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Please give your opinion on our new forum design...
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
Hi, we recently improved our management forums:
1. A new 'horizontal design' instead of columns. Looks better and improves the readability.
2. Small pictures of the authors are added so you can see who contributed that topic or reaction. It also rewards the authors for their contribution to our knowledge network...
3. When you click a forum topic, it opens in a new window (page) with a big font, showing all the reactions and the reaction box. Again: improving the readability.
4. All topics are now easier to find when you enter a search.
5. Comments and reactions can be sorted by rating. This will show the best ideas at the top.
- Do you like our new forum design? Please vote (green or red thumbs up/down).
- Do you have an improvement suggestion? Please add a reaction below...

New Forum Design
Timmy Baksh, Member
Looks good, I think the question is to the manager of the site... If this design is easier and more efficient to manage then I have no problems with the new layout.

New Layout
Gintaras, Member
Looks good! Great job!

More User Friendly
Srikumar Varma, Member
Looks as if this is going to be a lot more user friendly. Let's see how the others too react.

Allows Easy Reading
Andrew Julius Bende, Member
This looks good, I also agree that it makes reading and following the discussion easier.
Great job.

Example of Good Discussion
K T Hin, Member
Last week's reactions on emotional intelligence helps the readers to lead their people to success.

Use of Pagewidth
P.F. Brok, Member
Looks good. The 1 column does (on my screen) even allows more pagewidth. Would it be possible to make this ajustable?

Allows Dynamic Interaction
Jose Duran
It's just OK. As long as it allows us to interact in a dynamical method-way. Undoubtedly it will elicit much more reactions. Thanks.

Makes Learning More Enjoyable
edward sevume, Member
Readability improvements, followup on topics and adding pictures on contributing members makes 12manage more enjoyable. I give this a thumbs up and would like to see that when a member answers or contributes to a comment made before - the comment appears as a thread under the topic being discussed. 12manage is a dynamic place to be if one is interested in management issues. Many thanks for the work done to improve the site.

New Forums
Paul Letendre, Member
I like it.

More User Friendly
Barry Hill, Member
I find the new layout easier to read and more 'user friendly'.

Like New GUI
S.E. Querido, Member
Much more clear; like this new GUI. Thanks!

Makes it Easier to Discuss
isa Moh'd Khalifa, Member
To manage well, do thing easy and well, and I can see you that your new one is a better forword one.
Wish you all the best in your future aim.

User Friendly and Quick
Sibusiso Mhlongo, Member
More user-friendly and quick to follow.

Good Format
Jacob Andrews, Member
Change is always good.

Encouraging Forum Design
Phillip Nel, Member
Definitely a more encouraging, user friendly design.

Good Overview
Kamal Kalsi, Member
I like the new design. Gives a good overview. Congrats!

Easy Reading and Search
Mauro Mendoza, Member
It is a better as it allows easy reading and less complicated search. Congratulations. Mauro.

Better then before...
It is the better rather then before, thank you for admin.

Tauheed Ahmed Khan, Member
Design is pretty impressive, almost as impressive as the one that went before. But I say a change is just a change ~ for the better or worse time will decide.

Many Good Links
una healy, Member
Busy page - but lots of excellent links to follow.

Raul Costa, Member
Much better... Congratulation admin.

Missing Name and Country
Erdohegyi Gabor , Member
I loved the former version. That one, to me, seemed to be more informative. Here I miss the name and country of the authors of the comments. However, "horizontal design" is also OK with me.

Ed: Erdohegyi, thank you for your suggestion. This issue is now resolved by showing the name and author of comments as a pop-up text of the picture.

Easy to Read
Jorge Cornejo, Member
It looks great, it facilitates easy reading. Congratulations!

New Forum Design Looking Quite Good
RIBES Bernard, Member
I have been using this forum since recently, but this is looking quite good. Thanks.

Looking Nice and Easy to Use
Nice design; easy to use; congratulation.

Why Forum Redesign?
Cengiz Pak, Member
Why are you changing the design?

Ed: To make 12manage easier to use.

