWOTs, with the same purpose.Assess the fit between the perception of vertical or horizontal strategies. Understanding and committing to a company change or policy is vital to making that change effectively . Apply a GAP approach,looking to envision what the company would like the SWOT to say at some time in the future, to provide a powerful and attractive strategic picture to work towards.

Green, friendly, sustainable use?
Jim McC
Can SWOT be an effective tool for use in developing a green\-friendly, sustainable business model?

SWOT usage
Jim W
A SWOT analysis can be used to effectively evaluate and refine a green-friendly model, but it will be of limited use in developing one. A SWOT analysis of a related business may reveal opportunities for pursuing a green-friendly model.

Identifying Opportunities
Professor Bill
The SWOT process finds its roots in the strategic planning process. The value of using this tool is to assist in identifying opportunities, that if developed and employed, would result in some contribution to an organization's competitive advantage. Over time the SWOT process has been used as a tool to identify opportunities that range from strategic planning to enhancing teaming behaviors to intrapersonal goal development. It is in fact, just a tool. It is used to "suggest" direction. There are more appropriate approaches/templates that will facilitate a much more effective business plan that the SWOT process. A good business model template will demand detailed evaluation of the managerial, marketing and financial dimesions of the planned enterprise and lead you (and your investors) to a "go" or "no go" decision.

SWOT to open up minds
Vivek Joshi
I have foud the SWOT to be very useful in opening up the minds of managers, particularly in small firms driven by promoters. The systematic analysis actually demonstrates to them that there are various aspects within and outside their firms which they have never studied systematically. This opening up of minds leads to willingness to progress further in Strategy Formulation. In many such cases, the first analysis is best done qualitatively.

Usage of SWOT
Emilie Young
The SWOT Analysis is an immensely useful tool which can be applied in any area or discipline - from marketing to management to your personal life. Organizations must use it to assess itself and its environment in order to gain competitive advantage and increase productivity and profitability.

Special Interest Group Leader
Chander Shenoy
Business Consultant

SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis
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