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Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Rating Contributions. Voting Posts

One thing that might change in my opinion is the "rating number". I want to know how many people 'upvoted' a contribution & how many people 'downvoted' it. A single number between a + and a - icon is less valuable to me.


Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Rating Topics at 12manage. Voting Posts

Thank you for your suggestion. Regarded the ratings ( + / - ) the main ideas behind them are:
  1. We wanted to make ratings ANONYMOUS, so the rater can feel free to up- or downvote a contribution by someone else. On some social platforms you can see who voted for and against your contribution. They even send alerts for that. We don't like that for privacy reasons and we don't want to bother you with that. Most importantly, it also makes people vote differently from what they really think. This is not what we want (we aim for quality and reliability).
  2. We chose for a COMBINED number mainly for 2 reasons:
    1. SORTING BY QUALITY: We use the rating to sort the contributions by quality. This does require a combined number.
    2. SIMPLICITY. Having 2 numbers would be more complex and in our opinion in most cases will not provide much additional information.

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Rating Posts on 12manage

@Jaap de Jonge: Re point 1. I agree totally. I am not suggesting such changes. Consider: A single number only indicating "Rating", might discourage some people to votedue to worrying that they are a lone voice and not wanting to trigger acrimony or dissent.
Re point 2a. Again, understood and agreed with.
Re point 2b. Agreed the programming would be more complex. Consider: A single rating number (of e.g. "10") is ambiguous. Does it mean that only ten people have voted? Or have 20 people voted; 10 liking and 10 disliking; or have 15 voted with 5 dislikes, or 25 voted with 15 dislikes? I would find this informative.
Options, show:
1 The 'likes' & 'dislikes' numbers.
2 The current display + total number voted; so readers can do a calculation if they want to.

William E. Linzey
Business Consultant, United States

Likes + Dislikes Ratings per Posting

@Jaap de Jonge: Would you consider using a dialogue approach versus a voting system or use a method to encourage dialogue between commentary? The topics and comments discussed on 12manage are all positive in my opinion due to the bevy of personal experiences and knowledge and most importantly perspectives.
I find it useful if someone has a different perspective to share that perspective as it is always great for the community to learn why and engage through a meeting of the minds versus a + or - vote. Such sharing of opinions, as they vary from experiences and geography, only strengthens the knowledge base of all participants. An upvote or downvote seems to move away from the concept of discussion on a platform intended to promote discussion.

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

How to Rate Contributions | Using the Rating Buttons

@William E. Linzey: Thank you for your reaction. You hit the nail on the head in how you describe some of the ideas behind 12manage.
But there seems to be a misunderstanding around our rating mechanism (represented by + and - icons). Let me try to explain.

The rating buttons should be used if you find a contribution particularly interesting, or useless. If you hover your mouse over a rating icon you'll see a pop-up saying that the rating is meant to vote: "Interesting. Increase rating", or in the case of the minus: "Decrease rating". Please note that it does NOT say: Like or Dislike. There's a difference!

By using "interesting" as criterion, the voter is reminded that 12manage's primary aim is to be a knowledge platform and professional networking is taking second place. At 12manage we share information and discuss know-how, skills and perspectives about management and network with other members.
So, whether you actually like certain people or sympathize with their contributions is not what we are looking for. Instead we try to find out what you regard as the most interesting contributions from a learning / knowledge sharing perspective.

Here are 3 examples to make the above more clear and concrete:
  1. You read a topic with 2 reactions: A and B. They both represent a totally different view on the issue (as is so often the case in management). Both A and B are well motivated with arguments, background information, examples or sources.
    How should you rate / vote? +1 for A and also +1 for B.
  2. You read a topic with 2 reactions: C and D. C is supported by arguments, background information, examples or sources. D is not. But you personally agree with D.
    How should you rate? +1 for C.
  3. You read a topic with a reaction E which (in your opinion) is nonsense or off-topic.
    How should you rate? -1 for E.
At 12manage, rating is all about the informational / learning value of the posting. Other members can use your ratings to quickly:
  • Find the most interesting topics in a knowledge center (forum).
  • Within a forum, find the most interesting reactions to a topic.
I apologize for the length of my response, but hope it clarifies the ideas behind our rating function and how you should vote to help others.

William E. Linzey
Business Consultant, United States

Contribution Rating Explanation

@Jaap de Jonge: Appreciate the explanation, it is much clearer to me how the ratings are utilized within the context of the forum. Fact-based comments with information backed up with references from literature combined with experience and specific examples to arrive at a conclusion. Again, thank you!

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Interesting Forum Ratings

@Jaap de Jonge: Thank you Jaap, interesting and helpful.
I consider all the contributions to be interesting and on this basis would want to tick all of them. ' Rate up' those that are particularly so and particularly if perceiving the topic from an 'off-beat' point of view. 'Rate down' to those that exhibit prejudice or bias towards 'old-style (command & control) management; but which are still interesting because of this.


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