Should the Strategy be Communicated? How Much? To Whom?

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Should the Strategy be Communicated? How Much? To Whom?
Karl Christensen, Strategy Consultant, Mexico, Member
Communicating strategy involves much more than talk. There are numerous pitfalls or issues which must be resolved for the strategy to be effectively communicated. For example, in some instances executives argue with good reason that to fully communicate the organization´s strategy is to court (Editor: ~attract) disaster. Thus, one CEO has a five year strategy which, when it is fully implemented, will mean severe disruption to a major subsidiary. He does not want to rock the boat prematurely. An energy company thought it wiser not to publicize its strategy because it would become a sitting duck for regulatory agencies.
Such reservations have merit. Discretion may indeed be the better part of valor. Fully communicating strategy may not always be in the best interest of the organization, especially where that strategy is sensitive. Each si...

Strategy Communication
Erika Bellander, Management Consultant, Sweden, Member
I do not agree. I think the first issue is to HAVE a proper strategy. It should preferably consist of approx. 12 sentences talking about how to...

The Strategy Should Be Communicated. The 4Ps of William Bridges
Roman Walley, Management Consultant, United States, Member
I disagree that you shouldn't communicate the strategy. I think that too many CEOs would use that as an excuse not to have to do that "messy stuff" of...

Prudence is Appropriate in Communicating Strategy
Patrick Mulvey, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Karl, your premise is correct, in that prudence is always appropriate. Even if not disruptive, there is no need to telegraph proprietary plans to comp...

Communicate the Strategy. No need for Secrecy
Ted Garrison, Management Consultant, United States, Member
@Patrick Mulvey: I agree, if you don't communicate the strategy how do expect to execute it? In fact, the best way t...

Communicating the Strategy yes. But Prudently!
Patrick Mulvey, Management Consultant, United States, Member
Let's be clear: prudence means prudence. I don't believe anyone is recommending a lack of prudence.
When Apple was developing the Macintosh, it k...

The Focus of Communicating Strategy
Alan Kennedy
Maybe the point Mr Christensen is making is that agreeing on a strategy and communicating it are two very distinct issues. Communicating strategy requ...

Strategy Should be Generally Broadcasted
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Member
@Patrick Mulvey: As Lance Armstrong said: "our training is our strategy": we deal with contingencies as they arise o...

Communication of Strategy in an Organisation is not Necessarily a CEO Job
Makini, Business Consultant, Member
Following the discussion above, one feels that the initiator has grounded his argument using M...

When to Communicate Strategy (Timing)
Y Srinivas rao, Manager, India, Member
In my opinion TIMING is the determining factor for all these questions.
Experience teaches us how to time communication, how much and with whom....

Generic and Specific Strategy Communication
Albin Xavier, Manager, India, Member
- Generic, basic tennets of the organization's strategy should be communicated to the entire organization.
- Specific aspects shoul...

Communicating Strategic Positioning (Sinek's Golden Circle)
Dennis van der Spoel, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
You should discuss strategy with your own people. How else do you expect them to act accordingly? People are unable to make trade-offs if they are una...

Communicating Strategy
GLADYS TIBALEKA, Consultant, Uganda, Member
@Y Srinivas rao: I agree with you that communicating strategy is all about timing. When and to what extent sh...

Internal Communication Plans Needed for Various Organizational Levels
Frank, Manager, China, Member
For such high level strategy, the company needs internal communication plans. These should have target audiences with taylor-made messages to a...

Strategy Communication on a Need to Know Basis
RAKESH ARORA, Manager, India, Member
The answer does not lie in a Yes or No. Infact, the answer is a mix of pragmatism and experience. Apply the Need to Know Basis-principle. There...

Communicating a Strategic Plan is Critical for Foundations of Success
Pat Hannon, Lecturer, Ireland, Member
In order to manage strategic change, communicating a strategic plan is critical to building the foundations for success and by understanding th...

Communicating Only a Part of your Strategy is Often a Necessity
Olivier Riviere, Management Consultant, France, Member
By communicating a strategy, a set of tactics or product plans (= 3 different levels), a company "programs" its own environment, including its own wor...

Employees can also Provide INPUT for the Strategy
Wilf Marshall, CxO / Board, United Kingdom, Member
Interesting debate but it is rather based on the idea that members of the organization don't already know the strategy as it applies to their area of ...

Preparing the Communication of the Strategy
alonge, Teacher, Nigeria, Member
Before actually communicating a strategy (or not!), the management can get the peoples' perspectives about it, without really making the crux of it al...