More Clear and Practical
Raul Francisco Vinas, Member
I find the new forums more clear and practical. I like it. Congratulations!

Enjoying New Forum Design
The change is just brilliant, we, I and my wife who is also a web follower are enjoying it...

World Wide Reach
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Member
Hi Jaap, the new forum design is excellent! What is even better is your world-wide reach, giving us participants a taste of global opinions on the various areas of management. Thanks for a great job.
Warmest regards,
(Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos).

Is Entering Title Needed?
Simon Raistrick, Member
Seems OK. I use forums a lot and have used better. When entering a post, the title seems superfluous.

Ed: Simon, thank you for your suggestion. We believe the title is not superfluous, because it can be used by the reader to summarize what someone is saying. This allows to judge quickly if you should read the rest of a reaction.

Format is Best When Least Cluttered
Dear Editor, I don't know how to design a web page, although it is on my to do list lol. You will have a challenge as you have more participants on your website. Using cloud computing - a virtual server perhaps may assist?
Keeping information presented in as simple and organized a format as possible is best. I don't see how you could do any better than you are...
If some suggestion comes to mind... Will let you know. Katie.

Ed: thanks Katie, indeed this is precisely what we are trying to do at 12manage: present the management concepts as simple and organized as possible to allow for quick learning.

Include the Date
Bob Mason, Member
Looks good. Could you also include the date for postings. I'd like to know how recent comments are.

Ed: not a bad suggestion at all, Bob. But we decided not to, because we believe the added complexity of showing this additional information is bigger than the benefit. Especially since most of our discussions are not time-sensitive at all. They have eternal value :-)

Time Saving
Ajay Devaraj, Member
Congratulations to the team that has re-designed the site!
I find it user-friendly, less cluttered and time saving.
Thanks and congratulations once again on a job well done.

Thumbs up for the New Forum Design
Arif ur Rehman, Member
Thumbs up! A great job!

Johnny Michael Tan, Member
Let me quote Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young...
- I can see clearly now! -

Participation Good. Improve Presentation
kruttika, Member
Change is the call of the day, the new look is indeed good and has brought interest in all as it shows participation of all interested in a nutshell.
A more classic and decorative presentation would be appreciateed :).

Looking Fresh
Steven Otto, Member
Very nice, keep up the good work with improvements to keep it looking fresh.

Easy. But Keep Improving
Taleb Ghanem, Member
It's so easy now... Keep up with these improvments.

12manage is Interesting
sara mohamadi, Member
12manage forums are interesting thanks admin.

Forum Improvement Suggestions
andrius.zilenas, Member
It's good to move forward, but seems you are trying to reinvent the wheel:
1. Lack of track tread
2. Why is the subject line empty when I'm in the thread? If it's so - it must be 'reply to reaction' to group answers
3. If I'm registered member - why do I have to enter 4 digits?.

New and Improved
Mohamad Nasir Mahmood, Member
Simply good!

Easier Reading and Searching
Joseph Hodgson, Member
Looks good. More readable and searchable.

Horizontal Design and Pictures of the Authors
guilargar, Member
Horizontal design and pictures of the authors are good.
I hope they will be successful and provide the basis for further improvements.

Integrality of Knowledge
Alonso Estrada, Member
If there are relationships between areas of knowledge, it's necessary to emphasize on that. Because that makes knowledge acquisition easier.

Good, but Could be more Functional
Gorbunov, Member
Design is good. I think, we can make it more functional. It is more outlook conception of the systematic.

All you Need
Dmitriy Sidorov Vladimirovich, Member
In my opinion, it is all you need and nothing more.

Need More Dynamics
saleh alhayashi, Member
Your forum is nice and need some dynamics.

Good Discussions
jamal, Member
This discussion is great as they always are.

Cross Linking is Important
D P Deshpande, Member
Looks better, the cross linking is the distinctively handy feature.

Better Looks, More Logical
Xuemin Chao, Member
Looks much better, logical and reasonable than previous one.

Reaction Alerts
Cengiz Pak, Member
I like that the system sends me a note when there is a reply to my comment... But sometimes I can't find the reply when it's removed...

