Happy Management Learning in 2015!

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Happy Management Learning in 2015!
Jaap de Jonge, CEO, Netherlands, Editor
On behalf of everyone at 12manage: Happy Management Learning in 2015! How much did you invest in 2014 in terms of time, money, effort and concentration to learn what you need to learn to advance your life and your business career? And what are your intentions for 2015?

People who are at the best in their fields, don't get a degree just to be certified and get a credential that looks good; they know the actual information they have learned deeply in their gut. And they keep on working constantly on becoming the best they can be by investing in themselves by self-study. They are always learning about something to become better at what they do.

So in 2015, invest more time in self-study and self-development. 12manage is making things a bit easier for you by summarizing stuff and putting related know-how together in our knowledge centers. Advance yourself and don't get distracted by the overwhelming am...Sign up

Happy Management Learning in 2015
Johnny Michael Tan, Management Consultant, Malaysia, Member
I'd term it continuous management & leadership journeying - onward, forward and upward! Management and learning are two peas in a pod... A balanced le...Sign up

Study Beyond Course Requirements
Mtine, Student (University), Member
As a student I realize that I am sometimes pushed to just settle for clearing the course in an exam because of the pressure of so much to study. Howev...Sign up

Pesonal Management at the Workplace
Mutaka Musitafa, Student (University), Uganda, Member
Also in managing other people one needs to learn and be equipped with how best he/she can manage the self....Sign up

Continuing Advancing our Management Knowledge
Nyasulu Pachisi, Malawi, Member
Thank you so much for all the discussions in 2014 I am looking forward to 2015. All the best to you all as we continue to advance our knowledge....Sign up

Happy Management Learning in 2015
Hossein Farajpahlou, Professor, Iran, Member
First, I'd like to wish you and all members all the best in the new year: Happy New Year.
2nd, I agree that an important part of management skill...Sign up

Continual/continuous Learning is About the Best Investment One can Make
Nat Johnson, Teacher, Ghana, Member
Self-study, or continual/continuous learning is about the best investment one can make. With many avenues open to us to self-upgrade, we also have the...Sign up

Happy and Wonderful Management Learning 2015
Mellacheruvu Adi Saasthry , Director, India, Premium Member
There are wonderful management models out there we keep coming across them day in day out. It is nice that we can compile them here and make them avai...Sign up

Happy Continuous Learning in 2015
Elia Doyo Ade, Accountant, Member
Leading researcher say that we only retain 10% of what we read but 90% of what we experience. So continuous learning is the best for happy management ...Sign up

The Biggest Room in the World is the Room for Improvement...
Barney Wade Howard, Manager, United States, Member
I will this year and as all others from the past and yet to come to continue to go by one of my favorite sayings, "the biggest room in the world is th...Sign up

I Have a Management Learning Agreement with Myself
Fillemon Nangolo Hambuda, HR Consultant, Namibia, Member
Thanks for the years well wishes. During my studies (Masters in Leadership and Change Management) which I eventually completed, in my Personal Develop...Sign up

Thanks for Helping Me to Continue to Learn
Greenberg, Business Consultant, Canada, Member
My lack of discipline is incredible and it is what holds me back from doing & learning. I have developed the most remarkable ploys for putting off wha...Sign up

2015 our Intentions are Good, our Actions Must Be Better
davide lega, Business Consultant, Italy, Member
Hello, to everyone...
2015 our intentions are good, our actions must be better...
Sometimes I feel this way... Too much theory and too littl...Sign up

12MANAGE Best for Management Learning
Ramon Reyes, Saudi Arabia, Member
There are so many challenges that await the healthcare organization. The foreseen and the unforeseen difficulties and needs can eventually paralyze th...Sign up

Happy Management Learning 2015
Said ALJunaibi, HR Consultant, Sultanate of Oman, Member
All the best for all in this year and following years.
I hope to contribute and raise our discussions in management and sharing a wealthy knowled...Sign up

Management Learning with Purpose, Practice and Passion
Purna Chandra, Business Consultant, India, Member
Continuous learning is a wonderful thing. It enriches our understanding, updates our knowledge and keeps the same relevant. However, learning must hav...Sign up

Never Ending Management Learning
SWARANJIT SINGH, Manager, Bahrain, Member
Best wishes for 2015.
Learning never ends and learning and implementing it to work is my mantra for 2015....Sign up

Continuous Business Management Learning
Briolett, Manager, Canada, Member
It is important to remember that you need to be flexible in your learning. Everything connects so the more you understand about many things the better...Sign up

Continuous Learning is Key Motivation
Ali M. Al Alawi, Student (Other), Sultanate of Oman, Member
My ambition is learning. I am looking forward in 2015 to complete my mission in learning especially on management. Although I planned to be 'on track'...Sign up

Focusing on Continuous Learning
araba dadzie, Student (University), Ghana, Member
Learning is the best drug anyone can have to improve him/herself, in order to have their facts right or understood by another party.
It's written...Sign up

Happy Management Learning and Practicing
Monir Ghorra, Lecturer, Palestine, State of, Member
I am supporting the fact that learning is important for individuals and organizations. However, it seems to me it's equally important to practice know...Sign up

Being the Best You Can Be!
Larry Miller, Career Consultant, United States, Member
I have become very aware of certain traits those people that I interact with as part of my business and my ongoing self-education. It is easy to see t...Sign up

Wellcome the Year 2015
Tarja Laila Marita Raman, Partner, Finland, Member
The world is changing quite totally and quickly. This year's theme is: relaxing. Cinder that life goes on anyway in one form or the other; the univers...Sign up

2015 All the Way
Florence Ansu-Amponsah, Manager, Ghana, Member
Teaching and not only learning! Wow. But you need to learn before you can teach well. A blend of the two.
I will read more and apply what I have ...Sign up

Splendid Management Learning in 2015
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Entrepreneur, Portugal, Member
Splendid management learning in 2015 to all. This desire requires me to do the best I can: helps others discover and develop the best that each of the...Sign up




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  • Happy Management Learning in 2015!

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