Sun Tzu - The Art of War is much More than a Guide to Military Conflict

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Sun Tzu - The Art of War is much More than a Guide to Military Conflict
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States

Totally agree the Art of War is much more than a guide to military conflict. In fact, one of the most remarkable quotes from the book is:

Those skilled in war subdue the enemy's army without fighting. Their aim must be to take all under heaven intact through strategic superiority.
Sun Tzu realized that if you fought too many battles you would lose - even the greater generals such as Hannibal and Napoleon finally lost.
So in business the message is the same: you must develop a strategy that allows you to conquer the marketplace instead of trying to win it through a "price war", because like any other war it has severe consequences and many casualties, even for the winner.

You Must Develop a Strategy that Allows you to Conquer the Marketplace
smith, UK
That is a very clear and remarkable statement. If we are all grovelling in a price way, we devalue the products, and seem to be so wrapped up in doing so, that we lose sight of why we are really in business.

Focus on Yourself
Chris, Netherlands
I reckon, companies should focus on their own business and strategy, rather than trying to outsmart others.
Basing your own strategy on the assumption that your competitor might decide to go to market A or produce product X, is not the best way to outsmart him. Do not 'attack your enemy' head to head, but strike where he isn't prepared.

Strategy Needs to Be About Customers!
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States
Peter Drucker said that the purpose of business is finding a need and fulfilling it. This means our strategy must focus on the needs of customers. We need to determine how we can create innovative, unique solutions for our customers by making an intelligent combination. By providing a unique solution you are the only one doing it and therefore you have no competition.
Of course you need to examine your own company to determine what solutions it can provide. Then find clients who need the solutions you can provide. If you aren't providing the best solution then your competition will get the job or you will be forced to sell your serves so cheap it will not be beneficial.


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