Sustaining your Competitive Advantage Means Ongoing Change

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John Henry, Project Manager, United States
🔥NEW Maintaining or sustaining your competitive advantage actually means making ongoing conscious agile decisions and direction changes in response to changes in reality, in the environment (including competitors). So sustaining, is actually an ACTIVE change matrix. Your business strategy must be agile enough to recognize changes in user expectations, user experience, competitors offerings, and other environmental changes(availability, fulfillment time, price, etc). So sustaining is not passive, it's not something you can achieve and then forget about it, sustaining is active maintenance of your strategy in response to the changing realities. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  John Henry, Project Manager, United States

Project Management for Competitive Advantage? Who Ever Heard of That?

Project management is a tool used to successfully implement a change, achieve a goal, within a given time frame, budgetary guidelines, and quality of outcome... How does that not spark some competitive advantage discussions?

Agile, is a proven decision making process. In itself made up of Lean principles like voice of the customer (~user experience), current state of the operations (ways of working), root cause analysis and troubleshooting, Lean process improvement, involving baselining, bottleneck identification, improvement initiatives involving the environment, the processes, and the personnel involved. Training is always a key component of any lean process.

How does this not speak to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage. What is your definition of competitive advantage, for sake of argument here let's say it is identifying your product or service being sold, identifying your competitors offerings that are in the same space as your product or service, and providing your offering in a way that it is more attractive than the other guy's... Simple enough, right?

To do that, you need to know costs to produce or provide, costs to market, costs to sell, quality of the service or product, availability of the product or service, and effectiveness of the advertising and delivery of the product or service... If you can provide a better, faster, less expensive, more effective product or service, and you can everyone how they can gain from using yours not the other guys, then you are in the sweet spot.

So how do you make the decisions, the changes, the improvements, to have a competitive advantage... Agility, efficiency, process/ product improvement, cost reduction? It depends on you and your team. Both Can You make the Differences needed, and Will you? And finally how will you identify, track, and authenticate that your differences matter? Agile.

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Sustainable Competitive Advantage
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