Ed: Cengiz, thank you for your suggestion. 12manage forums are moderated. This means we're actively working each day to ensure the forums of 12manage remain clear and concise. That means we're deleting spam reactions as well as those that have no informational value for our members. Unfortunately this happens AFTER you have been notified that someone reacted to your comment. So if this happens, from now on you can be assured that the reaction was not valuable.

Fresh and Easy
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Member
A new look is always welcome especially when it is meant to break the monotony of viewing the same thing for a long time and at the same time providing ease in communicating information.

User Friendly Fonts and Titles
ahmad shabanifard, Member
It seems user friendly, larger fonts and the titles more available.

Better Looking and More Functional
Jesus Alvarez, Member
I think the design is improved a lot and the discussions are more functional too. Good work, thanks.

Content is Most Important!
Prof. Dr. Jekabs U. Leititis, Member
This design has a better readability, looks nicer.
But still - the content is most important!

Less = More
Mark Overdijk, Member
Readability has improved, only the font's a bit too big for my taste when opening a topic.
Design is clean and functional. An excellent less = more example.
It's certainly a step forward!

Ed: Mr. Overdijk, indeed the size of the font of the original comment was a bit too large, and we have now decreased it's size (from 14 to 12 pitch). Thanks for your help to make 12manage a better learning place!

Content and Quality Remained the Same
stokkink, Member
I am very happy. The content and quality are the same.

Good Looking Design
Marc Van de Velde, Premium Member
Looks good!

Helping Business Students
saichanduchepuru, Member
Keep on improving the management forums. It is a good idea to help the business students of all over the world.
Thank you for helping us in improving the management tools techniques which will make us effective and efficient in every aspect.

Clear Forum Layout
Yvette Elcock, Member
Very clear even with lots of entries.
Like the title being a different colour as this differentiates entries alongside the author photographs.
I'm new to this site so can't compare it to the old one, but I find this a very clear form of communication.

Help Discovering Management Tools
Fawzi Fatima, Member
HI its a good view thanks for helping us to more discover the management tools and techniques.

More Professional Looking
Edem, Member
Much easier on the eyes, more professional looking. Good job. Looking forward to the next improvement.

More Overview
Millecam, Member
I like the new lay out much better than the former one. It gives more overview and looks more friendly. Congratulations and keep up doing the good job. Best regards, Peter.

Forums Now Easier
Reinaldo Schumann, Member
I think it's easier now. Well done work, I am glad to be part of this forum, articles and comments are very appropriate and qualified

Choosing the Password
subramanyam, Member
The contents are extremely informative. But to access your home page is very difficult. Give the option of choosing the password to the user.

Ed: Subramanyam, thank you for your suggestion. We automatically assign a strong (yes, complex) password for new members. You can change your password into a more convenient one by clicking Top menu > Preferences > Password.

Adding a Picture
Dennis Feliciano, Member
The design is easy to use and read. It would be nice to be able to input a photo in a comment or reaction.

Ed: Dennis, thank you for your suggestion. We decided not to implement this function in reactions at this time to keep 12manage clear and concise. The risk is people share many nice, but not relevant pictures. This will distract the reader from the information.

Easy to Use and Read
hector rogelio olivares galvan, Member
The design is easy to use and read. My acknowledgments for support.

Improve Access
Isaac Maziya, Member
Good layout, but improve on the access to the website.

Isaac, thank you for your suggestion. 1. You can change your password into a more convenient one by clicking Top menu > Preferences > Password. 2. Also we now improved the log in process when you're arriving from the newsletter to take you straight to the forum page with the reactions.

Easy Search
Rakshnya Stanislav, Member
Just enter a search; time saving. Thanks.

Survey Feedback
Rick Rokosz, Member
Like the new layout - clean and comprehensive.

New Layout Very Good
Jessica Rayford, Member
New layout very good indeed (always room for improvement).
Information priceless.

Alice Quevedo O., Member
¡excelente!. Me gusta. Felicidades!

Easier to Read
Tirbanie, Member
I think it will be easier on the eye as well, as we all know the quantity of reading we do.

