NEW: Zoom in to Find a Management Approach

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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

NEW: Zoom in to Find a Management Approach

We just released a new powerful feature: Zoom.
Zoom allows you to quickly find management approaches for management problems you're facing, in case you don't know it's exact name.

How does it work?
From any page click Search. Then click the button: [ ZOOM ]. Then point your mouse on "Zoom - Start Here" and you're on your way!
Give it a try now and let us know what you think. Enjoy zooming...

Zoom is also available in the 12manage app on your phone/tablet/PC.


Mihail Sadeanu, PhD
Management Consultant, Romania

Zoom Facility for 12manage

I have tested the following path, over the specific pull-down menus:
Zoom - Start Here
Program and Project,
Program management,
MSP Method: Managing Successful Programmes.
I suggest to include a row under the site Main Menu, which might include the followed path steps with related hyperlinks, in order to remember the performed steps and to quickly come back to any of the former steps, I. E.:
Program & Project > Program Management > MSP Method: Managing Successful Programmes.
Otherwise, it seems to work well and I appreciate it.

Editor: Thanks for your suggestion. The idea is to quickly find your way to a key spot on 12manage, from where you can then explore further (forums, expert tips, powerpoint, videos, news, links, similar methods in the "Compare also"-section, the grey top menu with the discipline names). Many approaches do have many paths leading to them, so that's a complication for your request. We'll think about it anyway!

jalil marabi
Student (University)

ZOOM my Replay to your Email

Very Good
thank you
12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage 12manage.

Paul Steele
Consultant, Australia

Zoom Connector - and Drilling Down

I tested Zoom on Change Management and then across to Chaos Theory, certainly helped to filter out distractions and drill down to exactly what I was looking for - worked well for me,
Other options were immediately available but I was particularly looking for Chaos and happily it was right there to be viewed
Thank you.

Editor: Indeed this 'drilling down' is a key feature that we intended: in the beginning you may now even know a particular management approach, but by zooming in or drilling down as you call it you'll still find it.

grace love, Nigeria

My Reply to Zoom

Really good it helps to quickly locate a management strategy or model which is a key to strong, effective and efficient leadership within any organisation, firm, institution or company.
Editor: thanks, that's indeed what it's meant for.

Accountant, Canada


Thanks, it works really well. I look forward to using it. Regularly. It is straight-forward and easy to use.

Waliullah Farahany
Business Consultant, Iran

How I Take Advantage from 12 Management

First of all I must appreciate your great effort on management enhancement.
Second in Shia sect we have 12 spiritual leaders (Imams), and 12 makes a sense to me.
I use your articles in different areas of management studies. When I run into any problem I take a trip to your articles and easily solve my problem. It is a think tank and problem solving reference for me. My students are very happy receiving all information from 12manage.
Now all I can say, thank you for all you do to improve management worldwide. Regards.


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Suggestions for the look & feel, menus and navigation

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