New Introduction Video of 12manage

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New Introduction Video of 12manage
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
Hi, we just released a brand new introduction video clip of 12manage...

The video briefly explains:
Click to see the demo video...- How 12manage can help you learn and advance your management career quickly.
- How you can find the management method you need in 3 ways.
- What are the main sections and pages of 12manage.

Hope you all like it...
PS: You can tell your friends about 12manage by using 'Bookmark & Share' at at the right!...Sign up

Great Initiative, Consider also Storytelling
Pushyamitra, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Really a great initiative taken at the right time. I feel you can also include digital storytelling on 12m...Sign up

Introduction Video Clip Good, More Promotion is Needed
Jorge Rodriguez Fonseca
I think it is clear and shows how we can start to use 12manage. It was a good idea to make it.
You should promote 12manage more......Sign up

This Step is User Friendly Initiative
QUINTUS DIAS, Sri Lanka, Member is known as the executive's fast track. You have now increased the user's efficiency by introducing this video clip.
Now it i...Sign up

New Introduction Video 12manage...
DR.VIVEK DIWADKAR., Business Consultant, India, Member
We are very grateful for the entire 12manage team to take us all at higher plane of understanding, wherein our new professional friends and subordinat...Sign up

Video is Useful for New and Existing Members
Julius Nyangaga, Consultant, Kenya, Member
Very helpful. I have been a member for the last 3 to 4 years but this video has given me an insightful orientation to 12manage that has been very usef...Sign up

Useful to Repeat
Ramesh Kumar Bhattarai, Manager, Nepal, Member
Nice, it is useful, I like it, such type of video should be shown / watched from time to time.
I am a new member of 12manage, and I thank the 12...Sign up

Helps to Quickly Understand the Site
Romana Aftab, Student (MBA), India, Member
It is a very useful video. It provided an insight of 12manage. I m a new member of 12manage, so it really helped me to understand the site....Sign up

12manage Introductory Video
Ramon M. Martinez, Accountant, Philippines, Member
Thanks Jaap, its an idea whose time has come and now a reality. Great! I appreciate it very much. No sweat, one will be able learn s/he wants about Sign up

12manage Introduction Video Clip
Clever Chihava, Zimbabwe, Member
A definitely good and beneficiary step in the right direction of continuous improvement! Keep up the good work....Sign up

Thanks to Members Who Help Us
fakir, Accountant, Algeria, Member
I thank all members who give information or ideas or any useful thing that make our head think and develop ourselves and build up our personality so w...Sign up

12manage Introductory Video
PANKAJ MISHRA, Manager, India, Member
The new 12manage introductory video is an excellent way of defining & describing things on a ground reality.
Shown a tremendous effort to improve...Sign up

Introduction Video of 12manage helps to Navigate this Great Site
Ranjan V. Gaur, Manager, India, Member
A great way to show the navigation within the superb site! Thank you Mr. de Jonge! The personal touch for the subject and site is very helpful....Sign up

Useful Initiative Introductory Video
salem ahmed, Manager, Yemen, Member
I appreciate it greatly, introductory video is very helpful, really I got new information that what I am looking for. It 'll help me to keep in touch ...Sign up

Useful Introductory Video
JC de Jong, Director, Netherlands, Premium Member
Most helpful video. I really appreciate the effort and the energy put into making this video! It enhances the usefulness of 12manage....Sign up

New video helps me find my way on 12manage
Guillermo Gutierrez, Consultant, Mexico, Member
Thanks for this video it is very helpful, I can find and use your interesting pages better.
The video helped me to understand the basics and find...Sign up

New Introduction Video of 12manage
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India, Member
It has come at the most opportune time. Will help a very large number of people, both managers and others.
Someway has to be found out to popular...Sign up

12manage Introduction Really Important and Useful
arturo, Student (University), Mexico, Member
The video clip is really useful and well done. This way the community will get much information. Thank you....Sign up

Introductory Video of the Forum is Wonderful
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
Wonderful. It would have been even better if the narrator was visible now and then. I have shared this video with some prospects and hope they will jo...Sign up

Video: Brilliant Idea
Moses Mutethia Muriungi, Strategy Consultant, Kenya, Member
Sir Jaap, I salute you for the endeavour, the video will help demystify some aspects better and will offer a platform for more sharing and interaction...Sign up

Introductory Video is Great
Christopher St. Cyr, Analyst, United States, Member
I have been a member of 12manage for sometime and have only periodically visited when an email about a reaction caught my attention.
I did not r...Sign up

Excelente Propuesta Estaremos Impacientes
alexis cuellar, Strategy Consultant, Guatemala, Member
De igual forma tener presentaciones en prezi o powerpoint, los vídeo genial muchas felicitaciones. El impacto sera muy positivo....Sign up

New Introduction Video of 12manage
I appreciate and bless the jump forward. I consider this step as an excellent move. In the meantime I use more and more of 12manage for so many areas ...Sign up


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