Nice Improvement
Francisco Pou, Member
The new layout seems to be more clear and easy.

Easier to Read and Find Topics
Felipe Beltran, Member
Good looking, easier to read and find topics.

New Forum Design
Claudio BORELLA, Member
It looks good and easy to use.

User Friendly
v srinivas, Member
Really nice and (more) user friendly.

Good on Wide Screen Monitors
Roger GILLAN, Member
Like the 'spread' on my wide screen monitors, as now can quickly access my special interest groups.

Unamiguous Layout
Tony Burke, Member
The new layout works well for me, I find it easy to use.

Forum Design
Looks better and more user friendly. Hope members find it too and also give feedback for any improvement.

Suggestion Forum Design
Paresh Kumar Chattopadhyay, Member
It is really better. I wholeheartedly accept it.
My suggestion is whether it will be possible to highlight by different colour.

Readability and Organization
Patrick Cochran, Member
The font is easier for those of us with aging eyes. All-in-all a positive improvement.

Friendly & Easy
Lopez Reyes, Member
User friendly, easy to use, and adequate look&feel.

Like Sorting on Rating
Terri Vetter, Member
I agree that the improvements make the forum much easier to read. I also like the ability to sort the comments by rating

Ed: just click on the word 'Rating' at the top to do that. Try it now on this page....

Threads Easier to Follow
Roy Duffy, Member
Clearer and easier to follow threads, better navigation - good job all round, thank you!

How to Reply?
Francisco Tupinamba Pereira da Silva, Member
I liked it, but I can't identify on the page's layout where I should reply to a specific member's topic / opinion posted before.

Ed: Francisco, thank you for your suggestion. To react to a topic 1. You first click on the title of the topic to take you to the topic page. Here at the bottom you can enter a reaction. 2. If you're coming from the forum alert email: we now improved the process and take you straight to the forum page with the reactions after you log in. Some browser versions were not allowing an automatic pop-up which was confusing.

Francisco TPDS: Thanks Editor for your precious help!

Tiberio Magno, Member
Interessante, mudanças sempre é bom para a melhor compreensão.

Text a Bit Larger
Sean Flanderhijn, Member
I believe this is an improvement, although the text could be somewhat larger, but that is personal.

Ed: Sean, thank you for your suggestion. Did you know that you can increase the text size all over 12manage by entering [Ctrl] with [+] ? You can restore the normal size by entering [Ctrl] with [0]. try it now with this page...

I Like the Horizontal Design Too
Tauheed Ahmed Khan, Member
I guess my last comment was too casual. I'm sorry I made the comment without studying properly the new horizontal design. Most of my fellow members liked it and I choose to go with the majority. As an afterthought I must add linear thinking, psychologically speaking, does suggest some sort of elitism, creating inequalities, whereas lateral thinking is essentially inclusive. Good work! Congrats.

Like to be Able to Sort on Rating
David Muir, Member
I like the sorting features - they help to isolate trends in thought.

Consider Using Volunteers
Akin Akinreti, Member
The improvement is obvious and better than the previous.
I acknowledge that it takes alot of effort to make this happen, and I dare to suggest that the team might want to consider using volunteers to asssist in getting this site from where it currently is to where it ought to be. This is not a complain, on the contrary, I have found this site relatively effective in managing the wealth of information in the depository. There is alot of room for improvement and this requires continuous hands on edits.

Ed: Akin, thanks for your suggestion. Actually we're already doing that and since recently we started appointing experts as volunteers to be SIG Leader for a combination of a method and language. Their role will be to promote and help guarding the quality of the forum discussions. You can recognize them because their picture has a light blue border.

Unique Presentation
Paresh Kumar Chattopadhyay, Member
Yes, definitely I like it. I vote for green. It is really a form of unique presentation.

12manage Redesign
Arif ur Rehman, Member
Akins’ observations are most valid. Updating – energizing – the updated 12manage layout has definitely made it more reader friendly, but as they say “… the largest room on earth is the room for improvement.”.
In the coming months and years 12manage, I am hopeful, will constantly remain the benchmark, with ongoing improvements as and when the occasions merit.