Disclosure of Strategy
Belay Gezahegn, Director, Ethiopia, Member
Strategy is a sketched map that leads to a vision. In a battle field strategy, the precise plan is not to be disclosed to the enemy, likewise the busi...

Sometimes Not Communicating the Strategy is Called For
Conroy Fourie, Coach, South Africa, Member
Some years ago I ran a business and we communicated the strategy fully and had all the elements in place to fulfil the strategy, forums, training, coa...

Communicating Strategy is Important
Andrea Kelly
The communication of strategy is important to build the strategy map to achieve what is intended. Communication of strategy gears an organisation towa...

Strategy Communication
Barry Schaeffer, Consultant, United States, Member
I think we may be confusing Strategy and Tactics.
A strategy is the broad goal set for any organization and must be capable of exposition in simp...

Communicating your Strategy Could Help Develop Organisational Framework
Ngwashu kelvine, Manager, Cameroon, Member
McKinsey didn't make a mistake to include 7Ses in their 7S framework or concept. Which means to develop a complete frame...

Communication of Strategy is Power Behind Change
Patrick Cauley, Manager, United States, Member
In John Kotter's book “Leading Change”, he describes 8 reasons why many change effort fail (whether this is a...

Support Communication of Strategy with Easy Data
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
Michael Birshan and Jayanti Kar, in McKinsey Quarterly said that you don’t need a formal strategy role to help shape your organization’s strategic dir...

Communicating Strategy Through Purposing and Action Research
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Member
@Gandhi Heryanto: Peter Vaiil recommends meeting everyday for "Purposing", which is a daily translation of the

Without Communication, Strategy Will Remain Wishful Thinking
HAIDER ANWAR RASHID, Saudi Arabia, Member
@Pat Hannon: Yes, a strategy is only as good as execution. There are many cases when a good strategy failed due to p...

Strategy: to Tell or not to Tell
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
@Conroy Fourie: In my opinion, the step you took to limit the knowledge was a tactical decision, based on the goal ...

Caution in Communication Strategy is Advisable
Ofwono Willy Osinde, Project Manager, Uganda, Member
I agree that every organisation must have a strategy and communicate it. But as @Patrick Mulvey said, caution should...

To Communicate the Strategy we first Need to Understand it...
Alan Kennedy
Communicating the why's, how's, and what's of strategy assumes a good understanding of those factors. Consider this McKinsey

Upping the Communication of Strategy
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
STRATEGY begs, nay demands, that it be based on simplicity, transparency, rationality, authenticity, transformation-ability, economy, geniality and al...

Upping the Communication of Strategy
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Member
@Arif ur Rehman: Well, yeah. MBO is another term for action research. You say tomato......

Communicating Strategy
LEAH LYNDA I. STA ANA, Student (MBA), Philippines, Member
Strategy should be communicated. As to why how and what it is for the top management to decide:
- To answer Why, there must be a valid reason for...

Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Member
@LEAH LYNDA I. STA ANA: A mission statement is probably the most important strategic communication that needs to be...

... Then what About Coordination?
jorge anibal hoyos hoyos, Manager, Colombia, Member
If the strategy is not communicated clearly and clear-cut into what general frame the components of the organizations can effectively work and the coo...

Communicating the Strategy- the Essential Step while Implementing Strategy
anil aggarwal, Teacher, India, Member
The communication of appropriate information (strategy related) to the concerned individuals or groups that can influence the strategy or can be influ...

Vision ≠ Mission ≠ Strategy ≠ Tactics
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
When describing the difference between strategy and vision, I often use the following simile situation:
1. Imagine you see a fantastic opportunit...

Golden Circle is a Start
Dennis van der Spoel, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
@Dennis van der Spoel: The Golden Circle is a start, a tool to structure your mission and vision. Execution, however...

Essentials of Communicating Strategy
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Top management must design the business plan and frame strategies to execute it. To proceed with the strategy, all employees need to be engaged; this ...

Delivering the Mission Statement
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Dear all: a mission statement -- compact proclamation by an organization -- conveys its ‘ra...

Strategy Must be Communicated
zulganef sutan sati, Teacher, Indonesia, Member
@Erika Bellander: How could you differentiate between strategy and the plan that breaks down from the strategy? Sinc...

Breaking Down Strategy Communication
Erika Bellander, Management Consultant, Sweden, Member
@Zulganef sutan sati: The breakdown will look at the areas that you need to enhance the the strategy.
For examp...

Communicate the Strategy, Not the Tactics
Belay Gezahegn, Director, Ethiopia, Member
I think strategy and tactics are confused here. The strategy to make your organisation profitable is quite different from the tactics you adopt to mat...


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