Managing Cross-Divisional Collaboration

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Managing Cross-Divisional Collaboration
Steven Bleistein, Consultant, Japan, Member
Often, achievement of a Critical Success Factor requires collaboration of two or more divisions across organizational boundaries. For example, to increase sales of new products in overseas markets, collaboration between international sales, R&D, and marketing might be required.
However, these divisions tend to be managed separately, and might also have separate divisional strategy maps.
While strategy maps can help in working out a collaborative relationship between vertical organizational entities, strategy maps and BSC seem to offer little for managing horizontal collaboration relationships, responsibilities and accountabilities compared to managing vertical commitments.
I would be interested in community member experiences, and what have you done to address this issue?...Sign up

Cross Functional Collaboration - Alignment Maps
Rick McPherson, Teacher, United States, Member
I have used an "Alignment Chart" (or map) to show on the right the top goals/objectives of the business, then had each department identify what...Sign up

Managing Cross-divisional Collaboration
Arthi Sairaman, Project Manager, United States, Member
Alignment of commitments and goals at the senior divisional leadership level is going to be critical. Make sure that they carry the same commit...Sign up

Collaboration of Two or More Divisions Across Organizational Boundaries
Elizabeth Coleman, Business Consultant, New Zealand, Member
You can also establish a cross-functional board at level three in the organization, reporting to the level 2 managers. Monthly reviews of new p...Sign up

Cross-divisional Collaboration
Eric Buining, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Horizontal and vertical collaboration can indeed be establised by using alignment maps. However, the common goals and objectives of lower level entiti...Sign up

Practical Collaboration of Two or More Divisions
Mohamed Hisham
In layman terms, collaboration begins with a broader and open minded thinking starting with divisional or departmental heads. It is always easy to com...Sign up

Response from Original Poster
Steven Bleistein, Consultant, Japan, Member
I appreciate all of the comments and reactions to my original post. Some very good advice and insights here. Mohamad Hisham however is echoing my conc...Sign up

Cross Divisional Collaboration Strategy
Carel Venter, Business Mentor, South Africa, Member
Based on my experience, it is possible and also crucial to optimize inter-divisional synergy.
The approach I use:
1. Start the strate...Sign up

Collaboration is an Intangible Asset
Francois Aye, Management Consultant, Switzerland, Member
Collaboration is indeed a must as the most value-creating processes often cross units of business. Collaboration is primarily an intention and ...Sign up

Cross Divisional Collaboration
Essens, Strategy Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Collaboration is a basic requirement for achieving adequate responses to complex problems. Networking within and between divisions in organizations...Sign up

Inherent Simplicity
Eric Buining, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
The basic assumption made within this discussion is that reality is complex. Complexity is usually defined as "the more data elements one has to provi...Sign up

Cross Divisional Collaboration
Vivek Joshi
First examine if the objective is important to the organization as a whole ie, is it a part of the formulated corporate strategy. If so, then the i...Sign up

Collaboration and Sun Tzu
Eric Buining, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
The basic assumption underlying the BSC is that the Critical Success Factors (CSF's) are included based on cause-effect relationships. My premise is t...Sign up

Cross Divisional Collaboration
Deepa, Consultant, India, Member
I think in tandem with what @Peter Essens is saying. Cross divisional collaboration cannot be on paper or on the lea...Sign up

When Managing Cross-divisional Collaboration is Easy
masvimbo, Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
I think that if the benefits and advantages of the collaboration are clearly spelled out and if such benefits are fairly distributed amo...Sign up

Communicate Goal to Achieve Cross Divisional Collaboration
Mohamed Hisham
Agree with Masvimbo totally, its all about clear communication and how the communication been executed. I believe in open, clear and as much inform...Sign up

Networking and Communication are not the Answer
Eric Buining, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Most of the comments I have seen are trying to solve symptoms and not root causes.
As long as departments and divisions are measured on their own...Sign up

CoBRA Programmes and a Collaboration Blueprint
Amir Khodaparast
This is an interesting discussion as it centres around our entire business value and propositions. We take a counterintuitive view. We DON'T RECOGNISE...Sign up


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