Ed: Thanks Arif, we certainly will try. With the help from our members to correct and add new ideas where they're missing we will undoubtly succeed.

Nice Enhancement
Rafael Ibarra Lorence, Member
Good work! So far it is easier to browse in here! Thank you very much and greeting for all!

Easy to Get into Details
Uzma Dar, Member
I am OK with the new layout.. It's a nice change and easy to get into the details...

Edward Onipede, Member
The change is an improvement - clarity and less clutter. Well done guys and keep up the good work.

Improvement Suggestion
Joaquin Delgado, Member
Your great job could be appreciate for those people that cannot read English.
Ustedes estan listos para dar el paso a otras lenguas como español.
Excelentes amigos!

!2manage social network?
Ahiro Guzman, Member
Looks more like a social network.

Ed: We see 12manage primarily as a KNOWLEDGE network.

New 12manage Forum Format
Foo K T, Member
Hi, I have tried the page and its much better. The format is much easier to navigate, especially where there are comments to follow-up on earlier postings, which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

A bit Small Characters
Hans Eerdmans, Member
I appreciate this design for its better navigation. The way I use my screen resolution results in somewhat smal characters, but the radability is still acceptable.

Ed: If you'd like the fonts to be a bit bigger, you can increase the font size by entering [CTRL] and [+] simultaneously on your keyboard. You can reset the normal size by [CTRL] and [0].

Don't Like the Small Pictures
Zhuravlyov Valery, Member
Items 1, 3, 4, 5 are good.
Not so the item 2. Don't add small pictures of the authors. There are links to their pages for those who need it.

Opening the Forum is Now Easier
Belinda Coetzee, Member
Hi, I did not use the forum that much, because I had a problem to open the forum. It is easier to use now. Thank you all for your innovative ideas on it... Thanks Linda.

Ed: Thanks for your suggestion, Linda. Indeed we recently changed the way the forums open. It will now open only one page and take you immediately into the topic with the reactions.

Visibility and Navigation
Tshabalala Phofa, Member
The design is wonderful and visibility is improved while navigation is much easier. I vote green!

12manage is Both Educational and Thought Provoking
Hi Jaap, overall I've found 12manage useful and thought provoking. There are many postings I would like to refer to in the future. How easy is it to access archives, and store postings? There is certainly a lot of valuable information exchanged, and resources that we may wish to contact. Do I have to upgrade? Thank you, Katie.

Ed: Katie, there's no need to upgrade for this reason. All the most valuable comments and reactions are kept indefinitely and can be retrieved forever.

Forum Re-design
Glen Mokwena, Member
Yoops! Very impressive! Gone is the tedious haystack syndrome in search for info. I look ahead to a new & great experience in using the new format.! Big up to the team.

How do I Unsubscribe to Email Alerts When Comments are Made?
Simon Raistrick, Member
How do I unsubscribe to email alerts when comments are made?

Ed: Simon, regarding your question about how to unsubscribe to forum alerts when comments are made: you can modify your newsletter options by using the link at the bottom of each newsletter. For forum alerts, we currently not have such function. The idea is that if 1. a comment is added in your own SIG or if 2. someone reacts to a specific discussion in which you have participated yourself you are always interested. 12manage is about sharing knowledge...

Maria Lairet, Member
You are definitely showing a lot of commitment ongoing an extra mile. I have learned interesting and useful ideas, and also to express mine clearly.

Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Member
This is a global website which gives us the opportunity to communicate with people all over the world. It allows to exchange ideas and learn from persons of different creeds, races and cultures which is really wonderful!

12manage - the New Set-up
Arif ur Rehman, Member
@Arif your rehman:
What makes the new 12manage set-up simply beautiful and beautifully simple is simply a click on the forum button, and voila you are there; secondly, all input is available indefinitely – as such 12manage will remain ageless!

Long Lasting Knowledge
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@Arif Ur Rehman: Indeed, I hope 12manage will be a beacon of long-lasting information in these times of often really superficial information of most news and social media... Cheers!
@All contributors: thank you very much for your help in making 12manage a better place. This discussion is now closed.


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